How I came to know St Philomena the Wonder Worker


In 1976 a Carmelite priest started up a club for singles. I was then twenty years of age. In early May of that year our club attended a dance some miles away. I met my husband Chris there. He joined our club. I liked him very much but he took no interest in me. He also thought that I was too young for him anyway. (There is an eleven year age difference). To make matters worse I was extremely shy. By September I had made no progress in getting his attention.

A novena was needed. I went down to a Catholic bookshop (in the Sydney suburb of Parramatta) during my work lunch hour. I asked the shop assistant for a novena to a good miracle working saint. She was very busy with customers who were picking out First Holy Communion gifts, so she pulled out a box full of prayer cards and leaflets and told me to go through it and select whatever I needed. I then found a leaflet on St Philomena the Wonder Worker. It had a novena, some sketchy information and a black and white picture on it.

The most important bit of information on it was that St Philomena was a wonder worker and that she worked miracles of every kind for people in every class of society.

I had never heard of her before, although I know now that my great aunty Rose’s second name was Philomena, so that implies that my Irish great grandmother (who had migrated to Australia) had known about St Philomena and my mother has since told me that the Church of St Brigid, which was built in the middle of the nineteenth century* which was near our home (on the corner of the street that we lived in) had at one stage had a statue of St Philomena in it. (This must have been when I was very little, or even before my birth because I had absolutely no recollection of it).

I made the novena to St Philomena in September 1976 for a boyfriend. I did not specify anyone in particular and Chris took me out to the pictures the following month on October 15. St. Philomena was fast!

We were married on December 3, the following year. In December 2007 we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary.  We have five children (three girls and two boys).

Since then St Philomena has done a great deal in my life and I have seen her work wonders for myself and for many others.

Mary Ann Matulis


*St Brigid’s Church at Prospect was demolished in 1975.

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If St Philomena has granted you a favour, please let everyone know about it by putting a comment in the comments box.  Thank you.


5 Responses to “How I came to know St Philomena the Wonder Worker”

  1. jmb Says:

    thank you for this posting! it gives me much hope that my prayers, through Saint Philomena, are being heard by God. i am wishing for a positive answer from God for my prayers and intentions. thank you again and thank you Saint Philomena, I truly believe that you are a Wonder Worker!

  2. Sandy Says:

    Well thanks to St. Philomena. Guess she showed your husband, uh?:>) That is what we get for thinking sometimes. Sometimes they are just a little slow and need that extra boost and a Saint is the right thing to call on. (Only us women know that though)

    Great post and may you and your husband have great life. Sounds like you have so far. Sandy

  3. Rosario Rodriguez Says:

    Here’s a beautiful story of St. Philomena working in several lives through ONE painting! This gorgeous painting of St. Philomena was unveiled on the Feast of St. John Vianney Aug 5th 2010.

    My page in honor of St. Philomena

  4. Maryanne Says:

    Oh thank you very much. Very inspiring. Your story piece is powerful. Thank you Saint Philomena for directing me to your page. My prayers answered and I am believing it.Saint Philomena, through you “NOTIHING IS REFUSED”.

  5. Tony Says:

    Thank you, St. Philomena, for healing me of my GERD. I had such horrible breathing problems with my acid reflux, that I could not even focus on anything during the day, except trying to breathe. This lasted for nearly three months! And even on medication, the breathing problem was still not good.

    The medication I was taking gave me awful side effects. I prayed to St. Philomena to heal me of my GERD, not so I could return to eating unhealthily, but so I could breathe normally again, and focus on what I needed to focus on. I also prayed that I would not have to take any more medications, as the side effects of long-term use are not good.

    I prayed a nine day novena to St. Philomena, and said a daily prayer to her, and also said the St. Philomena chaplet for nine days. I also obtained a St. Philomena cord and oil, which I applied to my throat, and I also placed a drop on my tongue to be taken internally.

    I didn’t get healed immediately after the novena, but I was eventually healed in the same month, after much suffering with my breathing. I honestly thought that I wouldn’t make it, but I kept praying and begging, and through the intercession of St. Philomena, I was healed, and no longer needed medication, and I can breathe normally again!

    I promised St. Philomena, that I would publish the favor, if it was granted to me, and so I am doing that today. Thank you, dear saint. Thank you Jesus

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