St Anne’s Patronage

What kind of miracles has St Anne done over the centuries?  She has healed cripples, restored sight to the blind, healed the deaf and dumb, helped improve the disposition of spouses, aided those in poverty and helped childless couples to have children. In short she has granted all kinds of favours. If you pray to her she will show herself to be a marvelous intercessor both for your spiritual and for your temporal needs. I can personally testify to her powerful intercession.  St Anne is the mother of Mary, The Mother of God and the grandmother of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

One of our family members (a daughter)  has Anne for a first name and myself and another daughter has Ann as a second name.  My mother-in-law also had her name in the Lithuanian version of Anne which is  Ona, unfortunately my other daughter does not have this as one of her names.


2 Responses to “St Anne’s Patronage”

  1. TS Says:

    – I pray for a safe, smooth, healthy, business trip to Dallas this week and to Las Vegas next week. I pray it is on schedule, the weather is good and that I stay healthy, alert, interactive and with much smart participation during all my meetings, etc.

    – I pray that I will be able to be fast and to comprehend, retain, etc. all my new training info. Also, to conquer procrastination.

    – I pray for protection from my enemies (especially with my company) in every way. I pray they are exposed for what they are trying to do.

    – I pray that my new manager and I have a great relationship and that I have another good year.
    – I pray for the protection of my house, family and loved ones while I am gone and their health.

    – I urgently pray for my marriage in every way. Also, If there is something I need to know, I pray that I get the whole truth immediately please.

    – I pray for my mother in every way and for her health/situation.

    – I pray for my coworker and her health/situation.

    -I pray for the situation in Haiti and all the poor.

    – I pray for all the Clergy up to the Pope himself and also Christians and those involved in the Catholic Church, also for protection from her enemies.

    – I pray that I get back to frequent church and confession, I also ask for the same for my wife and family.
    -I pray for Tiff and Jake in every way (all in my heart for them)
    – I pray for my wife’s, stepchildren, Tiff, Jake, my family and loved ones petitions, also, for them in every way.
    – All the remaining petitions for my job, company, industry, new agents, personal, family, loved ones, etc. in my heart.
    -As always a special thank you to God, HS, MM, St. Joe, all the Angels, Holy Souls and saints for the continued help on a daily basis.

  2. brendakaren Says:

    I will join you in praying for your intentions.

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