Help for a heel spur (a home remedy)

If you have a heel spur, it is important to see a doctor. There are various ways to treat heel spurs depending on their severity.
Home Remedy
One of these is the following: you fill up a glass soft drink bottle with hot water and screw the lid on tightly. You daily roll the foot which is affected by the heel spur, back and froth over the bottle with the hot water in it. About ten minutes, twice a day would be good. The more the better. If you cannot cope with the heat of the water, you can leave it out or use a rolling pin.  This can have a beneficial healing effect and reduce the pain. 



I received the following useful comment on this topic from a doctor whose method is a bit different from the one that my doctor recommended. I think that it is worth reading. 

1.      Before you start the home remedy, please see a podiatrist or foot doctor specialist. I have never heard of using a hot water bottle; I usually suggest cold water. The effect of using a hot water bottle would stretch the plantar fascia (heel spur) certainly, but it would take a long time to properly heal the plantar fascia, depending on the extent of the injury. I have a great interview with Dr. Robert Schleip for the blog that discusses plantar fasciitis (heel spur)

My comment:

Thank you for this comment. I saw a reference to using cold water on some websites and in these the water in the bottle was frozen.  There is one other thing that I would like to mention.  The link to the doctor’s blog has a useful article on treating foot troubles, but it mentions yoga and I have read to be careful of using anything that has connections with pagan religons and unfortunately Yoga has.  As far as I know Pilates (exercises) doesn’t have this connection.  I take the point though that stretching is a useful tool in healing.

The reason that it is not good to use Yoga which has its roots in a pagan religion is because it can be a pathway to the occult.