Clean up time

Clutter clutter everywhere
everywhere I look.
Now I cannot find,
my brand new cooking book!
I formulate a plan
to declutter and to clean.
To have a tidy house,
is my cherished dream.
I’ll divide the work up,
and tackle it bit by bit.
If I do it all at once,
I am sure to quit!

Declare war on clutter

Take yourself to one room in the house.  Take a good look around and see what is there that is clutter. Pick it up and put it in the bin. Repeat the process. Try this again four more times.  You have just started a wonderful process called decluttering.  As you progress through this you will find it liberating. Try this technique every day and you will get the hang of it and will be able to invite people into your home and things will go better for you.


The Clutter Monster (Poem)

Watch out for the clutter monster,
Who wants to ruin your life.
He’ll move in uninvited,
And proceed to cause you strife.

He tells you to save,
Each magazine and bill,
If you follow his advice, 
Your house will over-fill !

He tells you to keep this,
He tells you to keep that,
Even to keep,
Your grandfather’s hat.

With things in boxes,
All over the place,
You’ll soon find out,
You have no space!

He’s convinced you to keep,
All of your junk.
His advice to you,
Is just plain bunk!

Throw out some paper,
And claim your life back,
The clutter monster,
Will at first give you flack.

If you keep up your efforts,
Your house will look swell.
Clutter monster in your house,
No longer shall dwell.
I hope that the poem inspires you to declutter.