St Anthony the Wonder Worker (The finder of lost and stolen objects)

Do you frequently lose things????  Can’t find the keys to the car? Where are my reading glasses? It goes on and on doesn’t it?  What to do?????

Invoke St Anthony!!!!

 Read the following:

The lost watch

Some years ago I lost my watch.  I was too tired and too busy to care for a week to bother St. Anthony about this matter.  Finally I said a prayer late in the night. The next morning we drove to the parish of St. Anthony of Padua, which was some miles from our home and attended mass there.  After mass I stayed behind a little and my husband went back to the car park to wait for me. It has been raining for a week and the grass nearby was long and wet.  The ground was muddy.  My husband saw something shine in the grass and out of curiosity bent down and scooped up a handfull of mud and guess what?  My watch was there in the handful of mud.  Explanation?- we had attended a mass at that church the previous week.

Do you wish to learn more about St Anthony’s  favours, customs in his honour, his life and special prayers to say to him? Then visit the following link: