Robin Hood and Friar Tuck

Our local council had a Medieval Fair over the weekend. I met these two characters at the fair. This set me off into a poetic mood and I have been having a shot at writing a poem on Robin Hood.

Robin Hood (poem)

In Sherwood Forest
in a leafy glen
lived Robin Hood
and the Merry men.

To the poor they gave
from the rich they stole
their daring exploits
have often been told.

An expert archer
was Robin Hood
no one else
could shoot as good!

There was a price
on Robin’s head
if he was caught
He’d soon be dead!

The Lady Marion
became his wife
she now shared
the outlaw’s life.

Was he a hero?
Was he a saint?
Robin Hood a saint?
He sure aint!

Stealing from the rich
to give to the poor
is not a moral act
that’s for sure!

The commos still work
like this today
wealth redistribution
is their way!

Beware of governments
when this they do
Robin Hood did it first
it’s nothing new!


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