A question about the Green Scapular

A situation has just come about that makes me feel just how hard it is to pray for conversions among my relatives.  Each thing that pops up seems to be worse than the last thing. The praying is everyday, the conversions seem to be non-existent. It might be hard to get some of these relatives to accept a Green Scapular. Do any of you know of any cases where someone kept a Green Scapular in their own house and said the prayer on the Green Scapular daily for a person who lives elsewhere and that person’s conversion took place?

Background information: Our Lady said that the Green Scapular should be given to the person or at least placed in their room. (That can be done without their knowledge). Some people sew a Green Scapular into the clothing of the person they want converted. They also have to say the prayer on the Green Scapular daily for the person (with confidence in Our Lady to grant this conversion).

This is just to clarify things:

My relatives are actually Catholics, but some do not go to Mass or only go when the mood suits them, others live in wrong situations. (Some relatives do live proper Catholic lives).  There are many serious problems there. They need conversions because they are baptised Catholics who don’t live or think Catholic.

I recommend to everyone to read the first comment to this posting by Sandy about her conversion from being a Protestant to coming into the Catholic Church.  It is a wonderful inspiring testimony.

The Green Scapular

13 Responses to “A question about the Green Scapular”

  1. Sandy Says:

    I do not have any info on the Green Scapular, that would help you in any answer I could give to you. But I may be able to help you with the conversion. You might also try to google the info you are seeking.

    I am a convert, and I converted because God called me to convert, however I am one He sent Mary to. That was a trip for a Protestant:>) This went on for a year as I wanted to be anything but a Catholic. Finally a little over a year I knew I had to obey God.

    Let me say this, I never saw Mary, but I heard her all the time, and even though I knew nothing about her at the time, there was no mistaking who it was. Of course I learned later, that is what she does is call us to her Son in the Tabernacle. That is what she kept telling me, “Go to My Son He lives in the Tabernacle of the Church.” I did not know a Tabernacle existed in the Church. She said this over and over and over.

    Conversion is slow and you must have patience. It does not come over night and at times it never will. I truly believe one is called by God to the Church and either one will obey that call or not, and this is from my experience alone. Remember it took over a year.

    If I may suggest something, I ask God if He will allow our Blessed Mother to go to whomever I am praying for to convert. Trust me Mary will take care of it, as for as the nudge and take it from me, the nagging. She lived with me for over 365 days. She nagged with the most loving nag I have ever heard, but she never left me alone, though I told her many times to get away from me. She never did.

    You must remember God will never come against our will and if someone’s will is absolutely not, then it will not happen but that does not mean we stop our prayers for them. So you might try that.

    Remember God always answers our prayers, but in His time and in His way. When I converted it was the right time. I also had someone praying for me and I did not know it. So do not lose hope.

    Hope this helps. God Bless, Sandy

  2. brendakaren Says:

    Thank you Sandy. That is really inspiring and helpful. Everyone who reads your story will benefit from it. I will ask God to send Mary to those who I wish to see converted. My relatives are actually Catholics, but some do not go to Mass or only go when the mood suits them, others live in wrong situations. There are many serious problems there.

    They need conversions because they are baptised Catholics who don’t live or think Catholic.

    I do know some Protestants who I would like to see converted and I will also ask God to send Mary to them also.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful testimony.

  3. Sandy Says:

    You are very welcome. Trust me my conversion story is a trip and a half and I will be posting it soon when time allows. You know you do not just wake up one day and say, “Oh I think I will be Cathlic.” In fact I fought it as hard as I could. I know how some of the Prophets felt when God called them to get up and go:>)

    I know this though. There is hope for all of us, even for your (extended) family. It takes a long time to break the bondage of sin, if that is what they are in. The best thing you can do is trust God to do what needs to be done, and you love them back to the Church by your actions and by your words. If you do that God will do the rest. Have faith that does not waver and just keep praying. I will be praying also for them. If you would like I will join you in praying a decade of the Rosary for their return to the Church and for the others you would like to see become Catholic.

    Love and peace to you, Sandy

  4. brendakaren Says:

    Thank you Sandy. I welcome the prayers that you are going to say for my relatives and for others that I would like to see converted. Now in the battle for these conversions I am not on my own. Thank you.

  5. Sandy Says:


    The most wonderful thing about being Catholic is we are never alone. We have a heaven full of our “Spiritual Family.” Being that said I do understand how at times we can feel alone, I have been there myself.

    Always remember when we pray, the Saints pray with us, The Blessed Mother does, and the Angels present our prayers to God in a golden chalice. Most of all Jesus our sweet, sweet Jesus is mediating every prayer we say to His Father.

