Have you ever prayed the Mother Teresa Emergency Novena? (It is also known as the Mother Teresa Express Novena.)

Have any of you ever prayed the Mother Teresa Emergency Novena consisting of the Memorare prayer said nine times in a row for an intention? If you did so, could you tell me if you prayed it by yourself, or with one or more people and what the results of the novena were. If you prayed it with more than one person, how many people prayed it with you?   (The novena was named after Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, who received striking favours through this novena).  I would also like to know if you prayed a variation of this novena and the results of that.

This is the Memorare prayer:

Remember O most loving Virgin Mary that never was it known in any age that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help or sought your intercession was left unaided, inspired by this confidence, therefore I fly to thee O Virgin of Virgins my Mother, to you do I come, before you I stand sinful and sorrowful, do not O Mother of the Word Incarnate despise my prayers but in thy mercy graciously hear and answer them.  Amen.

A few suggestions
Life is full of situations that need help immediately, not in a week’s time.  If a mortgage is going to be foreclosed at lunchtime today, because you can’t pay it, a nine day novena or even an eight hour novena is not quiet the way to go!  Think of this emergency novena as being like an express train. It is 10.30 a.m. and  you have an appointment in the city at 11 a.m. so you catch the express train that speeds pass many stations, not the slow train that stops and picks up passengers at every station!  Imagine also that you leave at petition station and arrive at miracle station!  I like to see a picture of Mother Teresa on the outside of the train, with the words: The Mother Teresa Express novena on it. It helps to use your imagination when praying.
On this blog I have another posting on this novena. It is called the Mother Teresa Emergency novena is  a real winner!

Here are some testimonies to this novena

A terrible smell

Julia noticed a very bad smell in the back room of her house. She searched for the source, but could not locate anything that could be causing this smell.  It was summer and the smell got worse and worse.  Julia remembered that a dog had got into the yard and went under her house a few weeks earlier.  She had been too scared to check whether it was still there.  It had been raining a lot and it crossed her mind that the dog might have got trapped under the house and died there. The smell did seem to be coming through the floor boards. Some relatives came to visit.  Julia was really embarrassed by the awful smell, but the relatives said that they could not smell anything.  Maybe they were just being polite or their noses did not work anymore!

Before Julia went to bed that night she said The Mother Teresa Emergency Novena for a solution.  In the morning when she came out to the back room, much to her dismay, the smell was still there. In the back room there were some boxes with cartons of long life milk in them. The boxes were stacked up on top of one another.  She looked down and saw a white gooey substance leaking from under the boxes. The box at the bottom of the pile had been damaged by the other boxes on top of it and one of the cartons of milk inside it had leaked. The leakage had obviously started on the previous day, but it had not yet leaked out from under the box, so it was hidden at that time. This was the source of the dreadful smell. Julia was very relived to know what had happened.  It was an unpleasant smelly mess to clean and fix, but when that was finalised the horrible smell was gone!

Permission granted after a firm refusal!

The Mother Teresa Express Novena was prayed, plus prayers for and to the Holy Souls in Purgatory asking for their help, and also to the saints, when work leave was refused to a girl, who wished to take time off to go on a pilgrimage.  She had accumulated lots of leave, but the particular time off that she had requested could not be accommodated.  After the novenas were prayed, the favour was granted.

Computer trouble

My brother telephoned to tell us that he had a problem with his computer, and to seek our advice regarding same. We were unable to help him. He was cleaning the keyboard when the screen picture turned on its side. No matter what he tried, the situation could not be remedied, e.g. trying various keyboard combinations, rebooting the computer etc. To make matters even worse, it was a five day holiday period over Easter, when it would be more difficult to find computer experts to help out.  I made a Mother Teresa Emergency Novena (nine Memorares in a row), in order to get help. The next morning when my brother phoned, I inquired about the computer and was informed that it was fixed. My brother had found the correct combination of key strokes to get the screen picture to go back to the correct position.

Prayer wins again

Late last week a situation arose which was very difficult.  Prayer to and for the Holy Souls in Purgatory and the Mother Teresa Express Novena turned the situation around dramatically in two days.

The choir

Anna was organizing Divine Mercy Sunday devotions for her group. She had asked several choirs if they could help out, but they were all unable too. She mentioned this to her friend Cathy. Cathy promised to say the Mother Teresa Express Novena, (the Memorare prayer said nine times in a row) for a solution. She said the novena, and also prayed for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, and asked for their intercession to obtain the favour. Anna found a suitable choir a couple of days later.

Other Information

Read accounts of the gratitude of  the Holy Souls in Purgatory for their benefactors

Read my book: Help from Heaven (Answers to Prayer), free on-line


444 Responses to “Have you ever prayed the Mother Teresa Emergency Novena? (It is also known as the Mother Teresa Express Novena.)”

  1. dawn Says:

    I prayed this novena several days in a row for my mother-in-law who was in ICU with sepsis. Sepsis has a 60% mortality rate and I believe that the Blessed Mother’s intercession through this prayer is what saved my mother-in-law’s life.

  2. brendakaren Says:

    That is a wonderful answer to prayer. Thank you for sharing it with everyone.

  3. Rose Says:

    A few years ago my husband and I rented a cabin by a lake and were enjoying the evening when someone came to our door stating that he had reserved it. We told him there must be a mistake, but the next day, the park police came to check our reservation papers. It seemed we had not completed the reservation online correctly. Since we had friends coming to join us, I was very worried that we would be asked to leave and then I remembered the “emergency novena.” I actually must have prayed the Memorare a million times – that’s what it seemed like. But another empty cabin was found and we were allowed to stay. It sure was a miracle to us! The Blessed Mother is a refuge in times of trouble. Pray the rosary too!

  4. brendakaren Says:

    Another wonderful favour granted through the Mother Teresa Emergency novena.

  5. Kelly Says:

    Sometimes when I feel like I’m starting to panic, I remember this prayer. I’ve known it since I was a child, and it always seems to calm me, even if it’s for a short while.

    It’s so simple and honest and shows so much trust, that it can’t help but make you feel like everything will be okay

  6. brendakaren Says:

    Many things can cause us to start to panic: a visit to the dentist for instance, can cause many of us to churn in the stomach, for others it might be a job interview etc., it may be a much bigger problem than these, but saying the Memorare prayer (especially in the form of the novena) with trust and faith does lead to a calmness and as you say a feeling that things will take a turn for the better. I am finding out more and more that this novena does bring about good results.

    I have another thread on this blog about the Mother Theresa Emergency Novena here.

  7. sharona Says:

    i prayed it often and in 3 or 4 occassions my prayer was answered while i was praying it

  8. brendakaren Says:

    This is really quick. Thank you for letting everyone know this.

  9. Elizabeth maina Says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing. It caught me very down, since it has been 2 yrs praying for a child in my marriage. My spirit is up and I have to continue in prayer. Please pray with me.

  10. brendakaren Says:

    I will pray for you to have a baby.

  11. Faith Says:

    I am not even Catholic. I am Mormon. I am very dedicated to my religion, but I have also had issues in my life prior to changing my life around. I first heard of this prayer while I was in jail and another inmate gave it to me. Ever since I first prayed this wonderful, powerful prayer: with faith, I have received results. I definitely am a believer and I try to share this prayer with whoever I feel needs some real help. I pray it works for them and for you, just as it has for me.

  12. brendakaren Says:

    What a wonderful testimony to the power of this novena. Thank you Faith.

  13. Evelyne Says:

    I prayed this prayer everyday 9 times in a row and in less than two weeks, I was called for an interview and got the job… Doors started opening and my heart feels lighter and I am happier…… Thank you Virgin Mary

  14. brendakaren Says:

    Thank you for sharing that with everyone. It is another wonderful testimony.

  15. Forrest Says:

    I am about to pray the Novena to the Blessed Virgin Mary for a grave matter of the heart that needs an answer now!. I will say that I needed 7-8 months back rent money from tenants in October/November 2009 and about 2-3 days after I prayed this Novena, I got the back rent. I will let all of you know what happens right after I pray this because I REALLY need a MIRACLE NOW more than in 2009.

  16. brendakaren Says:

    Thank you. Your testimony about getting the back rent money, after saying the Mother Teresa Emergency Novena is truly inspiring. I will add my prayers to yours for the much needed miracle.

  17. sandra Says:

    The flying Novena is truly miraculous. My mother was suffering from stomach pain. She has a past history of colon cancer and had to undergo an operation two years ago. At that time I prayed to Mother Teresa and said the Rosary of Liberation, while she was undergoing the operation. After the operation we did not give her the chemo which was recommended by the doctors as she was too weak. By the grace of God she was fine for the past 2 years, but is now complaining of pain in the stomach and had to undergo some medical tests. The Sonography result showed some liquid in the abdomen and an obstruction. Her CEA test (Cancer Marker test) was also higher that her previous test. The doctor said that maybe her cancer has come back and recommended a CT scan. Her appointment was scheduled for 12:00 noon when she went for the test she was told to come back at 3 o’clock as she had to be on an empty stomach. In the meantime I was surfing the net to find the Rosary of Liberation, when I came across the site for the Flying Novena of Mother Teresa. I started saying the Flying Novena after which I said the Divine Chaplet at 3 p.m. followed by the Rosary of Liberation. My sister later told me that they took her in for the CT scan at 3 p.m. the hour of DIVINE MERCY. I started saying the Flying Novena again when I reached the 8th Memorare I got a call saying that the CT scan was clear although there is some obstruction probably from her previous operation. It is truly a MIRACLE and I am so thankful to Mother Teresa for interceding for me also to the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY and Our MOTHER for granting our petition. My mother still has the pain and has to do some further investigation. Please pray that she does not require another operation. Thank you LORD. PRAISE YOU GOD FOR YOUR MERCY AND COMPASSION.

    Thank you for sharing this story with us Sandra. I will pray for your intention. For the benefit of readers: the Rosary of Liberation is a relatively new devotion that people use to pray for help in life’s difficulties. It is not meant to replace the Rosary.

  18. Forrest Says:

    Request for the Prayer of Agreement:
    Dear Brendakaren: If you can, please stand in prayerful agreement with me that I will get married and pregnant in this year 2010. I am 41 years old and 42 is right around the corner. All of my life, I have wanted to get married and start a family not because that’s what I think I should do, but because that is what I TRULY want to do. I am going to pray the express Novena to the Blessed Virgin Mary for an awesomely beautiful turn around in my personal life for marriage and children. I promise to let you know what happens. Peace and blessing to you always. Your friend in prayer Forrest.

  19. brendakaren Says:

    I will pray for your intentions and I also recommend that you make a 54 day Rosary Novena.

    Here is some information on the novena.


    You will find some cases of prayers answered through this novena in my book: Help from Heaven (Answers to Prayer), which can be read free on-line at the following link:


  20. lostrene Says:

    I recently prayed this emergency novena. I had to tell our children some very difficult news. I prayed for strength to do this hard thing in the right way. I believe my prayer was answered.

  21. brendakaren Says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  22. Forrest Says:

    Hello Brendakaren.
    Thanks for the advice. I will let you know what happens. Have a wonderful weekend.

  23. Gen Says:

    Thank you for sharing this prayer with us. I just said the quick novena. I’m in a desperate financial situation now.
    Please pray for me and my family. We are going through some major financial difficulties, and our home might be foreclosed on. We are praying for a miracle from our God at the moment. We have 2 small kids and my husband is unemployed and has been looking for work for since October of last year. God, please hear our prayer and grant us a miracle! We need to keep our home and be able to pay our bills (we’re drowning in debt- credit cards, IRS, and so much more).
    We are meeting with the bank’s lawyers for our second foreclosure mediation on July 29th. We can’t lose our home of 10 years. Thank you for your prayers, and may God Bless you and your family.

  24. brendakaren Says:

    Dear Gen,
    I will join with you in praying for this favour.

    If you need a little inspiration, please pop over to:


    and read my online book about answers to prayer.

  25. Faith Says:

    I learned of this prayer from a fellow inmate while I was incarcerated. I have since prayed this prayer by myself on so many different occasions. I have tried to keep myself worthy of Mary’s intercession and prayed in faith and have never been let down. I am no longer on probation for the first time since 2006. My 3 children and I have an apartment and I have a wonderful support system. I have been blessed and have shared this prayer with many others.

  26. brendakaren Says:

    Thank you Faith. This is a beautiful testimony and will inspire others.

  27. Gen Says:

    Thank you so much for keeping me and my family in your prayers. I have read your HelpFromHeavenBook and was so moved by the content. Me, my husband and our 2 boys spent this past weekend at 2 Shrines near our hometown. Saturday we went to Saint Rita’s Shrine in NJ. Sunday, we drove for 3 and 1/2 hours to Conneticut to Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine. Both times I felt so very close to Mother Mary. It’s a feeling that I cannot describe! I wanted to let you know that I am so blessed to have found your site. I know that whatever the outcome of my foreclosure mediation, my prayers were sent up to heaven by My Mother. God bless you.

  28. brendakaren Says:

    Both St Rita and Our Lady of Lourdes are favourites of mine.
    I have seen St Rita obtain a wonderful healing for a friend of mine.

  29. sandra Says:

    Please pray about the hearing in court that we will have on the 23rd of August, which is actually the date of our engagement. My husband has filed for divorce, and for no strong reasons, will need him to change his mind for the divorce and accept me back into his life and stand by our commitment. Please pray so that no force is able to break us, please pray that I don’t even have to attend this hearing and will tell people of the miracle soon, I believe that our mother Mary will destroy any plan to take this to court even. I’m praying in a special way that all our prayers are answered 🙂 God Bless!!!

    Sandra I will also pray for your marriage to be healed. (Mary Ann owner of this website)

  30. sandra Says:

    Thanks Mary Ann !!!:) God Bless!!!

    Mother Mary , You will never forsake anyone who trusts in God!!! On the 23rd , the date of the hearing, my husband and his lawyer were not aware that the judge was calling them , and the dates have been pushed to the 8th of September. Thank you mother! 🙂 This is a miracle. Please intercede for your daughter and son not to go for this divorce, but to make it happen and make our commitment last no matter what comes our way!!!

  31. Evelyn Says:

    I first heard of the “Memorare” Express Novena on a story from Spiritdaily.com – saying how Blessed Teresa of Calcutta used it when she needed fast results. My husband received three DWI’s and he was so afraid that he would end up in jail, that he quickly got on a plane and left the country and went to Germany. I was devastated. We were just about to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. I had already been praying before this happened and had obtained miraculous results with the Rosary, and also with the 54 Day Rosary Novena and also with fasting, but one month after he left I was totally in despair and I felt like my soul was dying. I needed a fast answer from God, so I said this novena, and my request/intention was that if my husband was going to come back soon, that I would receive a sign, a sign that you could not explain away and I NEEDED the sign that day! I went back to work believing the answer was on its way. My sister knew I had prayed for this and she was at the house and an unexpected storm came passing by. There was no rain in the forecast and then she heard thunder and she made a comment to my mom that God was speaking. She then decided to go outside and take pictures of the clouds and thought perhaps she would get me a sign – like a rainbow! Well she took a few snaps without really looking through the viewfinder and came back in to see what she got. She called me over right when I came home from work, and said that she saw a face – more like a angel/cherub face formed out of the clouds, with one hand up and one hand down – and then later we saw that it had toes. The next day I took the photo to work and decided to turn it upside down – and then I saw the face of Jesus – later we blew the picture up and saw that Padre Pio was in the eye of Jesus with his hands clasped in prayer – a saint that I had just started getting to know and praying to, next we turned the picture on its side and saw an image in the shape of the Virgin Mary with a dove above her head….well to make a long story shore – this answer came when I really needed it – and it increased my faith – but my soon and God’s soon – were on different time tables. My husband came home – after many prayers, Rosaries, and fasting – 3 years later. But I want to share this testimony that all types of prayers work – if you have faith. I am still praying for a baby. (I am 40.) St. Therese gave me white Roses that I would have a baby with my husband – but this prayer was said like 8 years ago….still holding out for that to come to pass!

  32. brendakaren Says:

    Thank you Evelyn for telling us about how the Mother Teresa Express Novena has helped you. It is wonderful. I will pray for you to have a baby.

  33. Shirley Says:

    I have been praying the Express Novena for weeks now – some of my internet friends have also been praying for me – my husband and I separated May 24th – I have not seen him since then and he is adamant that he wants a divorce – I have been praying faithfully for reconcilliation. So far my prayers have not been answered – prior to starting this Express Novena I had prayed the Novena to St. Jude from end of May until August – no results. I am heartbroken further more on August 31st I had to put down one of my Maltese dogs – he started having seizures and the vet took xray which showed tumor on his heart which likely had spread to his brain. I feel like something evil is picking off my family one at a time. April 15, 2010 my other Maltese died – this was littermate to the dog I lost last week. Please have mercy on me and pray for me.

  34. brendakaren Says:

    Hi Shirley, I will pray for your marriage to be healed. Please start praying for and to the Holy Souls in Purgatory for this intention. They are good intercessors.

    More information here:


  35. sandra Says:

    Praise the Lord!!!! Dear friends our hearing for the divorce was on the 8th of Sept…..and guess what ….Mother Mary is truly working on us to restore this marriage ….. my husband is in the process of taking back the divorce…..he doesn’t want it anymore 🙂 Mother Mary is constantly interceding for us whenever we come to her like her children with our troubles .
    The Mother Teresa Emergency Novena is a strong weapon against all the evil forces….
    Thanks for all your prayers…Thank you Mary Ann for praying

  36. Gen Says:

    Sandra…God bless you and your family! May you have happiness in your marriage going forward! I am so happy for you.

  37. Gen Says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your dogs. How very sad this must be for you. You and your family will remain in my thoughts and prayers. May God bless you.

  38. brendakaren Says:

    Hi Sandra, I am so happy that your marriage is being healed. Thank you dear Mother Mary for helping Sandra and her husband. What a wonderful favour.

  39. sandra Says:

    Thank you Mother for interceeding to Jesus !
    Thanks again Gen and Karen………………………:)

  40. bertha tangwa Says:

    I was watching TV a few days ago, and then I discovered that EWTN was showing programmes about Mother Teresa. I later Googled her and found out about the novena. Please I will like you to pray with me to get a husband who will love me and my kids. Pray especially for Cyprian.

  41. bertha tangwa Says:

    I have a court case on February 2, 2011 please pray with me regarding this.

  42. sandra Says:

    Hi Everyone….

    Need ure prayers , I have been living with my husband for a while after the case was deffered , but now again we have small issues that make us bitter.
    Mother Mary u gave me my husband as a gift and only you know why this is happening , please bless my husband to take the right decision , as humans we constantly give in to pressure and fail to sustain what we have
    We have a mediation tommorow28/09/2010 please pray for this. Thank u everyone
    God bless! 🙂

  43. Gen Says:

    Thank you so much for your prayers. After a trying time with our bank they decided NOT to foreclose on our house! Thank you, God! Thank you, Saint Jude! Mother Mary! I continue to say the Memorare prayer at least 5-10 times a day!

    Thank you for all who prayed for me and my family! Thank you so much. Now that we can take a breather, I’m asking Saint Jude and Mother Theresa, Mother Mary and all the Holy Souls in Purgatory to intercede for us and ask God to help us keep our home in order to raise our boys in a nice environment. I pray that God can send us a financial miracle from above so that we can get our family out of debt, and be able to pay our bills without having to worry so much! Please, God, help us have a little happiness in our life. Thank you so much.

    Gen, this is wonderful news. Praise and thanks to God for answering this prayer. (Mary Ann)

  44. Eve Says:

    Thank you so much Mother Mary. I prayed this prayer for 9 days in a row, with a lot of hope in my heart when I was desperate for a job and I got one. Even though it was not my dream job, at least I can pay my bills.
    Thank you again

    That is wonderful Eve. Thank you Mary for granting Eve this favour. I love reading the results of this novena for people. (Mary Ann)

  45. Linda Says:

    Hi everyone,
    I am a widow. My husband died a year after we moved from Southern Ontario to Northern Ontario. It was a tragic accident that my boys saw. We still live away from our family. Lots of bad things came upon us, my husband dying, things breaking. We live in an old home. My furnace broke, and I prayed for help and received it, praise God thank you Mary and St. Therese the Little Flower, now I have been hit in a bad car accident. We are all okay. (It is not my fault. The other girl was charged) but my car is totaled. I am so broke, no life insurance from my husband, and I am so stressed. Please pray I get clear financial guidance to dig us out of debt, while still being here for my three boys. I am in desperate need of guidance today. Thank you and may God bless all of you who pray with me. Amen.

