St John Vianney



Our parish of St John Vianney displays his relic on his feast day.


3 Responses to “St John Vianney”

  1. Seminarian Andric Dean Taberdo Says:

    hi,how can we acquire a relic of st. john vianney( either 2nd class or 3rd class)?

  2. brendakaren Says:

    Our parish is in Australia. My parish priest has had the relic for many years. I don’t know where he acquired it from. I suggest that you contact the Sanctuary of St. John Vianney at Ars, in France and ask them if they can supply a relic for you.

  3. Seminarian Andric Dean Taberdo Says:

    Yes brendakaren, the Brother in the Sanctuary of Ars sent me a second class relic last month. I am so happy! (anyway, I am here in the Northern Territory. Just so you know)

    Hi Andric, That is wonderful news. I have been to the Northern Territory and really enjoyed visiting it. What a great place it is: Darwin, Ayres Rock, The Olgas, Alice Springs, Emily Gap Camel Farm, Katherine River Gorge, (where the film Jedda was made.) A top place!

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