St Philomena the Wonder Worker (poem) and some of her miracles

The king and queen no baby had;
They longed to be a mum and dad;
To pagan gods they prayed each day;
But still no baby came their way.

Then good advice was given them;
It proved to be a priceless gem;
Christians are what you should be;
Then a baby blessing;
You shall see!

When this was done;                                                                                     
The grace was granted;
And with little Philomena;
They were enchanted!

When little Philomena had reached twelve years;
Bad news filled up their eyes with tears;
On their country small and poor;
The emperor of Rome;
declared a war !

Let’s go to Rome;
The King told wife and daughter;
To plead with the emperor;
to prevent this slaughter.

At the mighty
Emperor’s court;
They pleaded with him;
the war to abort.

The emperor had a new idea;
He said there’s nothing more to fear.
Give me your daughter;
To be my wife;
And I promise her;
A wonderful life!

The offer took them
By surprise;
A refusal would mean;
Their country’s demise.

The king and queen were filled with gladness;
But Philomena was overcome by sadness.

To be a bride of Christ;
She’d already taken a vow;
No way would Philomena;
Let it be broken now.
The answer was a steadfast no;
The emperor now his force would show!

To the dungeon Philomena was deployed;
All manner of torture was employed;
It was all to no avail;
The emperor’s methods were doomed to fail.
Because God Himself defended her soul;
Philomena kept her eyes on her heavenly goal.

The maiden Philomena;
Was strengthened by faith and grace;
Until the day she could behold;
God face to face.

Finally the maiden Philomena was beheaded;
And the onlookers wept;
For many centuries in the catacombs;
She silently slept.

At last her relics were located;
And the excavators were elated;
When Philomena’s relics,
Were brought up to the ground;
Miracles started to abound !

Some folks thought that miracles;
Had stopped with the Bible;
With Philomena;
They had a revival.

The sneering cynics;
Who had announced God’s demise;
Were by Philomena’s miracles;
Dealt a surprise.

Saint Philomena’s fame;
Spread everywhere;
And people ran to her;
Pleading in prayer.

No one was forgotten;
No one was left out;
The cripples;
The dying;
The sad;
And the needy;
All of them found;
Her miracles speedy.

From heaven she surveys;
All of our needs;
And on our behalf;
With God she pleads.

Say a prayer to Saint Philomena;
And light her a candle;
Because there is no problem;
That she cannot handle.

There’s one thing more;
We should not ignore;
From her grave of silent obscurity;
She has come back to teach us;
About goodness and purity.


Joanna’s younger brother and sister both had the bad habit of putting their wet hands on the electric light switches. One night Joanna’s mother received a striking sign from Saint Philomena and straight after that, she heard Joanna scream. When Joanna turned on the light she got electrocuted. Joanna felt the 240 Volts travel right down her arm, despite this she was alright and no real harm was done. Joanna’s mother attributes this protection to Saint Philomena. A priest who heard about this incident quipped that “You could say that she is a girl with good connections!”

An unexpected visit from the doctor

The following event took place in Ireland over seventy years ago.  A lady was seriously ill and needed urgent medical attention, however the family did not send for a doctor, because they could not afford the necessary fee. They knew that the doctor would not come to the house unless they could pay the fee. Later in the day the doctor arrived (unexpectedly) at the house.  He said that a tall girl with long hair had come into his office that day and had paid the fee on their behalf.  The family had not mentioned the matter to anyone except to Saint Philomena in prayer.

The poem and the stories are from my book: Help from Heaven (Answers to Prayer) which can be read free on line at the following link:


7 Responses to “St Philomena the Wonder Worker (poem) and some of her miracles”

  1. louise Says:

    Hi , I am just seeking out St. Philomena’s intercession for my daughter. She has anorexia and is quite emotionally ill. She bears a striking resemblance to St. Philomena. Do you know any novena’s to her? Thanks Louise

  2. brendakaren Says:

    Hi Louise, I will pray for your daughter to get well.

    I wish to share two stories of healing of anorexia with you.