    Dear Linda, be assured of my prayers for you (Mary Ann)

  46. ann brown Says:

    Tonight I prayed the Mother Teresa Emergency Novena….She has always answered my prayers, but this will take a true miracle. I promise to let everyone know. I am expecting this miracle and will be very blessed.

    I will pray for your petition. (Mary Ann)

  47. perfectsymphony Says:

    I prayed this novena tonight just after receiving the news that my grandmother had been rushed to the hospital after suffering a stroke. When I began praying the novena, I did not know the extent of the damage or how severe the stroke had been. I just received news that she still has full use of her limbs and she is alert; the stroke was not severe.

    I would appreciate it if those reading this message would keep my grandmother in your thoughts and prayers. I will continue to pray this novena; Mother Teresa was always a special favourite of my grandmother.

    I will pray for your grandmother to be healed. (Mary Ann)

  48. sandra Says:

    hi Mary Ann,

    Please pray my husband returns home …he has left because I didn’t obey his condition .
    Please pray that he removes the divorce


  49. brendakaren Says:

    Dear Sandra,
    I am so sorry to hear that. I will pray for your intention.
    (Mary Ann)

  50. Emily Says:

    Please help me pray that Shawn softens his heart towards me and starts to talk to me again. Let this be the beginning of us getting back together. I miss him and want him back in my life.

  51. Linda Says:

    Please pray for me that God bring my boyfriend back to me. Fill our hearts with love for each other, and may each one of us realize each other’s worth. Please pray that God touches the heart of my boyfriend, fill it with much love for me. Make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. I seek for mercy and blessing that may allow us to spend the rest of our lives with each other, i.e. marriage. I believe and have faith that my request will be granted. I thank you for your prayers.

  52. dass Says:

    i m in urgent need of a gov job as soon as possible for survival

  53. Annu Says:

    The express novena is really a miracle. My chronic headache vanished just after praying this touching novena.

    Ave Maria

    This is wonderful. As someone who is no stranger to headaches, I am so happy to hear this.
    (Mary Ann)

  54. RITA Says:

    I just found this website and praying for a miracle healing for my cat, Chi Chi who is my only child. She is terminally ill, but due to an error at the vet yesterday she went from stable to doing poorly. I pray that Mother Theresas Novena will help my situation….Chi Chi is indeed my best friend and an angel sent by God. I would appreciate any prayers anyone is willing to say for my senior kitty….God BLess

  55. Mair Says:

    Hello. I have just prayed the emergency novena. I normally pray the flyingnovena to Infant of Prague but when I came across the site here I felt led to pray for my situation and to post. this is an urgent prayer for money for a state exam requirement for me to start a new job as my illness is no longer allowing me to do my old job and I have no income. I feel strongly a miracle will occur and thank you to Mary Ann and all who work the power of prayer for everyone. I will continue to pray for all on the site!

  56. Kim Says:

    I just wanted to tell everyone that I said the Mother Teresa Emergency Novena today, asking for a job, which I desperately need. While I was praying the eighth recitation, my phone rang. After I was finished, I checked my messages and I have a job! I applied yesterday, and even without an interview, they want me to start tomorrow! Thank You, Mother Teresa, and thank You, Lord! Also thank you too, Brendakaren, for this blog! God Bless Everyone!

  57. brendakaren Says:

    Kim you have made my day! This is wonderful. Praise God, Thank you Mary and also Mother Teresa for teaching the world this novena!

  58. Nkombu Says:

    Hi I am so pleased with all the testimonies I have read on this site.Just said my own novena prayer that Our mother Mary should please intercede so that my fiance and I may be blessed with gainful employment such that we can plan our wedding which we wish as soon as possible.As soon as we pick up jobs then the wedding plans will start. Please pay for us,
    I will join with you in praying for your intention.
    Mary Ann

  59. william Says:

    i have been praying a 54 day rosary novena for my brother who suffers from schizophrenia i am now nearly finished my 4th 54 day novena but up to now he has not improved but i think i will continue as i still hope i still say my normal rosary beside the novena is their any one out there who can give me the strength to carry on . william

  60. brendakaren Says:

    Hi William,
    You are so right not to give up praying. I will join you in praying for your brother’s healing, and I encourage all the readers to pray for your brother also.
    Mary Ann

  61. william Says:

    to brendakaren thank you for wishing to pray for my brother and also to any of your readers i appreciate it , i will keep you all in my prayers thank you again william.

  62. Karen Says:

    Please pray for me. I have been praying the Mother Teresa Emergency Novena and I need immediate help. My husband has left our church and given up his position as Deacon. I need him to return. I am also suffering from Kidney Diease, vision problems, high blood pressure, anemia and sinus allery problems. i am also the only one working in the family and we are in desperate need of a large financial blessing. Please pray with me as I will in return pray for others

  63. brendakaren Says:

    Karen I will pray for all your intentions,
    (Mary Ann)

  64. Gislaine Ada Says:

    Dear All,

    I am happy to be part of your Group! I just found this blog and I would like to supplicate you to pray for me and my family. I am a divorced mother of 4 Children studying at University. Their father who stepped me 10 years ago does not care. I currently face financial challenges: I am not able to pay for the school fees of my children. Some have stopped to go to school until I pay for their school fees! One of my Children living abroad has not yet found an apartment to live. I urgently need money to take care of my children. I have an employment by the Grace of God, but my salary does not cover all my needs. I have decided to sell one of my pieces of land and I urgently need to find a client. Please, pray for me that I find a client or that I get money in the next 3 – 4 days because I am also indebted. Please let me know which Novena or prayers I should pray to GOD.

    Thank you very much!

    May GOD bless you!

    Hi Gilaine Ada, I will pray for your intentions. I recommend that you pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory and also ask for their help.

    Please go to this web page for more information on that:


    Mary Ann

  65. Gislaine Ada Says:

    Dear Mary Ann,
    Thank you very much for your swift response! It is so wonderful to have a warm response from Sisters in Christ when we are in need! What a good example!

    May GOD bless you!

  66. ann Says:

    I am indeed in a depression right now. i dont know how it all happened,i dont know if i did wrong to him.i got impregnated by my boyfriend while we were working outside the country.he accepted and we were both happy and excited especially him.he promised he will come home soon right after me because i have to go home early due to my condition.until i found out that he arrived already without even informing me,and now its been two months since that day and until now he didnt appear.please i badly need your prayer.im so desperate.anytime this month i will deliver our baby. i missed him and i love him.i want him to come back to us.i want to build the family ive been longing for so long. i already started the rosary novena novena to st. therese and st.jude.

    Hi Ann, I will pray for your intentions, greetings, Mary Ann

  67. Gislaine Says:

    Hi Mary Ann! I would like to let you know that GOD has listened my prayers! I have started received His responses, as I received some money after selling one piece of land! It was not a great deal, but at least and I am very happy for that, I have partially paid some urgent debts that were generating huge interests! I still need money as this sale has only covered 15% of my urgent financial needs. I am so grateful to GOD for He is faithful!!! Thank you also for your prayers May Ann! May GOD rewards you with His measure!
    I am still trying to sell another piece of land, hopefully at a good price. Please, pray for me and with me so that I sell this land this month at a god price and that I pay all my debts.
    I shared this prayer and I am currently praying with a friend of mine (Stephanie) whose children are misbehaving. Please, join us in prayers for her requests to GOD.

    Thank you!

    May GOD bless you!

  68. brendakaren Says:

    Hi Gislaine,
    That is great news. I will continue praying for your petitions, and I will also pray for your friend’s children to improve in their behaviour. Regarding the misbehaviour of your friend’s children, I would like to pass on some advice.

    My youngest daughter (who is 24 years of age) is severely autistic and also mentally retarded. Her behaviour has been nothing short of terrible at times, and sometimes even violent. The situation which I am describing is extreme. The Rosary is a great help in this situation, and I have also found that the Miraculous Medal is a powerful aid.

    The prayer on the Miraculous Medal is as follows:

    “O Mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to thee.”

    I have noticed that whenever I prayed the prayer on the Miraculous Medal, when my daughter became violent and started using bad language, that her mood changed speedily for the better. Through the Miraculous Medal, the Rosary, prayers to Our Lord, Our Lady, the angels and the saints, and also prayers for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, my daughter’s behaviour has become very peaceful.

    Tell your friend to slowly repeat the prayer on the Miraculous Medal with confidence in Our Lady’s help, and to ask her for the favour, i.e. peaceful children.

    There is more information about the Miraculous Medal here:


    Our Lady requested that the Miraculous Medal be worn around the neck, i.e. on a chain, ribbon, string, etc.

  69. Eileen Sheppell Says:

    Thank you for that information, my son has ASD, he is a freshman in college and struggling to pass algebra. Tomorrow is his final and I am praying for him to pass it. He has worked so hard this year, I am so proud of him. The autism has manifested itself in terrible panic and anxiety he now has to fight through. I am praying for him and helping him cope through prayer. I know he is blessed because our Lord has sent many Angels to help us along the way of which I am very grateful for. It has still been very difficult and rewarding to raise a special child.

    I will join you in praying for a healing for your son. Most of my adult children are on the autistm spectrum also. (Mary Ann)

  70. priscilla Sprieser Says:

    Please pray that my son can keep his job as he is on a suspension.He has a family to support.Thank you.

  71. Gislaine Says:

    Dear Mary Ann,
    I would like to wish you and all those who are close to your heart a blessed New Year 2012! I have never met you but I am sure that you are a wonderful person, as all those who devote their time for praying for others are nice people. May GOD rewards you wit His own measure as you care about others problems and needs!

  72. Gislaine Says:

    Dear Priscilla,

    I found this blog by chance and I got connected with Mary Ann and the other participants brothers and sisters. Mary Ann counselled me and supported me in prayers and GOD responded and is still responding to my prayers. I would advise you to pray with your son the Memorare Prayer in nine days, but pay it on the first day as a Nine Hour Novena. As Mary Ann also advised me, pray for the Holy Souls in the Purgatory. May GOD bless you!

  73. Gislaine Says:

    Dear Mary Ann,

    I would like to share with you the many Favors that GOD granted me through the Memorare Prayer and the Prayer to the Holy Souls in the Purgatory. I prayed both as you advised and I prayed them in Nine Hours and Nine days Novenas. GOD is faithful and Wonderful! I wanted to sell some of my lands to pay for school fees for my Children. I am pleased to tell you that I have already sold on piece of land at a reasonnable price, even if it does not cover the amount of money requested for the school fees. I am looking for a purchaser for the second piece of land and would like one who will pay for the right price. Please, assist me in prayers for this urgent need.

    Another issue is the payment of the school fees in USD currency, while the money that I currently have is in another currency. As the USD is so fluctuating and is now very strong comparing to our currency (CFA Francs), I would spend a lot of money to sending money for school fees from my country to the school place (extremely high currency exchange rates and transfer fees). This will reduce significantly the amount of partial fees that I will pay and require from me to look for a lot of money to complete the payment. Please, pray with me that GOD finds a solution so that I make this transaction at low cost.

    Thank you!

    May GOD bless you!

  74. Gislaine Says:

    Dear Mary Ann,

    I would be grateful if you could indicate to me websites, where I can pay (secured visa card or Paypal preferably) for masses offerings for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.
    Thank you!

  75. brendakaren Says:

    Hi Gislaine,
    Aid to the Church in Need, accepts Mass offerings.Their website is at:


  76. Gislaine Says:

    Thank you very much Brendakaren!


  77. Lily Says:

    Dear Brenda Karen
    Thank you for your information on the Mother Theresa Express Novena and the 54 Day Rosary. I will say both as I have many difficult situations including marital, financial, health. Please help me pray for a miracle to enable me to conceive.
    Thank you

    Hi Lily,
    I will pray for your intentions.

  78. Renee Says:

    Hello, I need prayer for my family. I am praying the emergency novena. My husband and I divorced in December 2011, and my children and I are moving from our hometown. I am praying that my now ex-husband reconsiders our leaving and returns home. Neither of us wanted the divorce, but ego and other people had a strong hand in the destruction of our marriage. Please pray for a miracle with me.

    Renee I will join you in praying for a miracle.

  79. Renee Says:

    Thank you for joining me in prayer, I am continuing the Mother Teresa Emergency Novena, I know and believe in the power of prayer.

  80. Gislaine Says:

    Sorry to hear this Renee! I will also add you in my prayers.

  81. Lily Says:

    Hi. I prayed the Mother Teresa Emergency Novena and I’m awaiting a response.

    Yes prayers are not always answered immediately. Hang in there and keep praying and I will pray with you for the intention.

  82. Mercie Says:

    Hi Am starting MotherTeresa Emergency Novena today plus the soul in purgatory,In december 29th 2011 i was terminated fom my work, was quite depressed ,was angry at God i had even decided to stop going to our church fellowship group, also cancelled attending women conference . Thanks now i have a lot of peace and trusting God for another job and also decided to attend Church women conference and vigil.Am believing that when God shuts one door he also opens another.

  83. Renee Says:

    Gislaine, Thank you so much for praying with me!

  84. Kim Says:

    Once again, this prayer has helped me with immediate results! My boyfriend who is the love of my life, and I had a quarrel, and it escalated into a big argument. We ended up breaking up for two days ago. I was absolutely miserable without him until I said the express novena and 10 minutes after I was done, he called! We made up and now we’re making plans to marry! Thank you, Blessed Mary, for your intercession!

    That terrific Kim (Mary Ann)

  85. Renee Says:

    Hi, I am still praying the emergency novena. I am not goi g to give up praying even if the answer is not what I am praying for. I believe that the experience between my ex-husband and I has been for this very reason, prayer. I know God will supply me with what I need.

  86. ann Says:


  87. ann Says:

    Prayer to the Blessed Mother of Mount Carmel
    “Oh most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. Oh Star of the Sea, help me and show me you are my Mother. Oh Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in necessity (make request). There are none that can withstand your power. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee (say three times). Holy Mary, I place this prayer in your hands (say three times). Amen.”

  88. ann Says:

    Patron of desperate causes
    (Short Version)

    Holy Saint Jude,
    Apostle and Martyr,
    Great in virtue and rich in miracles,
    Near kinsman of Jesus Christ,
    Faithful intercessor of all
    Who invoke your special patronage in time of need.
    To you I have recourse from the depths of my heart
    And humbly beg to whom God has given such great power
    To come to my assistance.
    Help me in my present and urgent petition,
    In return I promise to make your name known
    And cause you to be invoked.
    Saint Jude pray for us
    And all who invoke your aid.


    Next, recite…

    3 Our Fathers
    3 Hail Marys
    3 Glory Be to the Father


  89. ann Says:

    Glorious St. Rita, O holy patroness of those in need, your intercession with our Lord is most powerful. Through the favors obtained by your prayers, you have been called the Advocate of the Hopeless and even of the Impossible. St. Rita, humble and pure; patient and compassionate lover of Christ Crucified! We have confidence that everyone who has recourse to you, will find comfort and relief. Listen to our petitions and show your power with God on our behalf. Obtain our petitions for us, if they are for the greater glory of God, and for our good. We promise, if our petitions are granted, to make known your favor, and to glorify God for His gift. Relying on your merits and power before the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we ask of you (here mention your request)
    Obtain for us our Request
    by the singular merits of thy childhood,
    by thy perfect union with the Divine Will,
    by thy heroic sufferings during thy married life,
    by the consolation thou didst experience at the conversion of thy husband,
    by the sacrifice of thy children rather than see them grievously offend God,
    by thy miraculous entrance into the convent,
    by thy severe penances and thrice daily bloody scourgings,
    by the suffering caused by the wound thou didst receive from the thorn of the Crucified Savior,
    by the divine love which consumed thy heart,
    by that remarkable devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, on which alone thou didst exist for four years,
    by the happiness with which thou didst part from thy trials to join thy Divine Spouse,
    by the perfect example thou gavest to people of every state of life.
    Pray for us, O holy St. Rita, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.
    Let us Pray
    Heavenly Father! In Your infinite love and mercy, you heed the prayer of Your beloved servant, Saint Rita. You graciously grant favors through her intercession, which are considered impossible to human foresight, skill and efforts. Relying on her compassionate love, we ask You to assist us in our trials and difficulties. Let unbelievers know that you are recompense helper of the humble, the defense of the helpless, and the strength of those who trust in You. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

  90. Gislaine Says:

    Thank you Ann!


  91. brendakaren Says:

    Ann, I also thank St. Jude, St. Rita and also Our Lady of Mt Carmel for the wonderful favours that they have granted to me.
    (Mary Ann)

  92. ann Says:

    Patron of desperate causes
    (Short Version)

    Holy Saint Jude,
    Apostle and Martyr,
    Great in virtue and rich in miracles,
    Near kinsman of Jesus Christ,
    Faithful intercessor of all
    Who invoke your special patronage in time of need.
    To you I have recourse from the depths of my heart
    And humbly beg to whom God has given such great power
    To come to my assistance.
    Help me in my present and urgent petition,
    In return I promise to make your name known
    And cause you to be invoked.
    Saint Jude pray for us
    And all who invoke your aid.


    Next, recite…

    3 Our Fathers
    3 Hail Marys
    3 Glory Be to the Father

    “Promise to publish this prayer, when your prayer is answered.”

  93. ann Says:

    Powerful Prayer

    Say nine consecutive times. Make the sign of the cross every time you say the prayer.
    O Great Passion
    O Deep Wounds
    O Blood Shed in Abundance

    O Meekness
    O God of Meekness
    O Cruel Death

    Have Mercy on Me and Grant my Request, if it be for my Salvation.

    (say request)


  94. ann Says:

    (To be said at the same time every hour for nine consecutive hours)

    O Jesus, who has said Ask and You shall receive seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you , through the intercession of Mary your Holy mother.

    I seek, I ask that my prayer be granted (mention your request)

    O Jesus who said, “All that you ask of the Father in My name, He will grant you” trough the intercession of Mary. You Holy mother! humbly and urgently ask your Father in your name that my prayer be granted (mention your request).

    O Jesus who has said , “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my word shall not pass” through the intercession of Mary. Your Holy Mother I feel confident my prayer will be granted (mention your request) Amen.

  95. Joy Dolar Says:

    Through this emergency novena prayer of Mother Teresa, our immigrant visa was granted. Praise be to our Lord Jesus and Blessed Virgin Mary!

  96. brendakaren Says:

    That is wonderful Joy. Thank you for telling us about your answer to prayer through the novena.

  97. laura Says:

    I am going through a difficult time and have been feeling lost. I will pray this novena and keep you updated! thank you for the prayer and all your wonderful inspiring stories!

    Laura I will join you in prayer for your intention.

  98. Lily Says:

    About a month I prayed the emergency novena prayer of Mother Teresa. I was going for a labour hearing. The case has not yet been resolved but I have faith that it will in my favour. Lily

    I will join you in praying for the favour (Mary Ann)

  99. goldeenchild Says:

    I read this thread yesterday. Today I had one of the most crucial interviews of my life. I saw 95% of the people getting rejected. I prayed 9 memorares since yesterday. It is a miracle! I passed! I had almost given up hope. I am so grateful and thankful to God and Mother Mary for interceding on my behalf. And thankyou all for sharing your experiences.

    Wonderful. Thank you for sharing this testimony. (Mary Ann)

  100. annachestnut Says:

    I had the dreaded “repeat” mammogram. I was never so scared in my entire life. I prayed the St. Theresa Novena and looked for the “sign” which came to me – a poster with a rose in foreground and a “hidden” rose in the background. The poster read, “Breast care is our responsibility”. It “appeared” just as I was waiting my turn, in a hospital gown, in a waiting room with several other nervous looking women. Although the lobby of the radiology office was festooned with flowers, there were no roses save the roses in the poster. My results were normal. Thank you, St. Theresa.

    That is wonderful news. Praise God.
    (Mary Ann)

    Promises of Saint Therese of Lisieux

    “I will spend my heaven doing good upon earth.”

