An answer to prayer

From my free online book: Help from Heaven (Answers to Prayer)

 A severely impacted wisdom tooth
Vicky’s face swelled up overnight on the left side. It was very painful. She did not know what had caused this, and was very alarmed by the development. Vicky said the Divine Mercy Chaplet several times on the same day for help. She then paid a visit to the doctor. While she was waiting to see the doctor, Vicky and her husband decided to visit a pharmacy to obtain some pain relief tablets. The pharmacist was shocked by the size of the swelling on Vicky’s face and remarked that it must be very painful.

While she was in the pharmacy shop Vicky was stunned to see a picture of the Divine Mercy, up on the back wall. Never before had she seen any kind of religious picture in a pharmacy and certainly not one of the Divine Mercy. She took this as a sign that she would be helped, and pointed the picture out to her husband. The doctor said that she had an infection, and he prescribed a course of antibiotics and ordered x-rays. Later-on a 3D scan confirmed that her severely impacted wisdom tooth was infected, and that a cyst had formed around it. It had been known for about ten years that this tooth was a real problem.

Every dentist who had ever seen it on x-rays said that it was the worst impacted wisdom tooth that they had ever seen. In fact Vicky had become uneasy about this matter about six months before the infection set in, and had started praying to Saint Rita (the saint of the impossible) that the dire consequences predicted by dentists regarding this tooth would never happen. This in itself was a bit strange, because on the last visit that Vicky made to her mother, before her mother’s death, Vicky mentioned the concerns about the wisdom tooth to her mother for the very first time. Her mother brushed this off with; oh that is nothing. I have had that for 50 years and nothing ever happened.

Vicky was temporarily reassured by this and then felt the need to pray to St. Rita about the matter. No one wanted to operate to remove the tooth, because the operation ran the risk of having Vicky’s jaw broken, (because of the thin bone in the jaw), and of having her face permanently numbed, because the tooth was very close to a nerve. The infection forced the issue. There was no longer any choice. The failure to operate ran an even greater risk than operating. If left alone, the infection could have gone done to Vicky’s heart and killed her. What a terrible choice!

The operation was scheduled and Vicky continued to pray. One night on the way to the vigil Mass, she said a prayer to Saint Therese asking for the success of the operation. On the way home from Mass, she found a number of roses on the footpath (sidewalk), that made up a small bouquet. On the day of the operation Vicky was asked to sit in the TV room with other people, who were waiting to be operated on; while waiting there she asked Saint Therese for a sign that the operation would be successful. Finally the time came to be prepared for the operation, but to her dismay there was no sign. After all the preparations were done, Vicky’s was placed on a bed, and wheeled into a small cubical just outside the actual operating room. She looked at the wall just beside her bed, and the wall was completely covered with a picture of roses. The operation was a complete success with no complications at all. (Roses are a well-known sign from Saint Therese.)

Vicky had also prayed for the Holy Souls in Purgatory and had asked for their intercession for a successful operation. The operation was performed on All Souls Day and from this, it is clear that the Holy Souls in Purgatory had indeed interceded for Vicky.


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  1. mark Says:

    Check out you will find stories of confidence in the prayers of St. Anthony of Padua.

  2. brendakaren Says:

    Thanks Mark. St. Anthony is indeed a wonder worker.

    Here are a couple of St. Anthony testimonies, from my book on answers to prayer.

    The miracles of Saint Anthony the Wonder Worker
    The prayer entitled the Miraculous Responsory of Saint Anthony lists the following categories of miracles: raising people from the dead, freeing people from religious error, protection from all calamities, the cure of leprosy, the cure of all kinds of health problems, help in cases of demonic possession, calming the sea (to prevent ships from sinking and people from drowning), freeing prisoners from unlawful imprisonment, finding lost (or stolen) items, curing useless arms and legs (cripples), protection in all kinds of dangers, help in dire need (poverty etc.) and spiritual help. In the next section are some accounts of Saint Anthony’s help.

    The Nine Tuesdays in honour of St. Anthony
    Clare was suffering from an affliction which had been ongoing for several years. She had prayed often about this and then Clare prayed a novena to Saint Philomena on daily basis for more than six months, but she did not receive a healing. Later on she carried out a devotion which is known as the Nine Tuesdays in honour of Saint Anthony. This involves receiving Holy Communion for nine consecutive Tuesdays in honour of Saint Anthony. On the ninth Tuesday during the Mass (which was held in the evening), there was a huge thunderstorm and the electricity to the church was cut for a short while. The church was in darkness during this time, except for the lit candles, while this was happening Clare saw Saint Philomena. Because of this event, she knew that the healing would be granted. In due course Clare was healed of the affliction. (Saint Philomena, as well as Saint Anthony had interceded for the healing.) Special note: The devotion of the Nine Tuesdays in honour of Saint Anthony, was started by people to honour Saint Anthony, but when the practice fell into disuse it was revived by Saint Anthony himself, who recommended it in a vision to a lady of Bologna, Italy in 1616. It is a great way of winning Saint Anthony’s assistance.

    Read the book free at this location:

    Part one:

    Part two

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