Another favour granted through the intercession of the Holy Souls in Purgatory for a benefactor

A lady told me told me about her chronic insomnia that is not helped by sleep aids. She does not like taking them either.  It takes her a long time to get to sleep and once asleep it usually does not last for long. If she is woken up it is very hard for her to get back to sleep.  One night she woke up and started praying for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. After this prayer she fell into a deep sleep. Each time that she prays for the Holy Souls in Purgatory the same thing happens.  The lady has never specifically asked the Holy Souls to obtain a healing of her insomnia.

A strange story

Now I will tell you a strange story that a mother and her daughter told me. You can decide for yourself what to make of it.  Each night a friend would telephone them late in the night and ask them to pray the Rosary for her, which they did. When they mentioned this sometime later to another person, they were stunned to be told that the friend who had been telephoning them each night, had been dead for about six months! 

If the story that the mother and daughter told me is correct, then I can only assume that the friend who was telephoning each night asking for a Rosary to prayed was actually a soul in Purgatory.

The teaching of St Therese of the Child Jesus, on avoiding Purgatory

St Therese of the Child Jesus (who is a doctor of the Church) has taught extensively on Purgatory.  She teaches us how to avoid it entirely and go straight to heaven. Father Dr. Hubert van Dijk has written a summary of these teachings. They are really worth studying.  Read the teachings carefully until you understand them and review them from time to time. Apply them. You can find Father Dr. Hubert van Dijk’s article on the teaching of St Therese on Purgatory at the following location: 

Please avail yourself of this teaching.

















Nurragingy Reserve  Doonside, NSW Australia

Palestine Sweet Limes (Help to control nausea)

A tip from a friend whose daughter has been undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer: Palestine Sweet Limes help stem the nausea. They are also useful for women who are suffering from morning sickness.

Happy Feast Day Mary, Help of Christians










The history of the devotion to Mary Help of Christians  (from Lepanto to Australia) and also St John Bosco’s promotion of the devotion. 

Advice from St John Bosco:

  It is the office of a mother to give help to her children in all their needs. This title expresses in practice Our Lady’s position as our mother. She has all the help we need and she wants to give it to us, if only we will ask for it.

Call on Mary in all your difficulties with the little prayer, “Mary Help of Christians, Pray for us” and you will never call in vain. “Spread devotion to Mary, Help of Christians, and you will see what miracles are”.

A personal testimony

I have silently said the prayer:

Mary Help of Christians, pray for us,

(and added come to my aid in this situation), while seeing in my mind a picture of Mary Help of Christians in the sky, and below her the sea battle of Lepanto: the famous one in which Mary Help of Christians, helped the Christians gain a great victory, and have found that through this prayer, Mary has speedily sent me help in difficult situations on a number of occasions. Mary Help of Christians is the patron of Australia.

The following prayer was said in Australian Catholic schools for many years.

Prayer for the conversion of Australia

O God Who hast appointed Mary, Help of Christians, St Francis Xavier and St Therese of the Infant Jesus, patrons of Australia, grant that, through their intercession, our brethren outside the Church, may receive the light of Faith, so that Australia may become one in Faith, under one Shepherd. Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

Mary, Help of Christians pray for us.

St Francis Xavier, pray for us.

St Therese of the Infant Jesus pray for us.

Special note

St Francis Xavier and St Therese of the Child Jesus were patrons of Australia when it was considered to be a missionary country. They are no longer patrons of Australia. (I think that we need them back) besides I am very devoted to St Therese. (She is one of my all time favourites) and I was married on December 3 (the feast day of St Francis Xavier).

This is:  The novena to Mary, Help of Christians that was recommended by St John Bosco. 

My email enquiries to the Archdiocese of Sydney to find out exactly when Australia was no longer considered to be a missionary country, so as a consequence no longer had St Francis Xavier and St Therese of the Child Jesus as patrons of Australia have so far drawn a blank.

The prayer for the conversion of Australia was taken from a little booklet that was published in 1961.

A feast day surprise from St Rita

Yesterday I used the laptop because another family member was using the main computer. I rarely use the laptop. In my mail programe I noticed that there was some spam.  I checked and there was an email from a friend in Norway that was sent on February 20, 2007 about St Rita!  St Rita let me find this on her feastday, two years and three months after it was sent!

My daughter’s Mother’s Day gift to me.

This is the the gift that my daughter gave me for Mother’s Day.