    “After my death I will let fall from heaven a shower of roses.”

    The “roses” that Saint Therese referred to in the prophecy quoted above: is the term which she used to describe her miracles and favours. The feast day of Saint Therese is celebrated on October 1.

  101. sandrachestnut Says:

    I prayed the novena again whiile I was at a meeting and looked around the spare gymnasium where I was seated for the rose.. There was none. Then, I noticed a rose on the t-shirt of a woman who politely moved past me to get to her seat. My wish was granted and my son got an academic reprieve. Thank you St. Therese.

  102. Carol Says:

    I just finished praying novena to st joseph. It really works although my prayer intention was not answered in a way that I wanted to be. My husband and I were separated for three years and we have a 4 years-old daughter. I still love him and it’s my daughters wish to have a complete family. I came and talked to him 2 days ago and he said that he wanted a divorce so i was really upset. Please help me pray for him that he will change his mind about it and come back to us. I want my daughter to be happy and be reunited with his father.

  103. Shamiso Mutsau Says:

    Shamiso, I have always wanted to work within the NGO sector because all my life I have been working within the private sector. This week I was called in for a written interview by one of the NGOs first time in my life. The test was fair. It is a position within the human resources department and rightfully qualify for the job. The written test is what they are going to use to select people for the second interview. May you pray for me that I get selected for the second interview and present myself it will be oral and then get the job. I really need the job. Please help me pray

  104. brendakaren Says:

    I prayed the Mother Teresa Express Novena today for a problem which I was very worried about. The problem was solved easily.

  105. cheri Says:

    Thank you for the Novena, Please pray my daughters health continues to improve. I am now having some heart problems from all the stress and I am scheduled for some tests next week. Our family business is starting to do a little better, but it has been financially a huge struggle with my daughter in the hospital a lot in the past two years, I had to quit and my husband is always changing and canceling meetings because of emergencies. I will keep everyone in our prayers also.

  106. Beti Says:

    I can happily testify that last week i came accross this website and read several miracle and testimonies regarding the Memorare emergency Novena. I am Glad to testify that Mother Mary has lovingly answered my prayers today. Me and my sister were in a serious financial crisis. But shes has managed to sell off one of her assets and the buyer has paid up front. Mother Mary I will forver be greatfull and will continue to say the Rosary for the rest of my Life with God’s grace. Amen

    Thank you for the beautiful testimony. (Mary Ann)

  107. Neethu Says:

    i prayed the express novena, on behalf of my sister who was in crucial trouble which could have ruined her marriage which is next week,after the prayer there are no more problems,Mother Mary zipped the mouth of those who hurt my sister. Thank you Mother,i am and i will be greatful to you in my entire life. Amen

    Thank you Neethu for your wonderful testimony. (Mary Ann)

  108. Neethu Says:

    i hope the marriage will go on well with no troubles.As there is one week more am in a fear,but i hope nothing happens because Mother Mary is with me and my sister.Please do pray for us

  109. Lauren Says:

    Lauren Says: June 24 2012 at 2:30 pm I cam across this web site while going through a very difficult time in my life, siense then I have been praying the prayers that Ann printed, The Hourly Novena Prayer, Prayer to St.Rita patroness of impossible cases, Prayer say nine consecutive times O greate Passion O deep Wounds, and the Express Novena to St.Theresa. I have been praying these prays for the past few days for a favour,( I need to be reunited with my husband back in the United Staes,A.S.A.P.) I do feel confident that my prayers/ favour will be granted, And I ask that other prayer partners will pray with me in asking for my favour. Thanks Ann for these Prayers. I promise to publish my full story after my request/prayers are granted.

    Hi Lauren, I will pray for your intentions, (Mary Ann)

  110. ShirleyCalgary Says:

    I have prayed the Memore novena for a very long time for various urgent problems – all to no avail – I prayed from Friday to Montreal morning I bet I said that Memore 1000 times – my dog was at the vets and he was treating her for back problems I kept insisting it was something like she had before – he insisted I was wrong – she died that Monday – since then I have prayed and prayed for healing of my broken marriage – no help – I obviously have not got the knack or Virgin Mary and the intersession of Mother Teresa. It isnt just the Memore – I have prayed for over 2 years for help – I have prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet every day mostly at 3 pm but also sometimes in the morning as well as 3 pm – sometimes at night – this for 15 months. Please help me – someone – I have attended exposition of Blessed Sacrament – I have asked every Sunday during mass – I make sure that the Body of Christ touches my wedding ring and ask then. I am left with no hope.

    Dear Shirley,
    I will pray for your intentions. You mentioned that you make sure that the Body of Christ touches your wedding ring. You should never take the host out of your mouth and touch it to anything. If you have received Communion in the hand, you must place it in your mouth, (nothing else is allowed.) When you receive Holy Communion, you have to swallow it. It is wrong to take it and touch it to anything.

    I hope that your prayers will be granted. I will keep your intentions daily in my prayers. (Mary Ann)

  111. Lauren Says:

    Hi Mary Ann, I am going through some very bad times in my life right now.Financial problems, is one of my biggest problems right now. I am now 4months behind on my rent, my utilities are about to be shut off, I owe people,and other places, it is a lot going on right now and I don’t know what to do. You see a few months ago I left my country(home) to go over seas to take care of a family member who had surgey, and for the first few weeks she would not be able to do anything for her self,she was in desperate need of some one and could not get no body so her children ask me and I said ok. I was surppose to be paid every week $300 in the currency of the place, I agreed to go thinking I would be paid so I would be able to clear up some of my bills back home,(at that time I did not owe rent or utilities these bills were up to date I just owed a few people and I said to my self everytime I got paid I would send some money to the people to cleare some of my debts I owe) , and in the mean time wait for word from the US authorities to join my husband in the US. I came and Mary Ann you will not want to believe it I have only received $300, for 3 months I am there taking care of her ,It is my husband who has to be sending money from the US to me so I can survive, many time I have gone without food for days, I was hopeing to go to the Us some time soon, but I have not heard anything. I am to go back to my country this Sunday, and I really don’t want to go I really wish I could be reunited with my husband in the US. I have been praying for the past weeks, I have prayed “The Express Novena to St. Theresa”, The Novena to The Infant Jesus. The Novena Prayer O great Passion, The Novena to St. Rita Patroness of Impossible Cases, The regular Rosries,and nothing. I am desperate, I just want to go and meet my husband, I am praying for a miracle today, (Last Friday) so I will be in the US on Sunday. Mary Ann please pray for a miracle for me along with your praying partners, I am very desperate. I have Hit/ reached Rock Bottom, and I don’t know what to do. My husband himself is fustrated too. We argue all the time, he keeps telling me You should not have gone to take of your Aunt, I keep telling him that non of us knew this is what would happen. Please, Please, Mary Ann help me. Please pray for me to go and meet my husband on Sunday July 1st 2012. Help me please, I know the time is short, I read about the Abortion Testimony, The notice was short the same way and the grace was granted the baby was spared. I promise to share my story after I am reunited with my husband. Thanks Mary Ann, Many Thanks to you and your praying partners.

    I will pray for your intentions. (Mary Ann)

  112. Lauren Says:

    Hi Mary Ann, I would like u to know that I did not leave on the day that I was to leave, but I still have not heard from the immigration people so that I could go and meet my husband in the US. I am very worried and frighten, because I cannot go back to my country, not at this time, but I have to go back by the end of the week. I hope and pray that the people from the US will contact me very soon, I am still praying the prayers I told u about before, Mother Theresa Express Novena, Infant Jesus of Prague, etc….. I do hope that my prayers will be answered & I will be on my way to the US by the end of the week. Please Pray for me Mary Ann along with your praying partners, that I will be meeting my husband very soon. Please Pray for me I am desperate……………. THANKS A MILLION………. Mary Ann.

  113. sandrachestnut Says:

    My son passed calculus 3 (after 4 tries) with a B because I prayed this novena. This is the second favor granted to me, a 57 year old non church going (former) agnostic. This powerful prayer works so please do not give up hope. It is not easy to say. The mind wanders. Make the effort.

    Thank you for your wonderful testimony. Going to church will do you much good.

  114. Kelly Says:

    Hello..I just found this website the other day, I am going through the absolute worst years of my life right now. I lost my job, I can’t collect unemployment, I live in the worst state in the US for employment, we have the second highest unemployment rate, I had to separate from my husband due to financial issues, and his mental illness, which was starting to affect me. I still love my husband, but I caught him texting other women, and I am heartbroken. I am lonely, I can’t see my children. I am at the lowest ever in my life….I owe the IRS, I owe child support, I have no job, I have no money, I am living with my sister, who told me I have to leave in a few months…I pray everyday, to no avail….I don’t know what else to do, or where else to turn….I am just wasting away everyday here on earth….my life was not always like this, I have not been happy in a long time….please Mother Theresa, and Blessed Mother…hear my prayers, and give me some hope and happiness back in my life

  115. Jamie Says:

    I am praying it right now.
    Another credit, because I am hopeful, because it gives me some relief. if anyone would like to pray with me, I am praying to hear from my brother that he is safe and sound.

    Jamie, I am praying with you. (Mary Ann)

  116. kimmy Says:

    i pray this every day as a daily prayer thank you mother theresa for all your help i live you

  117. Rita Says:

    Wow, such a powerful prayer… Thank you for granting me my request.

  118. loretta Says:

    i am asking for all your help in prayers please, God always answers my prayers, St .Jude, Blessed Mother ,St Rita and more .. I promise to pray for you also. i need a favor answered so fast so can get on in my life with my son. I need my name back and to prove I am not a bad person even though I only have to answer to God , I really need a prayer for my prayer to be answered .for my attorney to call me with some great news, I will post as soon as it gets answered, because i know it will.God bless you

  119. rerer Says:

    please pray for me that my prayers will be answered, that i will hear good news soon from my attorney.

    I am praying for your intention. (Mary Ann)

  120. In Utter Despair Says:


    I have prayed the Emergency Novena today in hope of intercession allowing for my husband will be reinstated and reactivated at his job on LP.

    Please, please pray for me and my husband.

    Thank you!

    I will pray for your intentions. (Mary Ann)

  121. mama ces Says:

    This is indeed a very powerful novena! I searched the web yesterday for an urgent novena for my son who left home last Monday after being scolded by his father. I wanted him to be back immediately before things became more difficult to fix. He didn’t want to come back home and sounded determined to live on his own. That frustrated me because he has just started working and I know it would be difficult for him, much more to me as a mother to see my family being separated. I was crying since he left and prayed a lot. So I thought of finding a novena that might help to immediately change my son’s decision. This was on top of the results. I prayed the novena at around 2pm and twice when I was travellling home. At 9pm, my son suddenly entered the door crying, saying sorry, realizing it is very sad to be away from the family…Isn’t that an emergency response to an emergency petition of a loving mom? I’m sharing this novena with my friends.

    Thank you. This is wonderful. I will also publish it in my online book: Help from Heaven (Answers to prayer) at:

    Part one: http://missionbell.homestead.com/HelpFromHeavenBook.html

    and part two: http://missionbell.homestead.com/HelpFromHeavenBookPartTwo.html

    on my Missionbell website. (Mary Ann)

  122. TN Says:

    Me and my boyfriend just broke up. I am devastated and I just prayed the Mother Theresa emergency novena. I believe in my heart that the break up is just a misunderstanding and we are meant to be for each other. I don’t know how to explain it but I just know. No men has ever treated me as nice as he did before, and I believe that God has sent him for me because we are happy with each other.

    I am sad and it is like rollercoaster in my life right now. I have been praying to St. Jude and St. Philomena. Today I prayed the emergency novena and have faith that the Virgin Mary will reconcile us.

    Please pray for me.

    Thank you.

    Hi Edith, I am praying for your intention. (Mary Ann)

  123. Carol Says:

    Please pray for the healing of my marriage.

    Hi Carol, I am praying for the healing of your marriage. (Mary Ann)

    The following testimony was recently sent to my Holy Souls in Purgatory webpage:

    A marriage healed

    Maria and her husband had applied for a divorce. He had already moved on with another woman. Maria was desperate for a reconciliation and to give their marriage a fresh start and a new life, so she started praying for and to the Holy Souls in Purgatory, asking them to obtain this favour for her. Maria had lost all hope that her husband would ever leave his new relationship, and return to her and try to save their marriage. Her prayers were answered, and she is very happy because her husband has returned to her, and is working to heal their marriage.

  124. obi ifeyinwa Says:

    Hi.Mary Ann,thanks for helping i and my husband to return to our Mother Mary.it happened that i had a little misunderstanding with my husband last two night,and i said this novena asking our mother to make my husband happy.To my greatest surprise my husband wakening in morning told me that he dream that a woman ask him if he has been saying his Rosary and told him to say it always.since than we we are close to Our Mother Mary .Because for the past two years we have not say our rosary .thank to mother Teresa

  125. Carlo Delos Santos Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful prayer. Thank you thank you thank you

  126. Laura Says:

    If anyone is willing, please pray for my intentions. My boyfriend of a year is having doubts and is currently thinking things through. He is extremely confused and is fearful that we cannot rectify the troubles in our relationship…we have had a rough few months and we’ve hit on a solution but he doubts that it is possible, is afraid it will not work and we will find ourselves in the same situation all over again. I am praying that he gains clarity of thought soon, and decides to take a chance and work on this relationship with me, decides to stay in this relationship with me. Please – please if you have time, please pray for me, that he decides he is going to stay in this relationship with me. We have such amazing potential – please. Thank you so much.

    Hi Laura, I am praying for your intention. (Mary Ann)

  127. edith ramsaroop Says:

    this prayer is powerful

  128. Guilou Ada Says:

    Dear Mary Ann,
    Thank you for your devotion to pray for those who suffer! I pray that GOD provides for all your needs! May GOD bless you!

    Thank you!

  129. Cloti Says:

    I have been saying this prayer every day and in every difficult situation. Mother Mary has answered my prayers all the times. Still waiting for more miracles. Thanks you.

    Thank you Cloti. I would love to hear any of the answers to prayer that you have received through this novena, that you are able to share with my readers.

  130. Danielle Says:

    Thank you Mother Theresa for hearing and answering my prayers. I am extremely grateful.

  131. sharon Says:

    Thank you for sharing this novena. I will say it today. I will also share it with as many people. Wil I have ti say a Rosary as well?
    Sharon Gordon
    South – Africa

    The Rosary is an important prayer, but it is not part of the Mother Teresa Express Novena. You can add it if you wish.

  132. Charlotte Says:

    I have been saying the Liberation Rosary for a long time & praying for my sister’s troubled marriage. Praise God ! this morning I found this page and I am definately going to start reciting the Mother Teresa Novena.
    Can I request you to please prayer for my sister & her husband who are no longer living together & hardly talk to each other. that they may be reunited as soon as possible & that their marriage may be filled with love, peace, understanding & trust & most of all that they both come closer to Mother Mary & Jesus.
    Thank you for sharing this prayer.
    God Bless.

  133. Lydia Says:

    I have always been worried how i could sustain my two lovely dogs with a meal daily. Two days ago, i siad the Mother Teresa Emergency Novena and today, i am very proud to say i got a response. I know the funds i received will not sustain my dogs for even another week, but im positive, i will never fail to feed them. Thank you Lord!
    Thank you Lord!

  134. LaDanna Breaux Says:

    Where there are two or more gathered in prayer,he’s in the midst of them.Im prayn the mother theresa novena,cause im in desperate need of a financial blessing,cause my bills are currently past due and im in need of a full time job.Thanx in advance.

  135. LaDanna Breaux Says:

    Thanx Mother Teresa,for answering my prayer.I was offered a f/t job,Mon-Fri.

  136. iheoma Says:

    I’ve just finished the novena and waiting for my miracle concerning my health result,please join me in prayer.thanks and God bless you.

  137. theresa Says:

    Hello I have found a job praying the emergency novena 3weeks and the Holy souls of purgatory. thank you for this blog.

  138. MB Says:

    I am praying the Emergency Novena today. I am asking for the restoration of my marriage. I stand on the word of God which says what God has joined together let no man put asunder… I believe, trust and pray that God will bring my husband back soon.

  139. sharon Says:

    I needed to make a payment for 2 things which were very important. I only had 1 more day left to do so. I did not know which way to turn, then I remembered the express novena. I said it faitfully in the taxi, all the way home from town. As I arrived home, a gentleman was parked in my driveway, waiting to hand enough money for me to cover both payments.

    Thank you for sending this testimony Sharon. I will add it to my online book about answers to prayer.

    It starts at: http://missionbell.homestead.com/HelpFromHeavenBook.html

  140. sharon Says:

    Thank you Mother Teresea for answering my prayers. Tthank you Jesus. Amen

  141. Sammy KIambuthi Says:

    Am in very difficult financial times am happy to see the Mother Teresa Emergency Novena.
    Am starting the Prayer today hoping that all my financial problems will be solved.
    I have been trying to sell antiques with no luck please Ann pray for me and my family we do not want to give up.
    Thank you very much for posting the prayer.
    I will post with the good news.

  142. Florence Murugi Says:

    Plz help me pray for ma broken relationship

  143. mama ces Says:

    I have once been helped by this powerful novena with my son. This time, I am asking for help from anyone to pray for my and my family’s relationship with my in-laws, especially my husband. He has been feeling bad about something that happened between him and them and would desperately do things to be understood but they wouldn’t. The conflict has grown a lot and this time, I am being blamed by my sis-in-law whom I have been closed with for years that I am ruining their relationship as siblings. . I swear to death this is not true. She is telling things to my husband that would destroy us as a family. I ask for prayers that this family conflict be resolved soon. Mama Mary, pls help us.

    I will pray for your intention. (Mary Ann)

  144. MB Says:

    I am still praying the emergency novena everyday. My husband has not yet come home but I know through the intercession of Mama Mary,St Rita, St. Jude and St. Teresa of the little flower my prayers will be answered soon. May I please ask for the prayers of other believers on this site that my request be granted through the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Thank you. I will pray for your intentions. (Mary Ann)

  145. MB Says:

    What does it mean awaiting moderation

  146. Gislaine Says:

    GOD is a GOD of Peace, He will respond to your prayers!

  147. brendakaren Says:

    Awaiting moderation means that I have a look at the comments and then make a decision on whether they will be posted to the blog.

  148. Lily Says:

    Amen. Truly God answers prayers.
    I’m requesting prayers for my daughter, Benita, for her visa papers to come through, a good job for her, to find a good husband and good health. Thank you

  149. Gislaine Says:

    Dear Mary Ann,
    Please, pray for me, my job contract was terminated and I don’t have money to feed my family. I urgently need GOD’s intervention in my life! Thank you in advance! May GOD bless you!

  150. MB Says:

    Thank you so much for posting my prayer request to this blog. My husband has not yet returned home but, I know through the grace and mercy of our Heavenly Father that this trial will come to pass. I am praying for a Christmas miracle. With the intercession of all the angels and saints in heaven my request will be granted until then I will never stop praising HIS name. to GOD be the Glory!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. william Says:

    i have a brother who suffers from terrible schizophrenia for the last thirty years and i began a 54 day rosary novena for him nearly 2 years ago and kept it up that god would cure him from his terrible suffering but i got my answer in a different way when the mother of god came to take him out of the world early on christmas day 2012 so i am sure my 54 day rosary novena was answered as all his suffering is now over and it was a beautiful thing to be taken on christmas day and i am happy and at peace with myself for that and i thank the mother of god and the good lord for everything thank you william

  152. MB Says:

    William may God keep you and your family during this time. I will be praying for you and all your family.

  153. william Says:

    mb,thank you for your reply i will pray for you at mass and the rosary that any problems you may have will all be solved thank you .william

  154. MB Says:

    Thank You William. I really need your prayer and the prayers of all of those in this faith community.


  155. Mag Says:

    Hi, thanks for this blog. My marriage is due to be dissolved on 22 Jan 2013 in court. I am heartbroken. Our 3 kids & I love my husband dearly, and we have been praying since last January for him to stop the divorce & return to us for good. I’ve also prayed a few cycles of the 54 day rosary novena, and will add this novena to my daily prayers. I believe our prayers are being answered in baby steps as there have been several delays, and many blessings. But my husband remains adamant about the divorce, and now the deadline is looming close. If you can, please pray for a miracle for us : that my marriage will never end in divorce, but instead, will be saved and restored soon.

