An interesting contradiction (prayers for the soul of Princess Diana)

At the Princess Diana funeral service (Church of England) of course, there was the implication that she is in heaven* and at the same time the clergy man there commended her soul to the Mercy of God.  How’s that for a bet each way!  I have seen some of this bet each way thinking at some Catholic funerals also.

If Princess Diana is in heaven as was  implied, why did she need the Mercy of God? Blessed Mother Theresa and her nuns prayed for the soul of Princess Diana, who was Mother Theresa’s friend. They were more with it!

*The implication was in the Song that Elton John sang at the funeral service.

Kick Communism Out (Poem)

rosary_beads_number_3rosary_beads_number_3Kick Communism Out,
Show it the exit door.
Destroy it with the Rosary
And it shall be no more!


Kick Communism out
Show it the exit door.
Destroy it with the Rosary
And it shall be no more!

The Holy Souls in Purgatory’s intercession for their benefactors (a wonderful answer to prayer)

I pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory and also ask their intercession in all my needs.  Since I left school, I have progressed through various technologies, a manual typewriter, an electric typewriter, a Word Processor  (a machine that looks and functions like an electronic typewriter, but is also able to store text data onto a floppy disk and print the data out), then I went onto computers which our family has upgraded from time to time.

The Word Processor was functional until a few years ago and then the disk drive stopped working, effectively reducing the machine to an electronic typewriter. I have a lot of files stored on floppy disks for the Word Processor, which I want to have a look at and make an assessment of.

I prayed for a solution and a lady we know said that her husband had once repaired these machines for a living.  He would have done that for us, but the replacement parts are simply not available and no one sells this equipment anymore. I was told by another mechanic, that even if the parts were available that it would be very costly to repair the Word Processor, (out of all portion to its worth).  In short the situation was hopeless.  I put the broken Word Processor into the shed for storage, in case something could be done in the future and continued to pray.

I prayed for the Holy Souls a few days ago and my brother telephoned me.  He had just purchased a house for his family.  The previous owners of the house left a few things in the shed that my brother and his family were allowed to have.

My brother said that there was “an electric typewriter” in the shed and asked me if I want to have it.  I started asking my brother questions about the ‘typewriter’.  It turned out to be an upgraded model of my word processor. It is even the same brand. This is important because the disks were formatted for this particular brand alone and would be incompatible with other brands of Word Processor.   It is in excellent condition and can read the files on the floppy disks. It had one part missing (a plastic knob to turn the carriage) and I took that part from my own Word Processor and put it on the one that my brother gave me. It prints well.

Very few people would even require such a piece of equipment and they are almost impossible to obtain. My brother had no idea that I had been praying for exactly this.  He showed it to his wife and ask her what he should do with this ‘typewriter’.  She told him to throw it out!  Then he thought of me and phoned.  It is strange that he did because he is well aware of the technology that I have at my disposal and that would have made anyone else think that I had absolutely no need for this piece of equipment. My sister-in-law was astounded when I came to try it out with a box of disks to test the equipment. She had no idea that it was not just a typewriter. The intercession of the Holy Souls in Purgatory for their benefactors is amazing.

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Help for a blocked nose (a steam tent)

If your nose is very congested because of a cold,  spring fever or bronchitis etc. one of the things that you can do to get relief is to make a steam tent.  This is how you do this.  Boil up some water, remove it from the heat source and place the hot boiled water  into a heat proof bowl. Put a small amount of Vicks Vapour Rub  into the water after it has been removed from the heat source.

Place a bath towel over your head and let it cover the bowl to form a tent.  Be careful not to let the towel touch the hot water.  Keep the bowl firmly in place and place your face about 12 inches from the water and slowly breath in and out the steam vapours. This will help soften up mucus and dislodge it from your nasal passages.  Close your eyes to protect them.

At all times be careful not to scald yourself with the very hot water. Blow out your nasal passages with paper tissues.

I do not recommend a steam tent for children.  Fill up the bathroom with steam for them.  My mother did this for my sister, when she had severe bronchitis when she was little.

Abortion (a poem about the evil of this act)

A tiny baby
Inside his mother,
Looked forward to meeting
His big brother.

As he swam joyfully
In his room,
He looked forward to the day,
He would leave the womb.

He felt safe and happy,
In his temporary home,
However people outside
Had hearts of stone.

Their diabolical plan,
Was to terminate his life,
Using as an instrument,
A sharp surgeon’s knife.

In this and other
Similar cases,
Excuses were made
To cover the bases.

Lies to his mother were fed,
As to death her baby bled.
“It’s just a blob of jelly,
and a bunch of muscle tissue.
This abortion thing,
is  no big issue”.

No one told her
He was a child,
An innocent baby,
Gentle and mild.

Some people give better care
Than this to their pet,
When it’s sick
They worry,
And seek help from the vet.

If he had known
His life would end today,
He would have pleaded with us,
To find a better way,

To let him be born,
And carry out his mission
Sadly the matter,
Was not his decision.

The abortion industry
is driven by lies and greed.
Money helps grow
Its poisonous weed.

If the money runs out,
Have no doubt,
This evil industry,
Would soon
Lose its clout.

It matters not,
If the deed is done,
By a knife or a pill,
Abortions are murder still.

If RU486
goes ahead,
More unborn babies
Will be dead !

Here’s more of the lies
That from this industry are spun.
“A child will ruin your life,
And destroy all your fun”.

“Another child,
Your finances will drain,
Get rid of him now,
To stay well off and sane”.

“A disabled child’s
Not worth the trouble.
Get rid of him,
On the double”.

“You already have a child.
That’s more than enough.
With two or more children,
You’ll find it real tough”.

A woman is not always
fully to blame.
The man often pushes her
into this shame.

The burden of childcare
Is not for this man.
It doesn’t fit into
His low selfish plan.

Reach out
To the women,
Who have been through
This Hell.
Help them come to God,
Who can make all things well.

A question about the Green Scapular

A situation has just come about that makes me feel just how hard it is to pray for conversions among my relatives.  Each thing that pops up seems to be worse than the last thing. The praying is everyday, the conversions seem to be non-existent. It might be hard to get some of these relatives to accept a Green Scapular. Do any of you know of any cases where someone kept a Green Scapular in their own house and said the prayer on the Green Scapular daily for a person who lives elsewhere and that person’s conversion took place?

Background information: Our Lady said that the Green Scapular should be given to the person or at least placed in their room. (That can be done without their knowledge). Some people sew a Green Scapular into the clothing of the person they want converted. They also have to say the prayer on the Green Scapular daily for the person (with confidence in Our Lady to grant this conversion).

This is just to clarify things:

My relatives are actually Catholics, but some do not go to Mass or only go when the mood suits them, others live in wrong situations. (Some relatives do live proper Catholic lives).  There are many serious problems there. They need conversions because they are baptised Catholics who don’t live or think Catholic.

I recommend to everyone to read the first comment to this posting by Sandy about her conversion from being a Protestant to coming into the Catholic Church.  It is a wonderful inspiring testimony.

The Green Scapular

Ask the angels for help

Call on the angels! Especially this day. Call them with kindness! Send them before you in every situation and watch your circumstances improve and problems resolve in ways you could not have imagined.