Share your household hints and recipes


Please share your household hints and recipes so that everyone can learn from them. I will start by sharing some of mine.  Last night (Monday), I saved myself from having to make a meal.  I had been out most of the day due to a medical appointment and had a mountain of washing to hang out when I got home.  A dig through the fridge turned up left-over roast chicken and cooked potatoes which were in their jackets. (They were the left-overs from Saturday’s meal). I had cooked extra potatotes and the chicken was reasonally big as well, so there was some left.  They were put into the fridge in the closed pot that I cooked them in the oven.  I took that out and popped it in the oven at 200 degrees C.  and then I also found the left-overs from Sunday’s meal.  Some mince meat (or as Americans call it ground beef), that had been cooked with the spices and the sauce (from a shop brought pack) for Mexican Tacos.  I heated up the meat sauce for a little while in the microwave and put it into tacos.  There were no complaints.  The family seemed to enjoy this “left-over” meal and I felt very pleased with the outcome, especially because I was sqeezed for time and felt tired after hanging out all that washing.  I think that there is even some left over roast chicken that I can have cold today, with a made up salad that we can have in the backyard in the sun, or down at the park for a picnic.


St Anne’s Patronage

What kind of miracles has St Anne done over the centuries?  She has healed cripples, restored sight to the blind, healed the deaf and dumb, helped improve the disposition of spouses, aided those in poverty and helped childless couples to have children. In short she has granted all kinds of favours. If you pray to her she will show herself to be a marvelous intercessor both for your spiritual and for your temporal needs. I can personally testify to her powerful intercession.  St Anne is the mother of Mary, The Mother of God and the grandmother of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

One of our family members (a daughter)  has Anne for a first name and myself and another daughter has Ann as a second name.  My mother-in-law also had her name in the Lithuanian version of Anne which is  Ona, unfortunately my other daughter does not have this as one of her names.