The False Ecumenical Movement (poem)

Let’s ditch the differences
And play a game.
Let’s pretend the churches,
Are all the same!

We don’t let facts,
And truth, slow us down,
We bury them safely,
In the ground!

The facts we choose,
To ignore,
As ways of unity,
We explore!

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Music during an operation

Yesterday I was operated under local anaesthetic. It was not a place that I wanted to be, nor was it enjoyable by any stretch of the imagination, but I got by ok. One of the factors that helped me a lot during the operation was music. The radio was on and there was some very good music. At one stage I almost fell asleep. Music has a real calming effect, provided that it is nice music. The other factor that was helpful to me was that the two nurses and the doctor were very understanding people and made allowances for my vertigo condition.