    I believe most of all we are called to pray for others and with others. I believe so much in the power of prayer, as I have seen many miracles come about because God answered them.

    I come in union with you today to pray for your family and friends.

    You are welcome, my honor, and Peace Be with You, Sandy

  6. brendakaren Says:

    Thank you Sandy for the prayers. They are much appreciated.

    I have put together a book that has many stories of answers to prayer. The stories came from my own experiences, from family, friends, relatives and acquaintances. There is also an article on miracles in the book and on how to meditate on the Rosary, prayers and poems.

    The book is still evolving. If there are more stories out there, they might also be suitable for the book.

    The book can be read free on-line at my website at:


  7. Sandy Says:

    Hello Brenda,

    Just thinking about you this morning. I will go to the website and read your book. Sounds great… I have a story which would be great involving my daughter. Do not have time to go into it, but to let you know a little to begin with, she had seven miscarriages and we now have a set of twins a little girl and a little boy. Will fill you in later.

    I want you to place something to you and I have done this. This is up to you. When I am in the same spot you are at with the family and things, I go to a Mass and receive The Eucharist for those people. I ask Jesus to please go to them instead of me if He can use this awful soul of mine to do so.

    Just something I do, kind of like intercessory Eucharist. I have done this and have had many things maybe not go my way, but relationships and the like have been healed.

    Just a thought. Love to you, Sandy

  8. brendakaren Says:

    Sandy, I look forward to hearing the story about your daughter. The Eucharist can be offered up for people and for situations that need healing. It can also be offered up for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, but Jesus still comes to the person who is receiving the sacrament of the Eucharist, even when the Eucharist is being offered up in favour of others. It is an excellent idea to offer up a Holy Communion for any of these purposes and I am sure that it gets good results. If you like the book on answers to prayer, please tell others where they can find the link to the book. Thank you.

  9. Sandy Says:

    Dear Brenda,

    Finally getting around to my daughter. Well she got married and they truly had a fairy tale life. Nice home, travel, good jobs and they were just made for one another. Then it came time to start a family and everything went wrong.

    She kept getting pregnant, seven times, and kept losing the babies. Her body does not make progesterone and that is what the babies need to live on especially their first three months in the womb, and her babies God called home within this time frame.

    With each miscarriage came depression and she wanted a baby so bad I think she would have stole one out of a baby carriage if she could have. I tried to support her to the best of my mothering capabilities but I could not relate as I had children. I did not even profess to know how she felt but I began to understand one thing. It must truly be an awful feeling and nothing I said really made any difference, she just sunk deeper and deeper. I did not even relate to this daughter, as the other one had so much life, and the life went out of her.

    Then one day I get a call, “Mom I am pregnant with twins.” Well my heart sunk. Not for the pregnancy but all I could think of was, “God if she loses two babies she will die inside.” I truly did not see any way out for her on this one.

    So I begin to pray the Rosary daily and to St. Gerard Majella, the prayer for expectant mothers. I did this everyday for almost nine months as they were born a little earlier. She was on bed rest for most of the pregnancy so she had to quit her job.

    Anyhow around eight months later came a little boy and a little girl. That is right, one of each. Their family is now complete. She is now a very busy and sometimes anxious mother. Everytime I look at those babies all I see are two miracles from God.

    I thank Him so for hearing the prayers of our Blessed Mother and St. Gerard, and answering those prayers from all of us. I cannot tell you how sweet and precious those babies are and they will be two this October. All four are doing great.

    So if you can use this, go ahead. I also wanted to know if you mind me putting your address on my blog regarding your miracles. I read them as time allows and they are great.

    God Bless you, Sandy

  10. brendakaren Says:

    Hi Sandy,
    This is a wonderful account. St Gerard Majella is tops. I know this personally from his help for me, during the birth of my fourth child. Thanks to St Gerard, it was almost pain free. This certainly did not happen during the birth of my other four children. The Rosary can obtain miracles of every kind.

    I will put this account into the book. There are many women who are finding it difficult to have babies and who need to hear about this.

    I am very happy for you to put the address of the miracle book on your blog.
    Thank you.

  11. Sandy Says:

    I have put the address of your book in my pages and that is neat as I can go there now to read them instead of coming here all the time. I will also try and post the address on some of my post. Take care and thanks for everything. Sandy

  12. Sandy Says:


    I am sorry I did not mean that comment like it sounded. I love reading things on your blog, and I did not mean that. I just meant it was easier to have the addresss on my blog when I want to read them. I am sorry if I have offended you in anyway, as that is not what I meant to do. Sandy

  13. brendakaren Says:

    It’s ok, have no worries. I am not offended. Enjoy the book.

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