    Praying for your intentions.

  156. anthony Says:

    I just said this prayer.i didn’t know about saying it as an emergency prayer.i pray it works.i’ve been praying hundreds of prayers for thre past two months for my marriage and my wife n kids to return home.please pray for the healing of my marriage for me n my wife rochelle,and for her return home and for her to accept our life and not chase after the life ѕhe hadd before the marriage.thank yourl and God bless!

    Praying for your intentions.

  157. Benedicta Says:

    Yesterday a student of mine whose father was seriously ill came crying that the situation had worsened and that she was confused. She looked scared. I counselled her and asked her to pray and that I would do the same.
    Immediately she left me I prayed Mother Teresa’s Emergency Novena and this morning she came back with a smile to say, that her Dad’s condition had improved greatly and that he had even eaten a bit – something he was unable to do for the previous 2 or 3 days. Our Lady is great and really wonderful! Thank you dearest Mother for your maternal and tender love for your unworthy children! God is good all the time!

    Thank you for sharing this testimony. (Mary Ann)

  158. MB Says:

    May all the believers in the miracles that are possible through the Lord please contnue to pray for me. I am still praying and beliving that God thrugh his grace and mercy will restore and reconcile my 12 year marriage. I ask that God fill the heart of my husband with the desire to want to work on our marriage.

    Praying for your intentions.

  159. elizabeth Says:

    I am hoping and praying for a miraculous financial blessing so that i can repair the following: Wash machine, Refrigerator, and Car. They have all given up on me and as everyone knows, without them, i cannot survive. It is very hard and stressful on me right now. I need immediate help.

  160. Jeena Says:

    Please help me pray for getting me married to the person i wish to. I know this person since past one year now & i truly feel for him completely. I am waiting for him to propose me , i know he likes me too but I certainly am not able do anything about it till he puts in some effort. I can’t even tell all this to my parents not that they are against it but they think i am running of my age & they desperately want me to settle down now. I don’t want to end up with some one i just don’t feel love. It would be lifetime regret.I Have prayed a nine hours The Flying Novena & The Mother Teresa emergency novena but there is no positive sign as if now. I really need your prayers. I will start to pray a nine day Novena. I ask for your prayers that let love binds us both together & forever. Please pray for us. Thank U & may God bless u all!!

  161. jackie Says:

    Holy Souls in purgatory please pray for the restoration of my marriage which broke two years ago through your powerful interccession my request will be answered together with mother Mary Amen.

  162. michelle Says:

    I really need your prayers My husband and I have been married for 17 years and suddenly several people have told me that my husband never loved me that he and his network were only interested in my money.I cant believe someone would do this. Also someone told me my husband has two lovers and many sexual encounters for many years. my husband says he wants to stay with me and loves me, I dont know what is true anymore. He and I are having a difficult time I love this man with all my heart please pray for us.

    I will pray for your intentions. (Mary Ann)

  163. mr Says:

    I have been praying the express novena. My husband and I are having a very difficult time. I believe he is haveing several affairs. I overheard while talking with him at work a womens voice say why dont you tell your wife you are having sex. and another time I heard him whisper :tomorrow he will meet with her. I love my husband want my marriage to work out and I pray that he will come and realize we need each other and stop cheating and lying.

    I am praying for your intentions, (Mary Ann)

  164. Jonah Aiza Says:

    No matter how difficult or hopeless our problems, praying the Rosary and sincerely praying the memorare answers prayer. A mother’s love is so powerful and it is true she is here for us to intercede and help us. I can’t live without Her. The virgin holy mother is my life. I love her so much, so much that my heart will burst! Don’t shy away from her. She knows your sins and failures. She loves you just the same. Come to her with a humble heart. She is just too happy to see you pray and call her name.

  165. Geri Whaley Says:

    Thank you. will try it and let you know what happens. Unless somene would like to pray for me. I am 56 and due to a medical condition I no longer can do my job. I don’t qualify for disability so need a good paying job near home right away. Please help. Thank you

  166. Mary L.C Says:

    Please pray for my sister-in-law who is being operated tomorrow for brain tumor.MLC

    Praying for your intention.

  167. mok Says:

    Please pray for me i get money to complete my house which stalled three years ago i believe through your prayers i will amen.

    I am praying for your intentions. (Mary Ann)

  168. Judith Nyamuli Says:

    Hi, my name is Judith.
    I’m single mother of two little boys, at this time I’m I was looking for something realy powerfull so I can ask for the gift of learning, speaking and writting. I love studing, and I just started college about a week ego, but I’m having learning difficulties. Please help me with your prayers as I’m also starting this prayer now before I start reviewing my notes…
    God bless.

    I will pray for your intentions (Mary Ann)

  169. Benedict Says:

    I am a Catholic and I have prayed this novena and many others like it but have received the news of opposite to what I have prayed for shortly after. I was terribly broken then and when I asked God for the reason, He merely directed my mind to the book of Job which was no consolation at that point in time. Shouldn’t we as Catholics have full trust in the Divine Wisdom of the Almighty God instead of trying to force His hand and attempt to manipulate His will with powerful prayers and novena? I don’t mean any ill nor am I a protestant fundamentalist trying to wreck havoc on your blog, but I would question the integrity of putting up such a novena or prayer and giving seemingly unrealistic hope to our siblings in Christ. Hope I do not offend you with my words since I am still wounded from that experience. And to be honest, I am quite upset that people are promoting such novenas and prayers to be “ultimate solutions” to sufferings. They seemed to be bordering on superstition in my opinion. Mistake me not for I love the Memorare and I believe in the powerful intercession of our Blessed Mother. But saying certain novenas work wonders and some prayers are better than the others doesn’t seem to sit right with me.

    Pax Tecum

    P.s. I see that all comments are positive or at least neutral, so I am inclined that feel that my comment may not be published but I still hope that it will be. Thank you. I apologize for any ill feelings that I may have invoked in my comment. I don’t mean to stir up any form of resentment.

    Hi Benedict,
    To use a well know saying: I can see where you are coming from. I understand your position. In fact someone wrote me a very nasty letter yesterday. I’ll just backtrack there and say this: someone, (I have a theory that it is a certain mentally ill person), but I don’t know for sure, sent an evelope in the post addressed to me and my husband, with nothing in the envelope, but some horrible things written on the back of the evelope. There was no return address (naturally).

    I have made a Mother Teresa Express Novena. For some reason, best known to God, He has as yet not revealed to me who the culprit is. I only want to know this for my own piece of mind. However I will continue to pray until this is granted.

    Someone did something very similar to me, years ago, and I asked St. Anthony to reveal to me (in a certain specified way) who the culprit was. I promised a small donation to a charity if St. Anthony did so. You would not believe how good St. Anthony came through in this case. It was astounding.

    No way do I imply that the Mother Teresa Express Novena or any other novena is magic, so your claim of superstition is not valid at all. How many favours would not be granted, if it were not for prayers and novenas. I do not suggest that any novena or prayer is better than any other prayer or novena. It is just that the Mother Teresa Express Novena is a very quick novena. It is an emergency novena. If you have a mortgage payment to meet in two hours time from now and if it not paid, the bank would foreclose on your house, I am sure you would be dismayed if I promised to make a 54 Day Rosary Novena for your intention.

    There will always be suffering in this world, no matter what, but God does grant miracles and favours to those who pray. We often think that God should do exactly what we want and pray for. God knows exactly what we need, much better than we ourselves know.

    Now I am going to put up the testimony of a friend of mine. If you read it carefully, you will see how she thought that her prayers were not answered, but later on there was a surprising twist. You can learn a lot from this testimony.

    Finances and employment

    This following story comes from Scotland. I was introduced to the devotion to Saint Philomena about 1985. The minute that I saw her picture I was drawn to her and longed to know more about her. From that moment my life changed for the better. At that time we had three children and my husband David and I worked for local government in jobs which we hated. What I always wanted to do, was to be a good mother and wife at home; however we had always over committed ourselves financially and I had to work while my mother looked after the children. This was unfair to her. In the job that I had, I have worked in both full and in part time positions.

    I was working part-time when redundancies were introduced. I prayed to our saint that I would get my redundancy, since I was desperate to leave, however because I was working only part-time, I would not be getting my full redundancy money. The payment would enable us to pay off some of our debts. I prayed very hard to Saint Philomena, but I did not receive the desired result. I felt so disappointed and continued praying to her that I would get it somehow. Seven months later I reached the point, where I accepted that this was probably not God’s will. To make matters even worse, the person who shared my job left. I then had to work full time. To my surprise a short time later, I was offered my redundancy package based on a full time job! We would not have a great deal of money to get by on, but we would be able to manage.This was Saint Philomena at her best giving me a chance to do a proper job of raising my children. This was just the beginning of Saint Philomena’s intercession for our family. My husband was still in a job which he hated. I thought that I could make things better, if I was at home and made things good for him when he came home from work; however he was miserable in his job. He then thought about starting up his own business in computer support. He then applied for his redundancy and was one of the very few employees who received it. We paid off some more of our debts and purchased some badly needed wardrobes for the bedrooms. These were a necessity, not a luxury. We had a small amount of money left over. Two weeks after my husband accepted his redundancy, I discovered that I was pregnant.

    As my husband made his plans to start up a business, just about all of the big companies advertised the same unique service that he was going to start. He quickly gave up the idea. We then went through a difficult period when my husband was unemployed. There were also lots of problems with my pregnancy. I think that this was actually a good period of sorting out our lives and getting our priorities right. I went to Mass most mornings. The thing that we wanted most was to have a healthy baby at the end of the pregnancy, and also for David to have a job that he would be happy in. I prayed to Saint Philomena every day with my whole heart and said her novena. Shortly before our beautiful baby Kieran was born, my husband David got a good job that he is very happy with. He has since received promotion in his job. (M. B)

    There is one final comment which I will make. We pray for our needs, because that is what Jesus told us to do.

  170. Gen Says:

    I’m back, once again, asking Our Mother for her intercession in my dilemma- our home is under review for foreclosure. Back in July of 2010 our family went through this, and I prayed the novena over and over, and received good news in November of 2010, and my husband was able to get a job. We fell behind and need a miracle from Heaven in order to save our home. Dear God, I really need you, My Father. Help us bring some happiness into our lives. Please send me a financial miracle, so I won’t have to worry about our financials any more. I’ve been suffering for years, Lord. Please bring me some happiness. For this I pray, through Jesus Your Son. Amen.

    I will pray with you. (Mary Ann)

  171. MB Says:

    I am still waiting and praying for an end to my marital separation from my husband. I do believe that God and all the angels and saints in heaven have heard each one of my prayers. I have seen some improvement in our relationship. He has not yet returned home but, for Valentines Day he did send me flowers it may not seem like much but, I believe that God is truly working on both of us and in God’s time which is always the right time our marriage will be healed and my husband will return home and to our marriage. I just ask for the continued prayers of everyone in this faith community.

    The flowers that you were sent for St. Valentine’s feastday, seem like a very encouraging development. I will keep your intentions in my prayers. (Mary Ann)

  172. jay Says:

    I googled for a money novena and this was the first one on the list and i am so happy because i really love reciting the memorare. I am in need of financial assistance (too many debts; i am the only one working; my son is “probable autistic”; financial difficulty is affecting my marriage to the point that i am contemplating asking my husband to leave us). I really believe that to be financially sufficient at this time will really improve my life, so i will pray this express novena. Thank you very much i feel lighter already. Thank you.

    Hi Jay, I was intrigued by the fact that I came up first on the list, so I googled; money novena too. My blog posting came up second to Our Lady of Good Remedy novena, however it is still a novena to Mary.

    I will join you in prayer. (Mary Ann)

  173. Dee Says:

    I am about to be thrown out by my man: please pray for me so that we can settle our differences tonight. i have nowhere to go.

    I hope that the man that you are living with, is actually your husband. I will pray for a proper solution to your housing problems.

  174. Gislaine Says:

    I will join you in prayer so that GOD directs you to the man whom He has chosen for you. Or if this is you man, may the Spirit of GOD takes control of his life!

  175. Dee Says:

    thanks for your prayers, after saying the prayer yesterday. He came took out my stuff and took me to the bus station where I was to travel to my aunt who leaves 6 hours away never mind I had just arrived one hour before from a 6 hour journey. To cut the long story short I never traveled and we went back home. Anyway I have decided to move on with my life tonight I travel to my aunts place, she called to say that I can go live with her. Just pray for me to be strong during this time and for God to never allow me to be in this kind of situation again. Pray for me to get a good man in future and to answer your question he is not my husband and I today I thank God that he isn’t.

    Thank you Dee for the update. I will continue to pray for your intentions.

  176. Carole Says:

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
    Please pray with me on the following, I am saying the novena to Mary because I feel I need immediate answers,
    -My daughter’s exam results will be released on Friday 1st March, may she have passed Lord Jesus, and may I have a financial blessing to afford to pay for her University
    -May I get my plot tittle that I have been chasing for since the year 2008.
    -May my feet numbness heal and mams slipped disk.
    -May the relationship between Percy and I be blessed and work and end in marriage.
    -May we not move offices at work.
    Mother Mary intercede for me to Jesus your son.

    Hi Carole, I will pray for your intentions. (Mary Ann)

  177. mok Says:

    Praise be to God always i have been praying the memorare prayer for my husband who has not been communicating to me at all – just imagine after praying for a few days he is now picking my calls, we can chat a bit. I thank you for your prayers and I pray you continue praying for me that he comes back fully and restore our marriage.

    Thank you for telling us the good news – about the help which you have received through the novena. I will pray for your intentions. (Mary Ann)

  178. hellen staula Oromo Says:

    I am happy to find this website. I need to pray urgently for our elections which took place yesterday. I have a strong belief that Raila is a good leader. We also do not want to experience post election violence like we did in 2007/2008. We are afraid that if the ICC suspects are elected, Kenyans will suffer.

    Please pray for Raila to win this elections so that Kenyans do not suffer.

    Thank you.

  179. carole Says:

    We as Kenyans want peace
    I am sure the leader God gives us will be the best.
    I pray this novena daily and God has heard my prayers.

  180. Evelyne Says:

    Once again the Virgin Mary comes through for me.. i got a job on the 8th day of the novena AGAIN, My current contract was coming to an end and i really wanted a job badly.. Virgin Mary has answered my prayers and i moving to my new job in April. I pray i do not let her down. I hope all other peoples intentions are answered.. She does listen.. Be blessed

    Thank you for that testimony Evelyne. (Mary Ann)

  181. Dee Says:

    I am a foreign college student who has been looking for an internship since September 2012. I know right now most of the firms are done hiring but I am in desperate need of a meaningful internship for the summer of 2013. I am devastated and stressed by this, but I started saying this prayer today in hope that something comes up. Please pray with me!

  182. Evelyn Says:

    I’ve been praying the Express Novena.My husband keeps leaving me time&again to live with his parents who dont want us to be together.We have other issues too.Please pray that my husband returns home a changed man,never to leave again,is loving to me&our child.I also pray that we sort out all our issues.
    He doesnt communicate with me however he called up to my joy.Didnt talk but i think its a start.Thank you for interceding for me Mother Mary.I want to be reunited with my husband.

  183. MB Says:

    I am so heart broken during my last post I said that even though my husband and I had been separated for several months for St. Valentines Day he had sent me flowers to our home. I was really encouraged by this gesture. My husband had begun to visit me at our home more. He had even began to text and call me more. We had even gone out on a date a few weeks back. I was very encouraged by all of these events. I have continued to pray during all of this but on yesterday he came over to say that he still does not think that he can come home and back to our marriage. I will continue to pray for the healing of our marriage. I still believe pray and trust that God will heal and reconcile our marriage. I am asking for the continued pray of this entire faith community.

  184. JEFF Says:

    I am in need of a good job where I can use my skills and education. I have faith that one is around the corner and have prayed the Express Novena.

  185. Carole Says:

    my daughters results came out and she had tried much to my expectation, Mother Mary thank you for interceeding, i am still praying and trusting that i manage to get my plot title and have a quick sell of the piece of land to raise money for her University, Mother Mary interceede for me,

  186. Much Lighter Now Says:

    For selling property, you may want to try Saint Joseph, Jesus’ earth father.

    Peace and good!

  187. Shey Says:


    I just found this website and I enjoyed reading the testimonies here. It gave me hope that i will survive the current situation I am in right now. My husband has a mistress and his mistress is pregnant, though he does not acknowledge this as fact. His co-workers told me about it and I have pictures of it… In spite all this, he filed a custody case for my daughter, but he withdrew it and settled for an arrangement. However, I find that the situation is affecting my daughter emotionally and psychological. I am contemplating of filing for a case in court and will be meeting with my lawyer soon. The psychologist advised for a protection order.

    Please help me pray for this intention to be granted.

  188. Dee Says:

    I started this prayer on a Sunday. Monday I applied for a job and on the Thursday, they got back to me. The following Tuesday, the day after I had completed the novena, I had an interview. And they told me got the internship this past week on Tuesday. Mother Mary, thank you for interceding for me. I cant believe I had been looking for something to do over the summer for months to no avail but when I started this prayer it literary took two weeks for an application, hearing back, interview and landing the internship. I am truly grateful to God for listening to my prayer, as I am pretty excited about this internship, which totally fits everything I had been searching for all along.

  189. Tracy Says:

    I found a job and my boyfriend came back when I prayed the memorare. This prayer makes miracles but you have to be patient.

  190. Jonah Aiza Says:

    Please include me in your prayers. I met a fatal accident a week ago and miraculously survived thanks to our Lady, my mama Mary and Lord Jesus. Now I need justice for property damage charges and they are charging me more than what I can afford to pay. Please have mercy on me!

  191. Marianne Says:

    I was having issues with the gas company, and was terrified that I would have my gas shut off. I prayed the emergency novena, and they made arrangements with me and everything is ok. Thank you Mother Mary for favors granted

  192. Cagney141 Says:

    I came upon this web site Monday. My family is experiencing several problems. My oldest daughter is out of work and extremely depressed. I desperately hope she finds a job and begins to see what an amazing person she is. I prayed Mother Teresa’s Emergency Novena to Our Blessed Mother on Monday evening. On Tuesday she had an interview and was hired for a part time job and was also called by another company she had previously submitted her resume. When she called me at work and told me this, and as I write this I am truly overwhelmed by the Blessings of Our Lady and our faith and our Jesus Christ. I cannot put into words my absolute joy and faith as a result of this novena.
    Also my husband, who I love very much and want to live a productive and happy life with are currently separated for the second time. Over the 27 years of our marriage we had many difficulties and he is very frightened (for lack of a better term) that the disharmony, fighting and unhappiness will continue. I have been the cause of much of the unhappiness and was in denial for many many years regarding my responsibility in our marital problems. Since I have reached a point of acceptance and responsibility of my role I have made great efforts to become more self aware and make myself a better person, leading to a better partner. My husband is, at this time unwilling to go to marriage counseling with me and I have asked several times. I prayed Mother Teresa’s Emergency Novena to Our Blessed Mother on Monday evening with the request that my husband open his heart and agree to commit to marriage counseling and begin to heal our marriage. At this point nothing has changed.
    Please pray for me that I not loose heart and accept God’s will for me and my marriage. I continue to pray Mother Teresa’s Emergency Novena to Our Blessed Mother several times a day in the continued faithful hope my prayer will be answered in a manner that will save my family.
    But most importantly the presence of our faith in our lives is a wonderful thing. I am truly truly blessed and will to accept the answer to my prayer.
    Again, I must express the feelings of love faith and spiritual peace I experience as a result of praying this novena –thank you for introducing it to me and giving me the forum to tell about my experience and share in everyones prayers.

  193. MB Says:

    My husband has still not returned home or to our marriage but I am still sure that God will rain his sprit of reconciliation and healing down on our marriage so I will continue to pray, trust, and believe that the miracle for my marriage is on the way. I ask for the prayers of this faith community.

