The False Ecumenical Movement (poem)

Let’s ditch the differences
And play a game.
Let’s pretend the churches,
Are all the same!
We don’t let facts,
And truth, slow us down,
We bury them safely,
In the ground!
The facts we choose,
To ignore,
As ways of unity,
We explore!

3 Responses to “The False Ecumenical Movement (poem)”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Okay Mary I will bite:>) What is your message here?

    Do you feel we should not try and be a unity with other churches or is it the methods which you have concern with?
    Or do you think that Catholics are letting go of “being Catholic” in order for us to get along?

    Just asking and hope all things are going great for you. God Bless, Sandy

  2. brendakaren Says:

    Hi Sandy,
    Unity with other churches is very important. The methods that some people wish to use to achieve this involves brushing aside the full truth of Catholic doctrine.

    We need full unity with other churches. What we don’t need is for Catholics to become Protestants in order to achieve unity with them. King Henry VIII and Martin Luther and their crowd made a mess of things. It’s time to mop up their mess and put things right.

    Things are going well for me.

  3. Sandy Says:

    Hi Mary,

    I am so glad you are doing fine. I got the results back from the mole removal and it is pre-cancerous so I go in tomorrow and they are going to burn around the area. I also have two more “skin tags” removed as they are looking a little on the shady area to me. I thank God for it not being cancer and thank you for your prayers also. MRSA is doing a lot better and I am through with medicine so that is a blessing in itself.

    Now to article. I thought that is what you meant but I did not want to comment until I was for sure. I do agree with you that it is important and I do agree that we need to keep our Catholic values, teachings, etc.. still intact while doing this.

    I hate to say it but you will not believe this one. One Church the deacon was holding exorcisims on the Converts and posting a look out at the door for the Priest. Of course the Converts thought they were doing what they were supposed to be doing. Guess what happened next? When the Priest went to the Bishop with it, after he did find out, as my friend told him about it as she taught RCIA, they moved the Priest!!!!!

    The Deacon was doing this because of the Pentecostal movement in this country. We also have a Catholic Church that holds a “full Gospel” service in a town about 30 miles from here.

    Coming from this background the Catholic Church has no idea what they are about to do to us. A whole lot of emotionalism goes into this sort of worship and people truly believe it is the Holy Spirit. I am not saying it is not for others, but when I realized for myself it was more about the tempo of the music instead of the Holy Spirit, that is what began me wanting to move on to something else. However, I never dreamed it would be to the Catholic Church:>)

    I believe with all of my heart in unity for Christians all of us. In doing this all of us need to remember who we are and how we worship and what we believe. Of course who knows many could be converted to the Catholic Church. I accept any Protestant in my life, and love them all who are in my life. I never forget though I am a Catholic and most of them know I never forget it.

    Good post though. Like I said just wanted to make sure. God Bless and Love, Sandy

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