Saint Philomena the princess of paradise (poem)

Here is my latest poem.

Saint Philomena the princess of paradise (poem)

Saint Philomena’s life
was a shinning light
that shone through the darkness
strong and bright.

The world’s false promises
we will not swallow
Saint Philomena’s example
we shall follow.

Saint Philomena Virgin Martyr,
from your throne of grace
cast a look of pity
upon the human race.

Saint Philomena the Wonder Worker
please hear us when we pray
and guide us through the challenges
that come to us today.

Please hear our prayers
and calm our fears
and guide us through
this vale of tears.

Hear us when we cry out to you
in our time of need
and your heavenly assistance
to us please do concede.


5 Responses to “Saint Philomena the princess of paradise (poem)”

  1. Gen Says:

    So beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Shakta Kaur Says:

    I have recently started praying to St. Philomena though I am from India and a Hindu. Just wanted to know whether St. Philomena is a secular saint and answers to prayers of people from all religions. I have a complicated problem and only a miracle can solve the issues.

    With Deepest Regards,

  3. brendakaren Says:

    Hi Shakta, St. Philomena is a Catholic saint, but she answers prayers for people of any religion. In India Hindus have been to St. Philomena’s Cathedral in Mysore. She has granted favours in answer to their prayers. I will pray for your intentions.

    Keep praying to St. Philomena.

  4. Shakta Kaur Says:

    Thank you, Karen for the kind reply. I don’t know why but I got interested in St Philomena though I have my Guru. I simply love the image of St Philomena and also my faith increased in Her after visiting your website on St Philomena and the other holy saints. You have shared wonderful experiences of St. Philomena. Infact I had forwarded your blog to a friend of mine who has austic child for prayer request.

    My uncle has visited St Philomena’s shrine in Italy. He visited the shrine 5 yrs back, he prays to saints of Catholic faith along with the Hindu saints.

    With Warm Regards,
    S. Kaur

  5. Bibiana Says:

    What a sweet tribute to our little Princess! I have recently become a member of the Universal Living Rosary, of which St Philomena is patroness. This beautiful devotion, plus my devotion to St Philomena, is changing my life in many beautiful ways.

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