A wedding veil for St Philomena!

I had a church sized statue of St Philomena in storage. When I came to the shed that the statue was kept in there was a nice surprise.  Spiders had spun St Philomena a wonderful wedding veil !  It had a long train and also went over her face down to the floor.  The statue could be seen through the veil. It was a great sight. The veil was spun over the crown of roses on the statue’s head. I only wish that I had taken a picture of it.


3 Responses to “A wedding veil for St Philomena!”

  1. michael collins Says:

    I am glad to hear of and to read your story of the veil that the spiders spun for saint Philomena. I have a relic myself of Saint Philomena’s bones that I received from a priest, (Fr Eamon Devlin of the Dublin diocese.) Can you send me some prayer cards or books of St Philomena please? Blessings of God be with you. I shall pray for you and you for me, please God as I am an alcoholic. I was giving the relic back to the priest, as I have had it since January of this year, but the priest told me to hold onto it yet. God bless him. Thank you very much,
    Michael Collins,
    God bless.

  2. michael collins Says:

    Sorry my adress is Michael Collins, 34 Parnell Green Parnell Estate
    Ladyswell Mullhuddart Blanchardstown Dublin 15

  3. brendakaren Says:

    Hi Micheal,
    I will pray for you and send you some St Philomena cards and a book in the mail. I am in Australia, so it won’t come as too quickly. It might take more than a week. The prayers will get to you immediately!
    Greetings from Mary Ann

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