House Hold Hints

I will put things related to running a house hold on this page.

Shopping Mangement

Make out a master shopping list (in large print) on your computer and print it out and make about 50 photocopies of it. (More copies can be made later on.)  Place the copies in a labeled folder. When you are ready to go shopping take out one of the photocopies. Use a coloured highlighter pen and highlight only those items which you need on this particular shopping trip. A proper shopping list helps get rid of that lost feeling at the supermarket of “what should I buy?”  Update the list on a regular basis and make sure that it is made out in a systematic way e.g. with sections such as Fruits and vegetables, dairy products, hygiene needs etc.  If you need ideas for what to put on the list go to one of the online grocery retailers websites and have a look at what they are selling or get ideas from the catalogues which are put in your postbox or make up the list as you walk around the supermarket.


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