Parents go to jail for using homeopathy to teat their daughter’s eczema and for refusing other medical help when that was failing. (The child died).

On the news yesterday there was an item about a Sydney husband and wife who have just been sentenced to jail for several years each. What are they going to jail for?  Apparently they are going to jail for making a big mistake and for the husband’s stubborn refusal to obtain medical help for their daughter. Their baby daughter developed eczema and they treated the child with homeopathy. This was clearly failing, but the couple did not seek medical help. Eventually the child died. Doctors say that they could have saved the child. The judge told the mother has badly she had “failed” in her duty as a  mother. I think this means that she did not talk her husband out of his way of dealing with the child’s illness. We have abortions in our hospitals. That is murder of the unborn.  I do not see many abortionists going to jail.

Prayers for healing for those who suffer from cancer

Today an email was forward to me with the following message:

My daughter Salma, who is just 12 years old is battling for life at a local hospital, she is suffering from cancer and is presently in the last stage. The doctors have given up all hope but then I have trust in Jesus and in the power of Prayers. Therefore as a helpless mother of a dying child I beg all of you to pray for my daughter, please include her as a part of each and every prayers of yours. Please pray to Jesus that He should give her body the strength to respond to the medication, that He should somehow miraculously heal her of this disease and grant her a healthy and long life (AMEN)

Please, please pass this message on to as many brothers and Sisters as you can. If even ten percent of you would remember to pray for my daughter then it would mean a lot for us.. Your prayers and Gods Grace is our ONLY hope.


With Regards

Reni Jose

I have enrolled Salma in the Perpetual Prayer campaign and ongoing novenas for the healing of cancer

In this prayer campaign and the novenas, the Holy Souls in Purgatory are prayed for and invoked for healing for the people who have cancer.
(Mary Ann)