    The healing of Anorexia Nervosa
    Rose was suffering from Anorexia Nervosa. Theresa a friend of Rose’s mother heard about this and commenced a novena in honour of Blessed Mary MacKillop to obtain a healing for Rose. Theresa travelled the one hour trip to Sydney on the train each Monday of the novena, to attend an early morning Mass at the shrine of Blessed Mary MacKillop. Half-way through the novena, it became more difficult for Theresa, because of a train strike. She could still catch a train to the city, but from there on she had to deal with unfamiliar bus routes, however she still managed to get to the Masses on time. Another event also happened half-way through the novena. Rose was rushed to hospital because she was dying. A doctor at the hospital helped Rose face up to what she was doing to herself by excessive dieting. The doctor asked her to have a good look at herself in a full length mirror and then asked her this question: “What do you see?” Rose’s answer was “skin and bones.” This was the breakthrough that was needed. Rose was out of her denial about her dieting and what it had done to her. By the end of the nine week novena, Rose was eating normally. She was healed. Since then she has completed her schooling and has obtained employment and is doing well.

    Blessed Mary MacKillop will be canonised on October 17 this year.

    Anorexia Nervosa
    Helen was employed as a secretary to a doctor. Her employer was extremely concerned about her because she had anorexia nervosa and her weight was very low. He begged her to go to hospital and receive medical help but she refused. Helen had received the Sacrament of the Sick on three occasions even though she was a non-practicing Catholic. At the request of her relatives, I visited Helen and her mother at their home and explained about Saint Philomena’s wonder working power and gave her a book about Saint Philomena, some blessed oil and a Saint Philomena novena card. She regained her health and I was informed later on by her relatives that, she was “now seen sneaking down to McDonalds for snacks.”

    I have these two stories in my book on answers to prayer, please go over to

    to read the book. (It is free).

    Now for the novena.

    Novena to St Philomena
    (composed by St John Vianney) .

    O great St Philomena, glorious virgin and martyr, Wonder-Worker of our age, I return most fervent thanks to God for the miraculous gifts bestowed on thee, and beseech thee to impart to me a share in the graces and blessings of which thou hast been the channel to so many souls.

    Through the heroic fortitude with which thou didst confront the fury of tyrants and brave the frowns of the mighty rather than swerve from thy allegiance to the King of Heaven, obtain for me purity of body and soul, purity of thought and affection.

    Through thy patience under multiplied sufferings, obtain for me a submissive acceptance of all the afflictions it may please God to send me, and as thou didst miraculously escape unhurt from the waters of the Tiber, into which thou wert cast by order of Thy persecutor, so may I pass through the waters of tribulation without detriment to my soul.

    In addition to these favours, obtain for me, O faithful spouse of Jesus, the particular intention I earnestly recommend to thee at this moment,

    (state your petition)

    O pure virgin and holy martyr, deign to cast a look of pity from Heaven on thy devoted servant, comfort me in affliction, assist me in danger, above all come to my aid in the hour of death.

    Watch over the interests of the Church of God, pray for its exultation and prosperity, the extension of the Faith, for the clergy, for the perseverance of the just, the conversion of sinners, and the relief of the souls in Purgatory, especially those dear to me.

    O great Saint, whose triumph we celebrate on earth, intercede for me, that I may one day behold the crown of glory bestowed on thee in Heaven, and eternally bless Him Who so liberally rewards for all eternity the sufferings endured for His love during this short life. Amen.

    Oh St Philomena, virgin and martyr, pray for us so that through your powerful intercession we may obtain that purity of spirit and heart that leads to the perfect love of God. Amen.

    Louise please go to the web page which I have set up for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, to encourage people to pray for them and to give examples of their powerful intercession for their benefactors.

    I highly recommend praying for them and asking them for help for your daughter.

  3. Rajinder Says:

    Please pray for my financial problem. I recently had a heart surgery and I am out of work. I am behind in my rent and outstanding bills.
    I ask that my debts are prayed upon as soon as posible.

    God Bless You.


  4. asemm Says:

    Please pray for me. My husband and i have been married for 5 years and we don’t have children yet. I was pregnant last year but had a miscarriage. Please pray for me to get pregnant again and be able to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. please pray for me.

    I will pray for your intentions (Mary Ann)

  5. Kate Says:

    Please pray for me. I am 28 years, seeking a life partner. I haven’t felt peace with the men seeking my hand in marriage, and I also face disappointments in my relationships. Please pray for me.

  6. Mary Riley Says:

    I love you Great Saint Philomena

  7. Mary Riley Says:

    This is a Beautiful Poem about St Philomena.

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