Overcoming infertility through prayer to St Philomena the Wonder Worker

Baby Filomena Elizabeth

The following story comes from Australia. It is told here in the words of Filomena’s mother Elizabeth. Having been married on the feast of Mary the Mother of God on the 1st of January, 2000, Francis and I were trusting that God might bless us with a baby at some stage.  This was going to be a big challenge for me, as I had never considered myself to be very maternal because my reproductive cycle was always extremely “light on” or in other words “spaced out.”  Nevertheless my husband was always trusting in God’s providence and he never doubted that one day we would have a baby. I think that I “flunked” the Billings Ovulation method because in the end, our Billings practitioner was not convinced that I had been fertile during any of the months that we had consulted her, so Francis and I stopped the analysis and started praying.  Instead of consulting the medical fraternity we consulted Jesus in the tabernacle and prayed many Saint Philomena Chaplets before a statue of Saint Philomena at Saint Patrick’s in the city.   In April 2001 I discovered that I was pregnant. The great miracle had happened.  Saint Philomena made her presence felt very strongly during the labour and we subsequently named our gorgeous daughter Filomena.  There were some special pointers that Saint Philomena had indeed interceded for us in bringing about this great favour. One of these indicators was a small incident with an Italian friend of ours.  She came and visited our baby daughter when she had just been born.  She then put a question to her father when she got back home asking him to guess what we had named our daughter.  He paused for a couple of seconds and then said “Filomena.” Our friend could not believe it!  Incredible, how did he guess it? Our friend said that the name Philomena is an extremely old fashioned name in Italy and a name that probably only one’s grandmother or great grandmother might have. We thank Saint Philomena for her intercession and pray that we will able to have a brother or sister for our little Filomena.

The story above is one of the many accounts of answers to prayer from my book entitled:

Help from Heaven (Answers to Prayer), which can be read free on-line by clicking here. Please pay a visit.


9 Responses to “Overcoming infertility through prayer to St Philomena the Wonder Worker”

  1. shizumi Says:

    GOD IS AWESOME!!!!!!!



  2. brendakaren Says:

    There is an online book which I would like you to read. I have written a book on answers to prayer. It can be read free online at the following link:


    There are many testimonies of answers to pray in it, that will help strengthen your faith.

  3. R Gaudio Says:

    Please pray for my parents (d)
    I found this article most interesting (February 23, Brendakaren on baby Filomena Elizabeth.)
    My mother’s name was Filamena Elizabeth and my father’s name was frank.

  4. mrs Bubu Says:

    please Pray for me. Am working as a contract worker,and really need to my contract to continue for a year than quarterly as it is now.

  5. chigozie okafor & chijioke okafor Says:

    please pray for us, we been trying for our first baby since 2009 we got married,hope the lord grant us our heart desires through the intercession of saint philomina

    I will pray for your intention. (Mary Ann)

  6. Michele Says:

    I have been diagnosed with PCOS. Only a miracle from God will see me become a mother. Please pray that God will bless me with motherhood preferably a son. (That’s what my partner wants)

    Are you married to your partner? If you are, I will pray for the favour.

  7. Judith Says:

    St Philomena please bless us with immediate conception. I promise to name my daughter Philomena.

  8. JEN Says:

    I am requesting for prayer that Jen conceives and is able to have a baby in the near future. After having surgery for endometriosis and fibroids; there is a 50/50 chance that she will or will not be able to conceive. Please St. Philomena, hear her desperate cries for help during this trying time. Thank you in advance and much appreciated.

  9. Merina Says:

    Please pray for me and my husband we have been trying for a child for the past 10 years, now I have lost all hope and feel really down and sad, even the medical professionals are not able to help me anymore.
    Please, Please pray for us, I have become soo sad to a point that I cry most of the time and find life very difficult, I really want to be a mother.

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