  194. Shirley Calgary Says:

    Mary Ann you replied to my post – when I receive Holy Communion the priest or eucharistic minister places it in our hands – I hold my hands in such a way that right is under the left – the host always touches my wedding ring – I pick it up and place it in my mouth immediately.
    It has been 3 years of solid prayers many times a day – 14 masses have been said, memorare has been said 1000s of times – chaplet of divine mercy said at 3 pm daily for 2+ years – my husband has filed for divorce – my court date is in 3 weeks and yes I am still praying the memorare for a miracle – please join me as my marriage will end in 3 weeks time without a miracle. Shirley

    Thank you for explaining about how the host touches the wedding ring. There is no problem there. I will join you in praying for a miracle.

  195. Gen Says:

    I’m keeping everyone here in my prayers. Here is where I stand with my housing situation. The end of March we went to mediation with the bank’s attorney and my assigned attorney. The bank’s attorney came up with these ridiculous numbers for our monthly expenses for a family of 4: food expense, $1500, heating $800 and so on. And then they said we could not afford the mortgage. NOT TRUE! My kids hardly eat…I have to force them. We showed them our housing expenses: food $350 at Costco, heating, $275. So they really want us to go into foreclosure. How can they this to us? I’m asking my Mother to help me with this. I truly need a financial miracle.

  196. A Says:

    I have prayed the emergency novena 9 times today, offered a mass and made a donation in the name of the Holy Souls in Purgatory for a subject grade I am vexed about. I ask our beloved Mother and Lord Jesus with a bold heart because I know my prayer request will be granted.
    I look forward to sharing my testimony with you all soon.

  197. Damita Says:

    I have prayed the emergency novena for money and when I called the bank I had an extra 500.00 more in the bank. I want to thank Novena for granting me this. I would continue to pray until I get another wish

  198. Yvonne Says:

    Thank you mother Theresa for answered memorare I prayed for my son’s exam fees just before closing date and miraculously got it

  199. william Says:

    mb. i always include your intentions at the consecration of the mass and in the adoration chapel , william

  200. MB Says:

    Thank you so much William. I truly believe that my marriage will be restored soon. I will keep praying I know that God answers prayers. It is the end to my second 54 day novena on today. I know that Mother Mary has heard each one of my prayers and has interceded to the Lord our God on my behalf therefore I pray ,trust and believe that my husband will be home shortly. Please continue to pray for me!

  201. loretta Says:

    I have prayed the 3 hour Novena to the Holy Spirit and Novena to the blessed Virgin mary and I just came across this website and I have prayed the Mother Teresa Express Novena ask for a financial blessing so that I can come current on some past due debt, also mthly bills aso find favor at work. I need to paid aron sale with in 2 days I am asking for yours prayer and help to find a resource to help me in my time of needs.

  202. Anne Q Says:

    I have posted several times and i never get alerts in my inbox. But i am happy to say that we the loan for boosting our business was approved. I only pray that my husband and i will use it wisely n may it be blessed and multiply so that we get out of the red. So thankful.

  203. marian Says:

    I have prayed to Mother Teresa Express Novena and to the Holy Souls in Purgatory for a favour in send me help in my financial. In return for my prayer been answer I will send a donation Aid to the Church in Need on behalf of Holy Soul of Puratory. I am seeking financial blessing to paid off emergency bills in the name of Jesus open the door asap for this blessing to come to pass I need help now . Please send me a speedy answer help

  204. loretta Says:

    I pray the Mother of Tesesa Express Novena and the Patron of desparate causes to answer my requested for a money blessing to come current on past due debt and asking for ameri;oan and aaron sales will work with me to come current with balance soon thank you

  205. Genevive DSouza Says:

    Thank you so much for this site and Thank you Jesus, Mother Mary and Mother Theresa for this prayer. I had just said this prayer for my niece, 8 yrs old who is suffering from Systemic Scleroderma. She was suffering from severe cramps. Her mother was in tears over the phone over her suffering. She asked me to pray and I came upon this site. I prayed for her and in just half hr I receive her message that her pain suddenly vanished. Both Mother and daughter are happily having their dinner now. And is it a coincidence. They both reside in Brisbane, Australia!!!
    Please pray for my family and me. We too are waiting for our final papers to migrate to Australia. God is great.

    Thank you. This a wonderful testimony. (Mary Ann).

  206. mlb Says:

    Thank you for sharing this prayer with me. I just said a quick nevena. I’m in a desparate financial situation now. Please pray for me . I have been having a lot of money problem since 2/13 when since I have have been having so medical issue. which cause my set back and hours cut at work My bills have gotten so far behind that I need a miracle to help me now I have until 2 pm today or legal action will be taken I have prayed The Holy Souls in Purgatory and the Mother Teresa Express Novena to turned my situation around dramitically I found this website last friday and I ask you and thank you for this website I want to make a donation to aid to the church in need and also need accept a mass. I paying by myself and with your prayers for a miracle today write back ssson. Thank you again

  207. DDonaghy Says:

    Thank you Blessed Mother for your mercy and compassion. The Express Novena has never failed me. Pray with faith and your prayer will be answered. Thank you for your love and mercy My Blessed Moher.

  208. mlb Says:

    Hello Brendakaren Thank you for sharing this prayer with us. I just said the quick Novena I’m in a desperate financial situation now. I’m praying for a miracle for God at this moment. I have fallen behind in my bills due to hours cut at work and illness due to jwork I’m asking you to please stand in a prayful agreement with me so that my miracle will come today. Yes I’m going to pray the Express Novena to Blessed Virgin Mary and to the Holy Souls in Purgatory for a favors and to invoke theirs powerful intercession Our Lors, Our Lady and the angels and the saints want to help us. I’m praying that mark do not start legal paper work stop it thank you for helping in the name of jesus. thank you the day is my mother hh birthday and she have been eceased for 4 yrs and 3 mthsI will let you know what happen

  209. Amie Zambra Says:

    Please enter seed my prayer to Jesus that my daughter Ria and her husband Roeul will have a baby this month.Also for my son Ramil and Lynn to have a baby.This is only my desire for them that I can have my grandchildren from them.Thank you so much for the perfect answer to my prayers with the entersession of Mother Theresa and Mama Mary our Mother and through his Son Jesus Christ who leaves and reigns with us with the Holy Spirit one God forever.Amen

  210. shelley Says:

    Dear Brenda, please pray for me. With the problems that i am facing at the moment especially my heavy burden debts that need to settle urgently. Everything i do or seek help from others seems to turn me down and friends avoiding me. I tried to apply a loan and there so much problems that its hard to get approval. My faith turn down and i feel like commiting suicide. My debts is very heavy and everyone is asking for me to pay back. My sales performance getting worst. Its hard for e achieve my target and most of the time i couldnt even sale any dingle car in a month. Please help me. I cant face my kids. Im a single mom. I need all of you assistance to pray for my urgent needs.

  211. shelley Says:

    Thank you all and God Bless you all with good healh and prosperity. Please assist me. Im really down now.

  212. mlb Says:

    Hello Brendakaren Yes I came across your website it will be 3 weeks tommorrow reading the the differ novena and prayers for everyone. yes I pray for my furiture co. to give more time to get the money I fell behind on my bills. and also I I have been pray the prayer of St. Rita patroness od the impossible cases, prayer 9 x’s O great passion O deep wounds , prayer to and for Holy souls in purgatory and the Mother Teresa Express Novena I said the prayer to St. Gertude the great External Father I offer to make a donation to the AID TO THE CHURCH .IN NEED /ACCEPT MASS OFFERING for 3 mass i. I ask them for favor in my financial today they are our dearest benefacfactors. I thank you Our Dear Savior for answering their requested on my behalf. I highly recommed the the Holy Souls for their assistance. I promise to publish my requested after my requested/ prayer are granted

  213. MB Says:

    I am still waiting on the healing that will only come from God. I know that my marriage will be healed and my separation from my husband will end soon. I will continue to pray steadfastly knowing that God hears each one of my cries and everyone of my prayers. I ask for your prayers for the restoration of my marriage. In Jesus name I pray. Thank You Father God in Heaven for each and everything. AMEN!!!!!!

  214. Gislaine Says:

    Dear MB, Please, ask GOD’s opinion about our marriage, pray for GOD’s will about your marriage. GOD wants the best for you. May GOD bless you!

  215. MB Says:

    Thank You ! I will ask God’s will be done in my marriage. Please pray for me!!

  216. Gislaine Says:

    Sometimes, we don’t understand GOD’s intervention in our lives. GOD wants all the best for you. I don’t say that he does not want you to stay with your husband or not, I am just saying that we should always ask His opinion, an pray for His will be done. We know that He wants us to eat, He will provide. We know that He wants us to get married and be happy, He will also provide. Le’s ask Him whether we are with the right person and if yes, let’s ask Him to sthrenghten our marriage and to puul out the devil in the Name of Jesus Christ!

    May GOD bless you!


  217. olivia Says:

    thank you to mother mary for healing ma relationship with tom.
    He came back and asked me for anotther chance and now we are trying again.
    Its not perfect but its astart.i ask the holy mother through this novena to continue tto strengtthen our bond and for him to tell me he loves me again and we be together in a committed relationship that will lead to marriage.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  218. Angela Says:

    Hi, I stumbled upon this discussion site while seekin a healing prayer… I have always thought the Memorare to be a powerful prayer, esp when i was a child. My mother taught my brothers and me this lovely intercessory prayer to our Lady.
    I am now in need of prayer for healing from Pulmonary Fibrosis. I am 40. There is a lot of uncertainties as i hope my Job contract will be renewed , my health fully restored and my housing issues resolved. I also hope to have my own family. everything seems bleak and I am trying to keep the faith.
    I have been reading the testimonies and its beautiful.
    I will start my novena today.

    Thank you for coming up with this encouraging site

  219. Vie Says:

    Thanks you blessed mother for interceeding to Jesus
    for me and thanks you Jesus for answering my prayer V>T.

  220. Jamie Says:

    Saying this Emergancy novena now for protection of my unborn child. That is is safe and healthy and joins us in November as planned. If anyone wants to pray with me- for it’s life- it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  221. Anna Says:

    l am praying to Our Mother Mary that my daughter gets admitted in this school which has always been my dream and prayer
    As l write this l am sitted at their reception waiting for admissions feedback. l do believe our mother will grant me and my daughter our request. Thank you in advance Mother Mary

  222. Genevive DSouza Says:

    I had written a few weeks back for prayers for our Australian visa to come through and it did on the 14th of June. Thank you Mother Theresa for this prayer.

  223. Nomah Samuel Says:

    Please pray for me. for a better life

  224. Jean Says:

    Please pray for my daughter she has an immigration case on 11th July. she is a student but she is out of status and she really wants to go back to school and continue with her studies. Kindly pray that she gets American citizenship and set her free from the bondage of her boy friend who mistreats her taking advantage of her desperate

  225. MB Says:

    Still ever hopeful and continually steadfastly in prayer. My God bless all of this faith community. Please pray for me.

  226. Sheba Says:

    A month back i lost my job… I was working in my friends university, however, due to the diabolic, mean, cunning manipulations of one woman (non-christian) .. I resigned as i could not go down in my level..
    I had enjoyed and was happy working in this place and desire to go back .. however I want the employers themselves to call me back, giving me a much high profile and strong administrative position as I am highly qualified.a much better position than this woman I just prayed this beautiful novena and trust that God will hear my distress and grant my heart’s desire. Please pray for me.

  227. Gen Says:

    I’m keeping everyone here in my prayers. Please add me to your prayer list: This afternoon, we were served with an official/legal foreclosure Sheriff’s sale. If we don’t come up with the total amount due to the bank, our home will be sold on August 6th. Oh, My God… please save my home, Lord! Mother Mary, please pray for me. I am so scared, and need all of your prayers. Thank you in advance.

  228. Kelly Says:

    I need to pray the emergency prayer…my life is in ruins…lost job, got convicted of larceny because i took money out of my ex husbands bank account…separated from my 2nd husband because of finances…our relationship is on and off…feel worthless..feeling lonely..feeling not loved at all by my husband, or anyone else. Depressed…anxiety…no self esteem…lost my will to live…just sit in the house everyday…I live with my sister, but she needs me to be out in 6 months and I have nowhere to go.My finances are in ruins, no car, no license….please help St Theresa…please pray for me

  229. MB Says:

    Kelly hang on cling to the Lord for HE is good. I just got done praying for you. All is good in the Lord please continue to pray. I too am going through a difficult time in my life and in my marriage but I continue to know that God is working things out in his time. Trust and know that God is a healer. Lean on the LORD!!! AMEN!

  230. Much Lighter Now Says:

    The Lord is good, yes, but so is his mother. For Catholics, the Lord gives us his mother as well as the miraculous saints to lean on in times of heartache and trouble (as well as times of good and of cheer). I have a deeply spiritual relationship with Mother Mary as well as a number of saints. Please do not discount or imply that the only one that a person may rely on is Christ. That may be true in your spiritual belief, but it is not true in the Catholic faith.

    Peace and good!

  231. Much Lighter Now Says:

    Saint Jude is the Patron Saint of Lost Causes or what one feels is a lost cause. I have prayed the 9 day novena to Saint Jude a number of times in my life. I love him deeply and he has always come through for me, and he is always with me. Perhaps a novena to him for the direction you must go in to start putting your life back together may help. http://www.ewtn.com/devotionals/novena/jude.htm

    I wish you peace and strength to get through this trying time in your life. XO

  232. MB Says:

    Oh you are so right! I too am Catholic. I am constantly praying to the Most Holy Mother Mary. I also ask for the intercession of many of the Holy Saints in Heaven. I have been praying to St. Jude and many other Saints.

  233. Anshel Says:

    Please pray for me, Since long i have been searching for a well paid job with sponsorship in reputed organisation/bank. I am facing financial difficulties also. I am constantly praying to the Most Holy Mother Mary with this Noveena. Please help me Mother Mary… take away all my problems and Peace at home an in the family. Thank you.

  234. Anshel Says:

    Please pray for me for better life and good job so that i can take care of myself and solve all my financial needs.Thanks.

  235. Engr. John Says:

    I am currently praying the Mother Theresa Emergency Novena for me to be able to pay up a bank loan, rent and couple of debts that surrounds ne now. My business is finding it difficult to climb to a greater height no matter our struggle, and I believe in the prayers through our Virgin Mary. please help me pray

  236. michelle Says:

    I was worried about my brother who was traveling abroad and we had not heard from him in days. I had heard about this emergency novena in my past. Recently I had received a report that it was said at an abortion facility….the pregnant mom came back out of the facility before the abortion could have been done. Recalling this, I did web surfing and discovered your site. My version of the prayer is slightly different (the one I learned by heart). I said it Monday night. Over night I couldn’t sleep so I said it again just to calm me back to sleep. In the morning when I woke I checked my cell and email and there was an email from my brother!!!! Thank you God, Mother Mary, Mother Teresa and the Poor Souls!!!

    Thank you Michele for sharing this with us, and strengthening our faith. (Mary Ann)

  237. joanne Says:

    i said the novena and im hoping i get help in paying my electric bill that con ed will give me the time that i need and renew my agreement ,i truly need a miracle

  238. joanne l Says:

    I am praying this prayer so that me electric will not be turned off I need time to pay and a new agreement with con edison

  239. Kari Says:

    A few days ago I was praying desperate for a job. I did the Novena on Thursday-Monday. On that Monday by 1pm I got GRA position that I wanted. Thank you Mother Theresa Prayer. Now I am praying because I have to redo my curriculum vitae and am at a lost what to take out. the reason I found out I wasn’t even getting interviews was because it was too long. I just emailed somebody for help and guidance who specializes in vitals and hope she will come through. I am praying for this to happen.

    Thank you

  240. Sade Says:

    Hi all, few weeks ago in July I prayed the express novena for my visa case to be accepted for my relocation to Canada, and I thank Jesus through the intercession of Our mother Theresa, it was accepted and I am on the employment stage. Please join me in praying to get good secure and well paid employment in Canada to assist my family financially and to also graduate from university with a first class. Thank you. I pray for all your intercessions that Mary our mother will intercede on our behalf. Bless you all.

  241. MB Says:

    Please pray for me and husband.

  242. AQ Says:

    Please pray for my husband to succeed at his job interview on Monday 16th

    Thank you

  243. Gloria Says:

    Hello, I have just stumbled upon this site as i was looking for an emergency prayer, and looking at all the wonderful comments, my faith is building up and am trusting that when i pray the Novena i will receive divine intervention. My boyfriend is facing some serious health problems, which so far the doctors have failed to pin-point. He gets serious abdominal pains that literally paralyses him, so far he has been in and out of hospital, showed signs of improving before the pains come back again. As i speak he is admitted to hospital, please join me in prayer as we come against whatever evil spirit that wont let him be, and if it is a health problem , then it is pin-pointed and proper treatment given
    thank you

  244. Bing Says:

    I am in a really desperate situation. I am 2 month behind on our rent and have been given notice to leave. I am praying that I can get enough money together to pay it and be able to stay. I really could use all the prayers.

  245. CW Says:

    I just started the Mother Theresa “express” novena tonight. I have been unemployed for one year (second time) without any benefits. I have no income whatsoever, and only receive food stamps (which I did not want, but had to accept because I have absolutely no money). I have no savings, am in HUGE debt and am really close to despair. I have been praying novenas for several years without receiving any response (i.e., my prayers were unanswered). I want a job working for the State or the University of Michigan (Dearborn). I promise public acknowledgement if my prayers are answered.

  246. Sheba Says:

    Please pray that my earlier employer and my very closest friend realise mean minded injustice done by a a co-worker, in their organisation, and based on my qualifications and experiences call me back and giving me, as God wills, a dignified, respected and high profile administrative job in the same Organisation where i resigned a couple of months back.
    I have just praying the St.Teresa prayer, hoping that God almighty will hear my petition.

    thank you

  247. Sam Says:

    I have a prayer request to get my ex-girlfriend to come back to me. We dated for almost 3 years and were long distance for most of the 1st year. When we finally moved to the same city after graduating college the stress of my new job and all the changes in my life took their toll and brought a lot of negativity. I think I was struggling with depression and by being withdrawn and not appreciating how good she was to me I slowly pushed her away. Now she is with someone else and I realize how much I love her and want another chance for the future we talked about together. I want to marry her. Please pray that this situation will work out for both of us, and that her heart will be opened to the good in me and how much I love and care for her. I have learned so much and become a better person and closer to God because of her and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

  248. Emma Says:

    I just learnt of this prayer and i really hope it works! i pray that my relationship with my children s father will be healed and my children and i will be reunited with him under one roof

  249. Michael Says:

    Having not felt in good health, I have said this prayer. At the moment I am feeling a little better. I pray my petition will be heard.

    Thank you

  250. Gen Says:

    I just said the prayer once again. Yesterday I found out that I lost my home to foreclosure- the bank legally bought it at a sheriff’s auction. Now I have 45 days to vacate my home. Oh Mother Mary, I cannot believe this is happening to me and my family. I have 2 little ones and this home was made for them. I’m really devastated. My husband is besides himself. Oh God, I need a miracle now, today. Please, help me, Mother Mary. Please keep me and my family in your prayers. Thank you.

  251. ingrid Says:

    after reading all these wonderful testimonies, i start to say this novena today. I have been looking for a well paying job ever since i graduated but i have never found one…i knw this novena will be a breakthrough for me. please pray with me. i will keep you updated when i get the job.

  252. MDS Says:

    I have said this prayer. I know thst it works, and I am a True Believer! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

  253. Cynthia Nyakukira Says:

    I was in dire neef of some financial intervention…with no one to turn to,i prayed this amazing prayer reciting it 9 times,.
    The wonders of God will always be shown…in not less than 2 hours of reciting this prayer..i not only received some funds on my account..but got thrice more than i prayed for..
    To God be the glory, Mother Mary ,my mother..i looove you.

  254. Emily Says:

    My name is Emmy a 29yrs old mother of a lovely 3 year old boy. i have been searching for a job for now over 5years after being retrenched but with no luck. my husband also got retrenched this year so I came across an article about novenas and as I went through it I realized the powers it had. I decided to do various novenas including; St. Joseph, Novena to God our father, novena to the sacred heart of Jesus, St. Jude, St. Rita, Baby Jesus Prague, 13 Blessed souls, Immaculate blessed virgin mary etc all which I prayed at 3am every morning for God to bless me with a job. I got an email folowing a call to go for an interview at an embassy which I did but after the two interviews I got a regrett letter that I never qualified for the job. I was somehow depresd and lost hope but I realized that I had to persist and ask God to show me the way as we were financially strained its wen again I came across the express memorare which u pray continuosly nine t imes. I have just finished it now and Im hoping that God wil hear n grant me my special request and break this trouble from my humble home. please remember me in your prayers coz I need to witness God’s luv. thanks n may God b with u all.

