Help in financial trouble (A favour granted through the intercession of St Philomena the Wonder Worker)

page3The following story was told to me by a friend. Irene was in financial trouble and had debts of about $1,000 to pay off. She had no way of doing this and was very worried. Irene made a novena to St Philomena for a solution.  The bank sent her a statement on an old account which previously had a zero balance in it. She had not used this account in years. There was a balance of $1,000 in the account.  Irene was confused and telephoned the bank for an explanation.  They told here that someone had deposited the money into her account.  Irene wanted to know who that was, but no one at the bank knew! She was able to use this money to pay off her debts and to this day many years later, Irene still does not know who deposited the money into her account.