Parents go to jail for using homeopathy to teat their daughter’s eczema and for refusing other medical help when that was failing. (The child died).

On the news yesterday there was an item about a Sydney husband and wife who have just been sentenced to jail for several years each. What are they going to jail for?  Apparently they are going to jail for making a big mistake and for the husband’s stubborn refusal to obtain medical help for their daughter. Their baby daughter developed eczema and they treated the child with homeopathy. This was clearly failing, but the couple did not seek medical help. Eventually the child died. Doctors say that they could have saved the child. The judge told the mother has badly she had “failed” in her duty as a  mother. I think this means that she did not talk her husband out of his way of dealing with the child’s illness. We have abortions in our hospitals. That is murder of the unborn.  I do not see many abortionists going to jail.