  255. cathy Says:

    me and my husband are in serious financial troubles due to his mental illness had to sell our home which is now in contract but because of someones filing error when we refinanced 6 yrs earlier there is a problem with a lien that was satisfied at closing and now the proof we provided to the title co are copies which they may not accept pl pray with us that the papers we have will be what is needed and we get a rerespons fast or we will loose the only means of eaaaet a t

  256. Lost and so alone Says:

    Currently in a terrible situation, my husband is leaving us (wife, 2 children) for his mistress and her son. He is coming by later this morning to pack up his belongings and move in with her. I am distraught, my life as I have known it up to now has been shattered into a million pieces. I worry about our children and how terrible a role model I am for them, because I am not coping well. I discovered the affair 69 days ago, but he works out of town – our conversations have taken place on the phone. It all seems so unreal and I don’t know where to turn. I am so lost and alone. Why is it that he deceived us for 14+ months, lied, stole money from us, betrayed us, has now tossed us aside like garbage and he gets to have his “fresh start” with no apology, no remorse, or guilt for the havoc he has created in our lives? He is no longer in communication with myself or his children and he gets the happy-ever-after. I desperately want him back in our lives but I realize he needs to heal and be a better person and he needs a smack to bring him back to reality.
    Please, please pray for my family, I desperately need some guidance.
    Mary Queen of Heaven Pray for us who have recourse to thee.

  257. Josephine Says:

    Hi Everyone, my name is Josephine from Nigeria. I said the memorare 9 times daily when I was awaiting my visa application result and I thank God it was a success and right now I’m in the uk for my masters program. I also prayed the 9 days novena to God the Father, fasted and recited the Rosary everyday, I just want to let everyone know that God answers prayers and may He continue to grant the Desires of everyone in Jesus name. Amen

  258. MB Says:

    I am still standing praying and believing.

  259. Margaret Doran Says:

    I have just said the Mother Theresa Novena. I am desperate for a solution to our financial problems. My husband suffers from depression and so I am the only one working. If anyone has time would you please say a prayer that we get help from somewhere to give us peace of mind and to end this constant feeling of worry and anxiety. Thank you so much for sharing this novena and the numerous results.

  260. Mary Says:

    Praying for my daughter as she is struggling in college. May God lead her through this dark path and surround her with helpful people to assist her with depression, stress and anxiety.

  261. MB Says:

    Miraculous Prayer— Hail Mary mother of the Son of GOD. I pray to you for help in my hour of need. Holy Mother help me to deliver my request to the LORD JESUS CHRIST (make request) and send the Holy Sprit to help me make that wish a miracle. Forgive me my sins and allow me to work proudly as GOD’S servant. I accept JESUS CHRIST as my SAVIOR and teacher to guide me toward the righteous way of life. Thank YOU and praise the LORD GOD, AMEN…… Say this prayer for 3 days the publish. Your Miracle will Happen!!!!!!!!

  262. MB Says:

    The Miraculous Prayer
    Dear Heart of JESUS in the past I have asked you many for many favors. This time I ask this special one (mention it). Take it Dear Heart of JESUS and place it within your own broken Heart where your Father sees it. Then within your own merciful eyes it will become your prayer not mine, AMEN! Say this prayer for three days, promise publication and favor will be granted. Never known to fail.

  263. Gen Says:

    Thank you for these 2 prayers posted, MB. I will continue to PRAY!!

  264. kaloto Says:

    I paid a guy to deliver sand and stones at a site where I had some building goin on.I paid the guy more than half of the cost before any work was done.he left to deliver sand to a client who hired him before me and he promised to come back and do the work.that day he did noreturn and I was in soup with my brother because he thought the guy would never return.I waited for more than 5hrs but he did not come and his cell was turned off.I prayed the mother teresa express novena,about 2hours later the guy came.thanx be to God and mother mary.kindly remember me in your prayers,I realy need a job,a permanent job.

  265. juliew Says:

    thank you to the Mother Teresa Express Novena and all the HOly Souls in Purgatory for answering my prayers yesterday! Truly a special prayer!

  266. ann Says:

    i would like to be part of this prayer group my name is ann pleas could everyone pray for my nephew thomas he has got his self in to trouble and is in court on wensday the 27-11-2013 can you pray for all of my family we we need alot of prayer for diffrent problems in our lives and strenten our fath thank you

  267. cindy Says:

    I came across this blog as I was seeking way to answered prayers immediately I am in a desperate and pathetic situation. I need God to intervine as in immediately it has gotten so bad I sometimes feel there is no way I can come out of it. If there is anyone who can pray with me and for me in this moment of my weakness.

  268. janet Says:

    I am desperate to find a job. I am supporting 2 of my grandsons and my one daughter. I am down to my last few hundred dollars. I have applied to many jobs, I am a radiation therapist. I have prayed this prayer for the last couple of weeks. I need desperately to hear back from some hospitals so I can get a good job. If there is anyone that can help me, please pray with me.

    Thank you

  269. Escrelita Carmouche-Javery Says:

    A few weeks ago I prayed the “St Theresa Emergency Novena” my prayers were answered within a couple of hours…again today I prayed for a different situation and I know my prayers will be answered In the name of “Jesus”….I also told different people about the prayer…this time I will publish it,it really works…I pray you all’s prayers are answered….May “GOD” Bless You All…In “JESUS” Name Amen…

  270. escrelita m carmouche-javery Says:

    Yesterday I prayed the “St Thersa Emergency Novena”….My prayer was answered within a couple of hours…I have prayed it again this morning and I know my prayers will be answered….In “JESUS” Name Amen…May “GOD” Bless You All…And I Will Pray For You All…I will publish this prayer..

  271. Christine Says:

    Please pray for my marriage. My husband keeps leaving us since our son was 6months, now my son is 4and a half. I have never been in another relationship. Ilove him so much and i don’t want another man. All I want is him changed to a better person.He has left 4 times now, it’s really stressing me and my son. Please Pray for us that he comes back and this time for good. He left one month and a half ago and he always accuse me of things av not done. I have prayed novena before and he comes back after few months and leave again after months or one year. This time I want him changed and back for good. Mary mother of God have mercy on me and my son. Mother Teresa intervene for us we pray. I promise to declare my testimony.

  272. Christine Says:

    He is leaving to another town on the 8th. Am so struggling and he said he will not be seeing his son often . Please pray for miraculous change of situation on his leaving and his decision. Mother Teresa intercede that he change his mind on starting divorce . I know God hears our prayers but this pain is so extreme that av been considering to die coz the pain is so extreem. Av suffered for so long praying for him to change for 8years now and he seems worst. I kept my virginity for God to bless my marriage but it’s seems impossible. Please pray for me.

  273. Escrelita Carmouche-Javery Says:


  274. MB Says:

    To Christine I too am in the midst of marriage problems. Please believe that I understand your pain I experience it everyday. Please allow God to be your comfort. Know that God hears all your prayers. May I suggest to you the website Rejoice Ministry you will find encouragement there as well. I will be praying for you and your husband and marriage be blessed.

  275. shavanie sinclair Says:

    i would like you to pray for my sickness,wealth and prosperity.

    I will pray that you have good health, and that your needs are met. We should not pray to become rich.

  276. sonia Says:

    please pray for my family,especialy for my dad and mummy for their health.thankuuu..

  277. Bernadette Says:

    i am not trying to be selfish at all and please forgive me anyone for thinking this is a selfish prayer to ask for. My fiance and I are going through a very rough time. He has asked for a break and some time to himself, we have not spoken in weeks. in my heart i truly believe God brought us together and i truly love him from the bottom of my heart and i feel deep down that despite this hurdle he loves me too but he is lost. I want to do this novena and pray that he will come back to me and we will be able to work on our relationship so that we can God willing pursue a strong and happy marriage. I want this to work out for both of us and for God to show him all the good in this relationship and for God to show us love and understanding of one another. I don’t want to lose him, i just want him to remember the positive side to our relationship and not lose sight of what we have and i pray that God will give us both strength to overcome this and to bring my fiance and I closer together. If everyone could please pray for us I would appreciate it so much.

  278. Bernadette Says:

    Unfortunately i believe he’s lost sight of many many things and he really truly is lost. But I cannot lose hope and i refuse to no matter what anyone has said to me so far. I have and will continue to pray for him and for this relationship. I truly pray he will find his way back to me and for God to show him the way and somehow open his eyes to all the good in this relationship and take away and fear or doubts he may have. I truly do love him beyond any words.

  279. mary Says:

    My family is having a financial difficult time and I just hope for a miracle soon that my husband gets a really good job. I am trying to stay positive for the sake of my children. I need to live a normal life and I am giving up hope. I feel like every door keeps shutting on us. I pray all the time and I feel as though no one is listening to. Please help me lord and hear my pray. How do I pray can someone tell me what I need to do so my prays will be heard?

  280. Rama Says:

    I have read about this wonderful express novena of Mother Teresa. I have fallen for it and open it every day and read it. I need it desperately for my mother who is not too well and has breathing trouble and gastric problem and all this giving her a lot of trouble and unhappiness. Please friends and my dear God,please come to my rescue. all her reports are in order, just this disturbance of breathing, she is very active and pretty little thing, she is our life line me my brother and my children just dote on her. I have said this novena twice 9 times. Hoping she becomes exactly like she was a year back. I want to bring back smile to my darling mom. Please pray with me.

  281. plantaseed12 Says:

    praying for you, your mother and family…….take care, Rama

  282. janet Says:

    I was having a very very hard time. I prayed this prayer and several others. My prayers were answered better then i ever thought possible. Sometimes just trusting God leads you to a place you never thught you would be. Thank you s much, All my love

  283. MK Says:

    I prayed the emergency novena yesterday for my son while we were at the hospital. After a simple procedure, his hearing – which had been very muffled for years – is now normal. I pray that he will pass his medical exam and be accepted for the program he is applying for. I also prayed while he was being interviewed for his appeal to a good school, and he was accepted. Praise God, and thank you Mother Mary for interceding, for these wonderful favors. My 3 children and I have been praying over the last 2 years for a beautiful miracle for our family crisis – alas, it appears that matters will get a lot worse very soon. Father in Heaven, have mercy on us! Dearest Mother Mary, please intercede … you know how desperate our crisis is. Dear souls in Purgatory, I have offered many Masses and enrolled family members in FOSS for your relief … please pray for us!

  284. Gen Says:

    I am so happy for you, Janet. Praise The Lord and praise be to Our Blessed Mother Mary!!!! I too am praying for a blessed financial miracle. We are in deep financial trouble, and I know Our Blessed Mother is listening and pleading our situation to God. And I thank Her every day and know and trust that relief is on the way for us. May God bless all of you on this site.

  285. Susan Evans Says:

    My family has just begun praying the express Novena of Mother Teresa’s, the Memorae. We are praying this prayer in her honor on behalf of my dad who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. We are praying to Mother Teresa for a miraculous healing for my dad. We hope that you will join in prayer for my dad’s healing. We need a miracle. All prayers are to be prayed to Mother Teresa. We received a second class relic on Saturday and my dad is holding this while praying to Mother Teresa. We are praying the Memorare and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. We greatly appreciate your prayers.

    I am praying with you. (Mary Ann)

  286. Gen Says:

    Susan, I’m praying for your dad and your family. May God bless him with a healing miracle.

  287. MB Says:

    Susan, God has heard your prayers and he has seen your tears and surely He will heal your Dad. Be blessed and stay encouraged.

  288. Susan Evans Says:

    Thank you Gen, I am praying for you as well. I cried for you today to Our Lord, Our Lady and Mother Teresa.

  289. Susan Evans Says:

    MB, thank you so much and yes, I have shed so many tears and I’m grafeful for your kind words that my dad will surely be healed. Thank you.

  290. Rama Says:

    Dear Susan,
    I am praying for your dear dad and your family. With mother’s blessing all will be fine.

  291. Susan Evans Says:

    Rama – Thank you so much, your prayers mean a lot to me, I will be praying for you as well. Thank you for your kind workds.

  292. Angela IM Says:

    I am going through a very tough time financially and came across the Mother Teresa Novena.I am planning to start it today and I have faith things will fall into place.Please remember me in your prayers.

  293. Ann Says:

    I am praying this novena to help restore my marriage. My husband and I have had difficult times and he wants a divorce. He has already started to date someone else. I am praying that The Blessed mother will heal our marriage.

  294. MB Says:

    Please google Rejoice Ministries for encouragement regarding Marriage Restoration. Continue to Pray.

  295. Escrelita Maria Carmouche-Javery Says:

    I am praying that everyones prayers are meet…in “Jesus”mighty and powerful name…. Amen….Also I recieved an e-mail from someone…my apologies I could not respond back at that time ….I have been trying to find the particular e-mail so I could respond to you but I cannot….I hope and pray you get a chance to see this….know that you are in my thoughts and prayers….All Is Well ….In “JESUS” name …..Amen

  296. Alfredo vasquez Says:

    Please,pray for my marriage

  297. Susan Says:

    I’ve prayed the Memorare, so far the prayer is not answered, I’ve got friends praying it too, we are praying for a miracle for my dad who has brain cancer and is not doing well, he has only gotten worse and now is unable to get out of a chair in his own, he can’t sit up in bed without help, your prayers are greatly appreciated

  298. Elizabeth De Leon Says:

    Elizabeth Says; I’ve prayed this novena late last night I suffer from gall bladder inflammation and I thought I was going to end up in the hospital I was scared I remembered seeing this novena in my prayer list I prayed in 9 times in a row and guess what I’m so grateful and happy I woke up with no pain. Love Mother Teresa. Faith and Prayers awesome!

  299. Alfredo vasquez Says:

    My marriage after 22 years that she reconcil I forgive her and Same stop.the divorce

  300. Beauty Zhuwao Says:

    Thank you. Be blessed

    To God be the Glory! Sent from my iPad


  301. BLZ Says:

    Amen. Be blessed

  302. Dee Says:

    I had lost all hope in life, not knowing whatto with my life after graduation. I started this prayer, and merely a day later, I heard that I had gotten an assistantship for graduate school. I really had nowhere to start, and now I am very happy that I have something to look forward to. Thank you Mother Theresa for interceding for me.

    God answers prayers. His timing is the best. We all but need to trust him, he knows what he is doing!!

  303. Genevive Says:

    Praise the Lord and His Blessed Mother for your success. Please pray for my husband to find a job according to the will of God.
    Congratulations on your success.

  304. SOLD! Says:

    My husband and I were paying two mortgages because we had not sold my condo that I lived in prior to us getting married and buying a house. Since we just spent quite a bit of money on our wedding, money was getting tight. We were making things work, but it was more of a stretch than we would have liked. I had mentioned to my mom that we wouldn’t make it up to her church for Holy Thursday mass because we were already coming to their city twice for the Easter weekend, and it would be a strain on our gas budget to add one more trip, she was inspired to complete the Flying Novena. Prior to Holy Thursday mass, she completed the prayer and that night, we received a message from our realtor that we were likely going to receive an offer on the condo the next day. We did in fact receive the offer on Good Friday, countered, and had the counteroffer accepted. It truly was a Good Friday.

    I am amazed what the work of prayer can do.

  305. Rama Says:

    I have been praying to mother teresa for 3 months. Feeling very positive, things have worked quite well, I always remain worried, some paper work is stuck with my boss ,need them asap to complete my task. Please pray so that I get them tomorrow without any problem. I am sure mother will come to my help. I keep all in my prayers. God bless all.

  306. Rama Says:

    Dear friends, my work happened with mother’s blessing and I do not how the entire work got done no stress at all. Miracle mother, it just happened. Rama

  307. Gen Says:

    Praise The Lord, Rama! And praise to Our Blessed Mother Mary!
    As I continue to pray to Our Lady for me and to all on this site, may we all come back with great news in our comments! In Jesus Name. God bless.

  308. JE Says:

    I just prayed the Express Novena for a job in the town I want to be in to be closer to the man I will marry before the end of the year. Please pray for me to get a good job there doing what I want to do for the Lord and what I can do….and an inexpensive but good place to live until I marry. In the Jesus Christ’s, the son of the Most High Father in Heaven’s name. AMEN!

  309. Rama Says:

    Dear friends, my faith in the great mother strengthens each day I say the prayer, I do not believe in any religion for me it’s the almighty and the faith each one of us have in our heart. I want my darling daughter to be very happy in her life, dear mother help her husband find an excellent job he deserves and desires. My children are the greatest blessing god has given to me. Once again praying and will keep on praying for my angel so that she is happy and successful in life with her husband getting the wonderful job he is looking for, she needs this to fulfil her desire to built a home

  310. Sharon Says:

    Please Mother Teresa, please hear my prayer. I heaven’t heard from Michael since seen him last week. Please I pray let me hear from him. Please hear and answer my prayer. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  311. Sharon Says:

    Dear Mother Teresa, I did get to hear from Michael last night, but things didn’t go as I had planned. Things just got really crazy and lot of things were said. And a lot of things happened that didn’t need to happen. Please pray for me and ask that God will talk to Michael’s heart and let him see the truth. Please pray that Michael will forgive me for yesterday, Please talk to Michael’s heart for me and bring him back to me. Please bring Michael to me permanently. Please pray that all of this will be fixed and that Please pray that I will hear from Michael today or tomorrow. Please, I know that God wants us together, it just that something is always keeping us apart. In Jesus Name Amen

  312. Kevin Says:

    I was about to get evicted from my apartment and I had no way of paying. I didn’t qualify for loans or anything. Then I went to this bank for a loan and they told me I probably couldn’t get any loans because I had no credit. The banker walked out of the office and I said the prayer 9 times. When he came back he was willing to help me find a loan which he did and I was able to pay my rent. This prayer is very powerful!!!

  313. Kevin Says:

    Please pray for me, I ruined my relationship with my girlfriend Peace. Pray for me that she gives me a last chance to prove to her that I have changed and want to have a future with her and only her. I’ve learnt from all my mistakes.

  314. Olivia Says:

    Today I have done this prayer to Mother Teresa to save my sight and to restore it back to what it was. Please help as I feel very alone! Jesus help me! Amen. Olivia

  315. Bill and Carol Says:

    Prayer Request!

    Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son and Other Ongoing Hardships and Sorrows…

    June 3,2014.

    Dear Community of Prayer,

    Thank you for praying!

    Please include my wife and I in your daily(2014)prayers for God’s Healing and Protecting Peace!
    Please also pray for financial relief! The financial crisis in our lives is making our recovery next to impossible! PRAY FOR RELIEF IN THIS AREA! URGENT!!!

    Feel free to pass Urgent Prayer Request on to other Commuities of Prayer that you know of?

    Thank you,

    Bill and Carol. usa

  316. Olivia Says:

    I am trying to hard each to live as my sight is failing due to macular degernation, I have been saying this for over 9 days 9 times in a row, I have a 14 year old son. I am only turning 45 I never knew about this disease before and its crippling me. I dont want money or any financial gain I only want the sight in my eyes. As a single mother of 2 my eldest is 24 I thought life was tough but I got back up there encouraged them both, fought for them, protected them, was at every event of their lives and this time I am floored I have no energy to keep fighting I am praying each day for a miracle but doubts are there that it is my time. I have elderly parents in their 80’s who I do not wish to be a burden to. I have always had novena’s answered before when I have lost my house or when I needed help. Not this time though! I feel its too much.


  317. paula Says:

    The Mother Theresa Emergency Novena answered my prayers. My medical test came back normal
    Praise be to God. (Mary Ann)

  318. carole Says:

    Please pray with me for the following intentions
    -My friend Katherine will find peace in her home and financial security
    -My papers to join my husband in the US are approved, and i get the visa
    -When i attend my well woan clinic very soon, my tests will all be ok.

    AMEN, and thanks,

  319. Marian L Breedlove Says:

    II just pray the Mother Teresa Express Novena and the Holy Souls of Purgatory for answer to my prayer I am in desire need to get the help I need to paid my utilities pay to get my monthly bills due to hours cut at work and other bills I need help now and also I ask Lord Jesus to open the door and bless with financial blessing or someone that can help me now I need to pay my utilities with in 3 hour before they close please pray for me. I have been looking for your website for past two days and this morning it came to me. Thank you for Praying for me Marian

  320. Alfredo vasquez Says:

    My wife to dismiss the divorce and heal her eart and forgive me

  321. Alfredo vasquez Says:

    The divorce papers already to be signed by the judge this week i pray that after 22 years.she has a change of heart she forgive me and know i forgive her that we stay husband and wife the healing will the what saves my marriage please pray for me

  322. Martha. Says:

    I said the miracle Novena I needed tuition fees with just a day to my final exam.I thank God I got the money at the last minute and got accepted tp register to sit for my exams.

  323. loretta Says:

    I have been praying the Novena Express for several days and I ask for help in paying my utilities bills Thank you part of my prayed being answer I ask for a financial blessing to come current on all my bills.

  324. margo brady Says:

    I prayed this for help and it came within two hours which allowed me to get my daughters birthdy gift

  325. Sheba Says:

    I have been this beautiful and miraculous prayer for one year. Recently i prayed for God to heal my relationship with a dear friend of mine. Its Amazing, that within a week of sincere prayers the person responded . Though its just a sms reply I know the rest of the requests and prayers I am asking regarding this friend will eventually manifest. Thank you in advance Mother Mary, Mother Teresa
    All glory to God! AMEN

  326. Sheba Says:

    I have been praying this beautiful and miraculous prayer for the past one year for various reasons. Recently i prayed for God to heal my relationship with a dear friend of mine. Its Amazing, that within a week of sincere prayers the person responded . Though its just a sms reply I know the rest of the requests and prayers I am asking regarding this friend will eventually manifest. Thank you in advance Mother Mary, Mother Teresa
    All glory to God! AMEN

  327. Gen Says:

    After losing my home, my marriage and now I’m asking Blessed Mother Mary to please help me find a safe and secure home for me and my 2 children. I was in an abusive marriage and Blessed Mother saw that, and knew I did not deserve this. It’s been hard on me and the kids, but for some reason, I feel at peace now. I don’t have to deal with the yelling and screaming and the mistreatment and fright from this man. I pray for him also. I’m asking you all to please keep us in your prayers as well. Thank you. God bless!

  328. Melanie Says:

    Hello. I am hoping since I prayed this prayer it will help. I was working Wednesday night when someone decided they would target me and smash my car window and take my workbag,my purse, my lunch bags (included all my medicines and personal items). I have searched high and low, filed police reports, put a posting online, asked for help but to avail. I am hoping that the Virgin Mother Mary will assist me as I am at a loss and don’t deserve this. I am trying to make an honest living working several part time jobs, I help people, I am very generous/caring although I am still a sinner I try my best everyday. I hope and pray that my stolen belongings including all of my medicines and all of my belongings are returned to me now. Please pray for me and with me. Thank you.

  329. grace Says:

    yesterday i prayed the novena for a financial miracle/ breakthrough because i owed the bank a lot of money and they sent a letter stating that they will take action to recover all the money. I don’t have that kind of money so today i called the bank and stated my situation only to find out that one of the persons on the letter (that is the first person that i would have had to make arrangements with) is no longer with the bank and the lady on the other end told me not to worry that someone from the bank will call me to make arrangements to make my payments. My debt was not forgiven but i do thank the Blessed Virgin and Her Son Jesus Christ for making it affordable for me to repay my debt.
    I also prayed that my boyfriend would call me and when i was finished praying i felt like i heard a voice saying he will call you tomorrow (which is today Friday 22 Aug as i prayed Thursday 21 Aug) and would you believe that at about 1 pm he called and hang up we did not talk but the fact is that i was happy that i did see him ring my number as it confirmed the voice i heard in my spirit.

  330. plantaseed12 Says:

    keep your faith…..you’ll get through this with the Blessed Virgin’s help!!!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  331. plantaseed12 Says:

    You are in our thoughts and prayers. Take care and believe that Mother Mary is watching over you as only a mother can!

  332. JJ Says:

    I have said the Memorae many times for emergency needs. Now I need a reconciliation in a relationship.

  333. kimberly kuyona covington Says:

    I need prayer, I have 5 kids an no where to live & I have a job with no car, catching rides an I being praying to get in nursing school its soo hard fa me an I look all over for a car . Help us

  334. Martin Says:

    O Blessed Virgin Mary, My Mother help me urgently i humbly beg you. I urgently require a substantial sum of money to clear honest debts. Please intercede that my Aunts will come to my aid urgently. Cover us all with your Most Holy Mantle. I come to you sinful and sorrowful, help me with this money as i want to put things right. I make this prayer in Jesus’ most Holy name. Mother Teresa whom you gave the world this novena pray for us. O Mary Conceived without Sin, Pray for us who have recourse to thee Amen

  335. Deanna Says:

    Just prayed this and have faith… please pray with me to bring Brian back to me.
    thank you.

  336. Rama Says:

    I will pray for you and your kids. The almighty will jump into action . Have faith in our Mother Teresa.

  337. kelly Says:

    How many times do you pray the novena a day? do you do it during quiet times? Sometimes I sit at work and try to say it, I have to read it because I don’t have a great memory. I need financial help badly, and I also have relationship issues. These issues have been going on since 2009. and I have had many more lows than highs. Please keep me in your prayers. My husband needs a job, and he is bipolar and it is very hard for him to get a job.

  338. Helen Says:

    Wow I prayed this Novena one morning for a work deal that was falling apart and had to close that day or we would loose it. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong and I did not know what else to do. So I found this novena that morning and I prayed it per instruction and about 2 hours later literally, I got a call from the lender saying they had changed their mind and would fund and close the deal. I give thanks to Mother Theresa for interceding on my behalf and really coming through at the eleventh hour.
    God bless. I will forever honor Mother Theresa and this Novena.

  339. Roselynn Says:

    I did this novena a few months back ..what a miracle that was after going through some things at work. ..I have done it again today. im hopeful I will have another miracle

  340. Yvonne Says:

    Dear Brendakaren, I am praying this Memorare Novena . We are in a terrible financial situation now.
    Please pray for me and my family. We are going through some major financial difficulties, and cannot pay are rent and bills which are due in a couple of days We are praying for a miracle from God. We’re in debt- credit cards, and loans from friends. I lost my job and am praying to get a job soon. Thank you for your prayers, and may God Bless you and your family.

  341. stephanie Says:

    My husband recently left me and my children 3. 1/2 weeks ago. I have been praying for him to come back since he left. I am going to try the emergency prayer because each day he is gone I die
    A little more inside. Please pray that Godbrings him back to me soon!!

  342. Tumi Says:


    I just want to tell you about how this novena has helped me recently. I must say outright that this Novena has worked for me countless times but today I was particularly down and I was not praying with much enthusiasm. My daughter had a school function that I desperately wanted to attend but there was just no way that I could leave the office .As the time to of the function drew closer I became even more sad and prayed the emergency novena that there could just be a miracle that I may go. I was particularly upset with my boss whom I believe would not understand my situation. I called my husband to check if he could at least make it , he could but had even more sad news. He had lost money to some project we were busy with and this just made me feel worse than before. I again prayed the emergency novena. My husband made it to the function and I called my daughter who seemed happy and not overly concerned about my not being there. At the same time there were a few of my colleagues that were attending a funeral later that afternoon. One of our colleagues had lost her mother. I really did not plan on going as I wanted to attend my daughter’s function and I figured there were a lot of our colleagues that would attend the funeral. Since I could not attend my daughter’s function, I decided to attend the funeral. As we left the office I realized that there were only a handful of us attending . When we arrived at the funeral and I saw my colleague whose mother passed away and how broken she was, it broke my heart but I realized how suddenly she looked comforted once she realized our presence. As I sat through the funeral procession, I realized how much my colleague needed me to be there. I realized that this was more urgent , than my daughter’s function. I realized that after work I am going home to my daughter and my colleague who lived with her mom, was going home to face home alone and maybe just maybe my presence there just showed her how much I cared. I left the funeral at peace and happy that I reached out to my colleague who needed comfort. I got back to the office and as I sat down, I thought of my own mother and decided to call her. I picked up the phone to call her and when she answered she said I was just thinking of you. She said you know I have some money that I want to give to you and the kids. I just sat there thinking MOTHER MARY novena. We serve a wonderful God

  343. Tumi Says:

    I just want to tell you about how this novena has helped me recently. I must say outright that this Novena has worked for me countless times but today I was particularly down and I was not praying with much enthusiasm.

    My daughter had a school function that I desperately wanted to attend but there was just no way that I could leave the office .As the time to of the function drew closer I became even more sad and prayed the emergency novena that there could just be a miracle that I may go.

    I was particularly upset with my boss whom I believe would not understand my situation. I called my husband to check if he could at least make it, he could but had even more sad news. He had lost money to some project we were busy with and this just made me feel worse than before.

    I again prayed the emergency novena. My husband made it to the function and I called my daughter who seemed happy and not overly concerned about my not being there. At the same time there were a few of my colleagues that were attending a funeral later that afternoon.

    One of our colleagues had lost her mother. I really did not plan on going as I wanted to attend my daughter’s function and I figured there were a lot of our colleagues that would attend the funeral. Since I could not attend my daughter’s function, I decided to attend the funeral. As we left the office I realized that there were only a handful of us attending.

    When we arrived at the funeral and I saw my colleague whose mother passed away and how broken she was, it broke my heart, but I realized how suddenly she looked comforted once she realized our presence. As I sat through the funeral procession, I realized how much my colleague needed me to be there. I realized that this was more urgent, than my daughter’s function.

    I realized that after work, I am going home to my daughter and my colleague who lived with her mom, was going home to face home alone and maybe just maybe my presence there just showed her how much I cared. I left the funeral at peace and happy that I reached out to my colleague who needed comfort. I got back to the office and as I sat down.

    I thought of my own mother and decided to call her. I picked up the phone to call her and when she answered she said I was just thinking of you. She said you know I have some money, that I want to give to you and the kids. I just sat there thinking MOTHER MARY novena. We serve a wonderful God

  344. Chris Says:

    I have been separated from my wife since April. The church we attended is supporting my wife’s decision to divorce me while the churches I attend for mass while I’m at work believe that we could survive this with counseling and apostolates within the church. We have two grade school children who miss me & I them immensely and are really suffering due to this. We’ve gone thru the court system & I’m paying spousal & child support & now am working on finding a place to live for myself but I’m not left with much money. The stress of this situation is also affecting my job & I’m fearful that they might release me as I can’t concentrate on work with everything else going on. I’ll begin to pray Mother Teresa’s Express novena for the ability to find a home & keep my job but esp. regarding my marriage which really seems to me to be beyond saving.
    Almighty Father, Lord Jesus Christ, Blessed Mother & Mother Teresa please intercede for me. I ask all others to please pray for me and for the softening of my wife’s heart. Thank you & God Bless.

    In Despair

  345. millicent Says:

    Please pray for me my marriage is almost over.I have 4 children the first is 8.pls i need prayers to restor my marriage.

  346. Mary Shikuh Says:

    Hi. I need your prayer. Please pray with me either to get a transfer or i be promoted.

  347. Julie Gonzales Says:

    I will start the novena today along with the novena to Mary the Undoer of Knots. My daughter left home in May, under the influence of an obsessive and controlling boyfriend. She has been isolated from her family and friends, and is endangering her jobs because of his influence and this relationship. She was such a strong, faith filled, independent, family orientated, happy person, and all this has been taken from her. He is not only ruining her life, he is controlling ours by not letting her spend time with her family. I miss her so much. She has admitted to me all his flaws, but wants to “make it work.” I explained to her that what has to be made to work, isn’t meant to work. She is praying for God’s guidance, and He is showing her many things and sending people to tell her things, but for some reason, she still cannot see what is happening. It is almost like her boyfriend, and his family, which she is living with, have some type of “spell” on her. Pray with me that the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is Mother of all mothers, will help me to get my precious daughter back, and bring her home to a family who loves her unconditionally.

  348. mags Says:

    Mother Theresa please hear my requests
    I need your help I’ve hit rock bottom and don’t no what to do my children need your blessings and guide us in the right road i love you and Thank You for past favours

  349. Anshel Says:

    My friend is waiting for his visa for the last 4 months. Please Mother Mary get his visa by today with the Job promissed. Getting visa delayed he could not pay his rent. Now landlord has given him deadline october end. Mother Mary save his flat for him and sort out all the problems soon.

  350. Anshel Says:

    Please pray for me, someone hit my car and its a major accident. Please help me to get full insurance get it reparied soon. Please also help me to find a well paid job or get raise or promotion in the present job. Help my freind to get his visa and approved job at the earliest as he is without job for long. Mother May help me. Thank you for the favours and blessings received always.
    Please pray for me

  351. plantaseed12 Says:

    thank you for sharing this beautiful story…it is a story of hope and peace and blessings!

  352. vastinah Says:

    Very inspired to say this prayer now. I will post the testimonyk

  353. Kemigisha Vastinah Says:

    This novena is very powerful.

    I prayed this novena when i had a misunderstanding with my husband. I prayed that he apologizes because he is the one who had started the problem. It was a big problem, the next day he wrote an email to me apologizing and asking that we have peace. Thank you mother Mary, thank you mother Threza.

  354. Nyaradzo Shiela Makorie Says:

    I lost $100,00 on Saturday, 29th November 2014 when I was at the church function. To make this worse, the money is not mine but for the church. Please help pray that I recover this money or I get the money from someone so I can replace it. I ask this prayer through Mother Terese Emergency Novena and our Holy Mother Novena. Please pray for me I will also pray pray, I very desperate.

  355. Marianne Says:

    Remember O most loving Virgin Mary that never was it known in any age that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help or sought your intercession was left unaided, inspired by this confidence, therefore I fly to thee O Virgin of Virgins my Mother, to you do I come, before you I stand sinful and sorrowful, do not O Mother of the Word Incarnate despise my prayers but in thy mercy graciously hear and answer them. Amen. Please help

  356. Angela Says:

    I had a rapid test for HIV and it came out reactive. Was given 2weeks to wait for the confirmatory result. It was the scariest 2weeks of my life. I never want to go through that again. During those last 2days, I came across the Emergency Novena of Mother Theresa. I prayed the novena an hour before I went to the clinic. I was crying when they gave me the result and its Non reactive. They did the same rapid test again and its also reactive. I just saw a miracle right before my eyes. Our God forgives and delivers. To Mama Mary and Our God Almighty. I offer this chance of life to Your Name. I will never get tired of praising You. Mother Theresa helped me with my problems. Thank You.

  357. Angela Says:

    What I meant about the last comment was also non reactive for the another go of rapid test. So I am HIV negative. Thanks Be to God!

  358. Steve Says:

    Lord to grant me a job or capital to start business,unity in the family my wife and i

  359. stephanie Says:

    I am choosing to believe that God and mother Mary will bring my husband back to me tonight. With this prayer please pray for me!!!!

  360. Shiela Says:

    You husband will definately come back, I have prayed for you to the Mother of Miracles, Holy Mother, Mary through the emergency Novena which always prayed by Blessed Mother Teresa. “Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that any one who fled to thy protection, implored thy help or sought thy intercession, was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins my Mother. To thee I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of they Word Incarnate! Despise not my petitions, but in thy clemency hear and answer me.” Amen.

  361. lweendo Says:

    pray for my husband who was written a summary dismissal from his employment. He appealed and the hearing was today the 9th of December, 2014. the top management said they will get back to him . Pray for him that the charges are dropped he gets back to work where he has worked for over 24 years

  362. ivone1306 Says:

    I am praying alone mother teresa express novena to get a good proposal and marry soon. but I didn’t met my soulmate. So you please pray for me

  363. crystal fisher Says:

    Please pray God release this $100,000 burden off me I have two kids and dont make enough. I really need God’s favor over this lawsuit. Please pray for a good lawyer to represent me and God sends to pay for him or her. Please!!

  364. Shiela Says:

    You husband will not be fired, I have prayed for you to the Mother of Miracles, Holy Mother, Mary through the emergency Novena which always prayed by Blessed Mother Teresa. “Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that any one who fled to thy protection, implored thy help or sought thy intercession, was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins my Mother. To thee I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of they Word Incarnate! Despise not my petitions, but in thy clemency hear and answer me.” Amen.

  365. stephanie Says:

    Please pray with me that my husband will come back to life as a Christmas miracle. I want to wake up in his arms. God has been giving me positive signs since he was taken from me. I claim life for him, not death and I have faith in the Lord not just hope. I surrender my whole life to God and the mother! Amen!

  366. Sue Says:

    Pray sincerely with strong belief and see how well your prayers are heard!! This quick novena worked for me while waiting for a scary doctors appt. You must believe!

  367. plantaseed12 Says:

    I’m glad this prayer worked for you with your scary doctor’s appt. I have said it several times with all positive results too. We are greatly blessed.

  368. Rama Says:

    I have also felt. Call the almighty and from somewhere and somehow things just work out. God bless all.

  369. plantaseed12 Says:

    Amen. I agree. Blessings to you!!!!

  370. catherine Says:

    pray for me that my husband come back to me and our 3 children….I made a mistake and have tried everything to get him to come home….he said that he was moved on and although he still cares for me he no longer feels the same love….we have been married for 10 years and he is willing to throw it all away….how do I pray therea emergency novena…please help me

  371. Joanne Says:

    Please pray that God will speak to the man that I love’s heart and soften it , as I love him so very much, pray that God returns him back to me and removes all obstacles, distractions, road blocks, and doubts that are keeping us apart and reunites us permanently and into a committed and loving relationship. Pray that I he contact me soon and the lines of communication are opened, as we have not spoken in over a week and I love him and miss him so, and that God will guide him back into my loving arms soon. May God bless you all abundantly.

    Hi Joanne, I will pray for your intentions. (Mary Ann)

  372. Jennifer Johanes Says:

    Please pray for me, I have a lot of debts that need to be settle urgently but I don’t have money. Some debts is overdue and need to be settle by today. I really need a financial blessing. Amen.

  373. Jenny Says:

    Please pray for my daughter who is in Kuwait alone in her room. She cannot open her luggage as it has got locked. she is really worried as she is a crew member and has to answer to her superiors. She has to answer some questions on safety and please see that she remember every thing she studied

  374. kanaz Says:

    i prayed for my neighbour.Actually they are troubling me.I am so worried.He met me by chance but I didn’t get a chance to talk to him.

  375. Linda Young Says:

    I prayed the Novena. I’ve been praying it everyday. I found $1. Yes, I am thankful. I said a thank you the moment it happened. I need so much more. There isn’t enough room here to tell my story. I fully believe that if a person believes in something strongly enough that it will manifest. I am beyond desperation. I believe prayers will help. Please pray that my belief manifests itself quickly. If things do not change immediately I will have no place to live. As it is, I only have food because it was given to me. It’s medical, dental, financial, and more. So sad that money seems to be the answer to most problems.

  376. studiomoonny Says:

    I’m sorry for your troubles, Linda. I have been where you are a few times in my life 😦 When I have been in times of deep trouble, with no solution or relief in site, I have prayed to St. Jude – well he is in my prayers everyday as are many other Saints that help and guide me in my life – I’m talking about a 9 day Novena to St. Jude. He has always answered me and he has always granted me relief and a solution. I pray the Novena to St. Jude 9x a day (all in a row) for 9 days. Oftentimes insight and relief comes more quickly than the entire 9 days of the novena. Read a little bit about St. Jude and if he resonates with you, perhaps praying this novena will help with your situation. https://thenovenasite.wordpress.com/category/saint-jude/prayers-and-petitions-to-saint-jude/

  377. Rebecca Ann Markel Says:

    I need healing from depression ,my bad attitude and my anger outbursts

  378. Linda Says:

    Thank you studiomoonny. I’ve been praying full novenas, and so have others, for quite awhile. I’ve exhausted every chanel earthly, and this Novena is one of many many prayers. Hope and Faith are all i have left. Please pray for me.

  379. Ann Pollak Says:

    I first heard of this novena from the Missionaries of Charity in Chicago. I had arrived there in December 2000 to visit my family and I was bringing with me a young orphan girl from Calcutta that I intended on adopting. The journey from Calcutta had been very long (Singapore, Hong Kong, San Francisco) and our visit to Chicago was supposed to be only for the holidays (as I live in Italy). When the Italian consultate refused to give a visa to enter Italy to my future daughter (because I had not adopted her), I called the MC in tears, telling them I could not afford to stay away from home for months while awaiting the adoption to be finalized. The sisters told me to say the novena, and since I didn’t know the prayer, I called my mom and she found the prayer and repeated it to me nine times on the phone. My future daughter and I then went to meet with an attorney to request an expedited adoption. The adoption was finalized and we left Chicago within 20 days thereafter, and I feel certain that the Blessed Mother gave us her support.
    On a second occasion, my 88-year old mother was in intensive care for weeks, on a respirator. The doctors told us there was no hope and that we had options for disconnecting the respirator and taking mom home to die. My sisters and I repeatedly prayed the Memorare, holding our hands and standing around our mother. We prayed that we did not have to decide on disconnecting the respirator. Some days later, I went alone to visit my mother, and she was sitting up in her hospital bed, smiling and without the respirator. She eventually recovered to the point where she was taken to a rehabilitation center, where she died some days later of pneumonia. I feel the Blessed Mother stepped in to protect us from having to make a life-or-death decision.

  380. BLZ Says:

    Glory to God

  381. Wanda Gonzales Says:

    I asked for a miracle prayer on my cell phone when my son asked me for money did not have over drawn I prayed the train express novena by my self and my mother my sons grandmother send him her $100.00. Thank St. Mother Teresa of cultta.

  382. Joanne B Says:

    Please pray for me and Micheal C. that God will fully restore communication between us immediately and permanently, and remove any and all doubts, fears, ego, obstacles and road blocks that are keeping us apart, and allow Michael to see that I am the perfect and only woman for him. Please pray that God will touch Michael’s heart and fill it with much love for me and make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. Pray for God’s mercy and blessings, and that God may allow us to spend the rest of our lives with each other in a committed and loving relationship. Pray that God will keep Michael free of all temptations and guide him back into my loving arms permenantly, and always put us in each other’s heart and mind. I ask this is in the Most Holy Name of Jesus… Thank you and may God bles you abundantly

  383. Redempta Says:

    I have been praying this prayer for a while now for my relationship. I ask God to shine light and strengthen our relationship and protect us from our enemies and worldly confusions and temptations and also strengthen our love and commitment for each other. Please pray with me BrendaKaren

  384. Edwin Says:

    I made this express novena today for 2 things that I needed badly, first the fixing of my vehicle that had gone bad and the other is the successful upgrade of my laptop through myself and a friend’s effort as I cannot afford a new one. For some people, this may seem trivial but not for me as anything I cannot control, I leave everything to God and the Blessed Virgin. I previously had done the 9-hour novena to the infant of Prague but only with partial success result, but with the help of Our Lady through this express novena, everything went well.

    Thank you Blessed Mother.

  385. jr Says:

    please help Joanne and Connie that their health is restored; help Matt call Jaime

  386. Andrea Says:

    i can truly say that this prayer is indeed very miraculous….. all of my doubts, worries and troubles were gone by just reciting the mother theresa prayer (reciting the memorare 9 times)…… i would ask all people to place all their hope in Jesus, and be helped through this amazing gift of a powerful prayer

  387. jr Says:

    This is the Memorare prayer:

    Remember O most loving Virgin Mary that never was it known in any age that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help or sought your intercession was left unaided, inspired by this confidence, therefore I fly to thee O Virgin of Virgins my Mother, to you do I come, before you I stand sinful and sorrowful, do not O Mother of the Word Incarnate despise my prayers but in thy mercy graciously hear and answer them. Amen.

  388. jr Says:


  389. Kelly Says:

    Please pray for me and my husband, we think he may lose his job tomorrow and that would devastate us. It is over something stupid that he did in work, nothing illegal, but stupid Please St Jude, help us in this dire situation

  390. Ada keithan Says:

    I pray St. Therese emergency prayer, asking for my daughter biopsy to be negative, today we received a phone call from the doctor in the results are negative . Thank you Jesus, Virgen Mary and St. Therese thank you with all my heart.

  391. wendybella27 Says:

    Thank you wonderful Virgin Mary. Thank you for hearing my prayers and helping me in doubting times of need and pain. Thank you for quickly coming to my aide and answering my prayers. I will continue to say your graces and pray in your name.

  392. Nicole Says:

    Prayed this novena yesterday. ..prayers were answered 🙂

  393. Dee Says:

    Please help me pray for my relationship!! I messed up big time by introducing thoughts about break up to my boyfriend. It was just a cry for attention and now I really regret all the hurtful things I said. Please help me to pray for my relationship with my boyfriend; he is really upset and has already given up but I want to work things out. Mother Mary, please touch his heart, that he may forgive me. I pray that if there are any people that have been influencing him, that he comes around and listens to what’s deep inside his heart. I still love him with all my heart, and i want him back. I know I messed up and I hurt him, but I pray Mother that he channels that which he once felt for me and the future he once perceived for us and we can bring our heads together and work it out. I have hope that this can’t be the very end of it all. Amen.

  394. Leila Says:

    I prayed the Express Novena and within a couple of hours my prayers were answered. Thank you Blessed Mother for your unending protection, comfort and mercy in helping me..

  395. Rama Says:

    Dearest mother, please pray for my dear brother, give him total professional success right away as yours is an emergency novena and I need your help at this hour right away , May by tomorrow make him happy as far his profession is concerned. I want your intervention to get the smile back on his lips. I praying and now with great anticipation and leaving everything to you Lord. Amen

  396. Dee Says:

    I prayed this novena and my prayers were answered. But afterwards, I am glad I realized that it wasn’t what I wanted.Thank you so much Mother. For now I will just focus on my internship and hopefully getting an offer of permanent employment after. Be with my family, my parents and their health. Grant them many more years of good health.Help me O, mother to perform my duties to the best of my abilities, that I may impress my manager and the people I interact with. Heal my heart and give me the strength to focus on what matters to me most. Thank you mother, for I know I can trust and leave everything in your hands. Amen.

  397. Dee Says:

    I am starting this emergency novena once again with some very special intentions in my heart. I pray Mother that you intercede for me. I have faith and believe that my prayers have already been answered. Amen.

  398. Victor Karume Says:

    hi, i have prayed the express novena several times and even this morning and it has positive always. thanks

  399. Victoria from Malawi Africa Says:

    This Novena really works, believe you me, I was with the problems with one of my clients and client threaten me that I should pay 500,000 Malawi kwacha for the cancellation of the booking, the guy was very serious and I started the emergency Novena right away. up to now the guy didn’t call again. that happened last week. Thank you blessed Virgin Mary and Mother Terressa.. IT WORKS TRY IT

  400. shee Says:

    Thank you Mother for restoration of my broken marriage. i believed in this novena and now i can testify it really works.

  401. Chukwuma Says:

    pls pray for some of my colleagues that where laid of to be called back to resume work.

  402. MB Says:

    Praise be to God. Give thanks as always. That is truly a blessing.

  403. Rama Says:

    Once again come the greatest MotherTeresa. My daughter is expecting her first baby. Everything is fine but my poor child is not able to eat much, she has constant nausea and throws up everything. She gets depressed and scared. We have tried to council her. I need your help mother Teresa, please help her to eat and remain happy, I want the smile back on her face. This express novena I am going to start now should help her out. I have full faith in the Lord . Help my child enjoy her pregnancy. Looking forward to your help. Amen

  404. Rama Says:

    A big thank you to mother and the express novena. My daughter in law had some health issues which just got resolved. Thanks a million time Mother for helping her out. Amen

  405. Rama Says:

    Dear Mother Teresa, I have said this prayer a hundred time for my mother and you have helped her and me out. She has a painful ulcer on her tongue. Mother please her her to heal it completely. Just your express, flying novena should do the miracle. Amen

  406. Dee Says:

    I have a very big exam tomorrow that is making me very anxious. I have studied as much as I can but now I’m praying for your intercession Mother Mary. That my exam may go well and I will pass. Help me to remain calm and to remember things I have studied. I pray that it will be a manageable exam. And that I will do well. Please Mother, this exam really means a lot to me. I pray with faith and strongly believe that things will go well tomorrow and that I have already passed this exam.


  407. Carole Says:

    Thank you mother Mary for interceding for me regarding my hospital results
    Blessed Jesus thank you for answering my prayers covering me with your blood… i continue to pray and believe and trust in you as i present my requests to my patron saints Jude Rapheal Mary and mother Mary
    Continue to plead with Jesus to grant my requests and mother mary thank you for your intercession
    I pray this emergency novena anytime sometimes i lose sleep and find myself praying while in bed
    Amen Amen Amen

  408. Gislaine Says:


  409. CAROLE Says:

    This morning I woke up with nausea and an upset tummy that sent me to the bathroom 4 times in a raw! I prayed the emergency novena as I was taking a shower and asked Mother Mary to intercede for me that I feel well,
    am now not running to the loo! I also asked mother Mary to intercede for me as I began a new job yesterday and found the training hard; I believe today will be better and I will not leave the place feeling deflated like yesterday.
    I asked mother Teresa to intercede for me that I may have the wisdom of Solomon and nail all exams that we will take today in the training and that I will perform to the best of my ability as I really needed a job I got it but without passing the tests they will terminate my contract; I know Jesus has heard my prayers I continue praying the express novena anytime I feel overwhelmed; amen

  410. JL Says:

    Very inspiring stories. I have been praying the express Novena for the past several days – nine times per day making the sign of the cross after each prayer – for my sister to have a good hospital report.
    Remember O most loving Virgin Mary that never was it known in any age that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help or sought your intercession was left unaided, inspired by this confidence, therefore I fly to thee O Virgin of Virgins my Mother, to you do I come, before you I stand sinful and sorrowful, do not O Mother of the Word Incarnate despise my prayers but in thy mercy graciously hear and answer them. Amen. I place my intentions in your hands. Publication promised. Thank you, JLP

  411. monicaonica Says:

    prayed this prayer for not more than a week and boom i got i job offer the same week.

  412. mags Says:

    Thank You Mother Theresa Of Calcutta for prayers received.
    I come today for your help financially for myself and family please hear my requests i pray. Amen

  413. Natasha Says:

    Thank you very much for making me aware of the express novena. I never knew of this novena till date, I wanted very badly to clear an exam related to my work which was very difficult to clear in first attempt.
    Initially I got a call my manager saying that the results are withheld because the inivigilators felt there was some wrong done from my side. As I was travelling I searched for a novena prayer for immediate help and found this. I recited the novena 2 cylces(9 times each) and then slept.. At around 11.15 I get a message that I have cleared the exam. I thank Mother Mary and also mother Theresa for praying to mama Mary to answer my prayer

  414. Dee Says:

    Thank you Mother for helping me through with my exam. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. I now bring my heart to you, and openly seek your assistance in my current petition. Please hear my prayer O most gracious mother. Amen.

  415. mary Says:

    Please pray for my son William. He had shunt surgery and is having complications and alot of pain from the wound. We pray for healing and good news..

  416. Dee Says:

    I pray that the feelings of confusion, hurt and uncertainty that I am feeling will go away. And I pray that I made the right decision. From here on out I am trusting you , as always, with my heart, mind and soul. I am praying that things work out the way that they are supposed to. And that I will be okay with whatever way that is. Amen.

  417. Tara Says:

    This very powerful novena gave our family a Christmas miracle!

  418. mary Says:

    praying for health reason really down and dpressed about it help this novena

  419. Andrea Says:

    My bank had been delaying the schedule to close on the home that I want to purchase for several weeks. Finally one night I had prayed the Mother Teresa Emergency Novena. The next day the bank had declared the closing date for the home that I am going to purchase. Thank you Mother Teresa for answering my prayers.

  420. Sherrie Says:

    I have been praying for a money blessing! Things have been pretty bad! I started saying The Mother Teresa Emergengy prayer.In 2 days I have already seen results ! Thank You for all your help!

  421. angela Says:

    I used the mother Theresa’s prayer yesterday and my prayers was answered. (AF)

  422. Andrea Says:

    I prayed the Mother Teresa Emergency Prayer one night and the next day I was able to get a closing disclosure generated from my bank to proceed with closing on my new home. Thank you Mother Teresa!

  423. Jennifer Johanes Says:

    Have been pray this Emergency Prayer for Mother Theresa for a few times for financial help. Thank God, today I received a good news. AMEN.

  424. Dee Says:

    I am praying for success in a big exam that is coming up. I pray that I remember what I have studied, and that I get a reasonable set of questions that I can do. I know how the exam can be very random but I sincerely hope and pray that the one I will get will be manageable. I pray that I remain focused these last few days and that I get a passing grade come exam day. May my shortcomings not hinder me from passing and may I remain calm and collected as I take the exam. Mother please intercede for me. I cannot do this alone. I need your guidance every step of the way. I trust and believe that I will pass. Amen.

  425. sue Says:

    Please pray along with me. I am now saying two nine day novenas…one to Mother Mary and one to Saint Jude. I am facing two medical tests that could turn out to be cancer. I live alone and do not want to burden my only child, my daughter with me being ill. I always pray novenas and have always had a great response. This time I need people to help me pray. Thanks and be well.

  426. Dee Says:

    Mother please intercede for me. I bring my innermost petitions to you in hope they will come to pass. Amen

  427. Jennifer Johanes Says:

    Mother Teresa I need a financial blessing, I really in a bad financial situation now. I have debt that need to be settle urgently. Please answer my prayer. Amen

  428. mlb Says:

    I pray the 3 hour Novena to Holy Spirit and the express novena asking for favor with the landlord and money to help us move Praise the Lord for answer my prayer. Thank You Amen

  429. Dt Says:

    If you are in need pray this Novena, it is truly powerful and it does answer your prayer.

  430. Shiela Says:

    Dear Eve

    Please do not give up on praying the Emergency/Express Novena. It is very very powerful. You only need to have faith and leave to God to do everything. I also posted below another 9 Straight Consecutive Hours Infant of Jesus of Prague Novena for you to try. I found it also very powerful. Each I pray it I fast 6 am to 6 pm while lighting a candle and living to burn until finished. If you also want you can include Holy Rosary – on each hour you do a decade. I always start with the Luminous Mysteries (Five Decade) and the last (Five Decades) – The Glorious Mysteries. This will 10 times on each hour and you have done 9 straight hours in one day. I hope this will help you. I give Glory to the Lord for having known and prayed these 2 Novenas.


    O Jesus, Who has said, ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you, through the intercession of Mary, Your Most Holy Mother, I knock, I seek, I ask that my prayer be granted. (Make your request)

    O Jesus, Who has said, all that you ask of the Father in My Name, He will grant you through the intercession of Mary. Your Most Holy Mother. I humbly and urgently ask Your Father in Your Name that my prayer be granted. (Make your request)

    O Jesus, Who has said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away but My word shall not pass”, through the intercession of Mary, Your Most Holy Mother, I feel confident that my prayer will be granted. (Make your request)


    Divine Infant Jesus, I know You love me and would never leave me. I thank You for Your close Presence in my life.
    Miraculous Infant, I believe in Your promise of peace, blessings, and freedom from want. I place every need and care in Your hands. Lord Jesus, may I always trust in Your generous mercy and love. I want to honour and praise You, now and forever. Amen.

    This novena is to be said at the same time every hour for nine consecutive hours in one day. This is a good Novena for Urgent Requests that cannot wait nine days to be prayed. You must pray it every hour for Nine Consecutive hours at the same time. Example, if you begin praying at 12:00, your next prayer is at 1:00, then 2:00, until your ninth prayer is 9:00.

  431. Shiela Says:

    I have just finished my Infant Jesus of Prague Novena which I started at 4.30 am and finished it at 13.30 pm. and also finished the Emergency/Express Novena continuing with my fasting which I started at 6.00 am to 6.00 pm. Thank you Lord for hearing and I know my prayer will be answered. Holy Mother Mary, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, please pray for me that my petitions are urgently answered.

  432. Dee Says:

    I’m praying for my mom who has been experiencing post menopausal bleeding. She has not been well for a while now and she has been given different medications by her doctors but each time she falls ill it’s much worse than the time before. She was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2014 and underwent treatment. About a year and a half ago she was in remission. With her illness happening I also lost my uncle ( mom’s brother) on Tuesday. Also broke up with my almost fiancé on Monday. Things are just spiraling out of control right now and I need divine intervention from Mother Mary. I am really falling apart here.

  433. Victor Karume Says:

    hi,i do pray the Mother Teresa novena every other day, it works every time, Amen.

  434. Diana Says:

    Took a big exam end of October and my job is on the line. Hoping for positive results in a few weeks. I just pray that I passed- whoever gets to grade it may they be lenient. I have taken a different exam multiple times and failed. Just hoping for a pass this time around. Mother please intercede for me. Amen.

  435. Y.Ursela Says:

    Thank you Mother Teresa for answering yet another novena prayer for me and my family. We continue to count on your intercession for our health.

  436. Yvonne Ursela Says:

    I want to give my testimony and thank Mother Teresa once again for answered prayers in healing my brother from prostate cancer. Dear Mother Teresa, you have shown us over and over that, we can always count on you especially in very difficult times. We continue to trust in you for the future of our health and believe that you will intercede for all those in challenging situations.

    Thank you, Mother Teresa

  437. Anna Says:

    The Memorare is my favourite prayer. I am currently making a novena for a dear friend, Honorato, whose blood platelets are below the medical minimum. With the pandemic, a bone marrow transplant is even more risky than usual. I pray the rosary every day, followed by the Emergency Novena. I trust that in another few days there will be news of a miracle. Please pray with me!

  438. msandoval637@yahoo.com Says:

    I would like to share the wonderful blessings I have received on numerous occasions when praying my dear Mother Teresa novena. Numerous occasions, I or my family has been in situations where i needed immediate help, and long and behold after praying the Novena, my prayers are answered each and every time. From the selling of a property to jobs and my worry and anxiety. I am forever grateful and thank you Mother Teresa for your beautiful miracles in my life. Thank You!!

  439. Dee Says:

    I am here with multiple intentions that I am praying for:
    1. I pray that my mother will be able to walk again even as she struggles to fully recover from a stroke she suffered earlier this year.2. I pray for the big exam coming up that I do well to prepare for it between now and the test date, and that I will be able to pass it so I can advance with my career through a getting back into the program and getting to the next grade level. 3. I pray that there be restoration in my marriage, that my husband and I find our way back to each other and move forward from a place of healing and reconciliation.4. I pray for things to fall in place in order to buy a home.5 I pray for successful application and approval of petitions. I really hope and pray that Mother Mary will intercede for me. I really need your guidance and help. Please help me. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

  440. D Says:

    I am happy to say that my mom is starting to walk again, slowly. I still fully believe she will fully recover in time. I thank God that I passed the exam I took, thank you Lord for seeing me through. I am still praying for full reconciliation in my marriage. I pray my husband gives our marriage one more chance, keeping our vows and commitment to each other in mind. Mother please take away the confusion in him, help him to remember what we have and to give up on pursuing other women. Bring him back home Lord Jesus, bring him back to me. I believe and have faith in the fulfilment of this petition. Thank you Lord, for we will get past this. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

  441. Esdin Says:

    Mother I’m hurt and confused. Heal my heart and show me the way to go. Help me to be okay with God’s plan for my life, and help me to get over the pain. Help me to fight for what is mine, and give me the strength to let go of what is not. Amen.

  442. anna Says:

    The novena helped a lot! I also prayed a novena to St Therese of Lisieux, and offered my communion for him. He is now very much better, still under treatment but out of danger.

  443. Sophie Says:

    This is a powerful Novena that never fails. I have used it so many times and it always provides me with a quick answer. I am writting to fulfil my promise to Mary. I prayed that If my prayer was answered I was going to write about it. If you are in need don’t spend time worrying. Kneel and pray the emergency Novena, your prayers will be answered. Our lady will never fail us. I hope I have encouraged someone today.

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