The miraculous picture of Our Lady of Good Counsel at the monastery of New Norcia, Western Australia

There is a miraculous picture of Our Lady of Good Counsel at the monastery of New Norcia in Western Australia. This painting was given to the Benedictines in 1845 by Saint Vincent Pallotti, when they were leaving Rome to start missions in Western Australia. In December, 1847 a terrible bushfire was ranging and threatened to destroy the monastery.  The picture was placed against the standing corn in front of the fire. As soon as the sacred image of Mary was placed before the raging fire, the wind blew  in the opposite direction, carrying the flames away from the Mission where everything was already burned black. The fire soon died away. The native people who witnessed this were amazed. On another occasion the mourners in a funeral procession were in danger of perishing because bushfires had hemmed them in on all sides. Dom Salvado seeing this in the distance, got the picture from the church and ran with it toward the fire area and prayed to Our Lady to save the people.  The wind changed direction and the danger passed.


4 Responses to “The miraculous picture of Our Lady of Good Counsel at the monastery of New Norcia, Western Australia”

  1. mary kujawa Says:

    thank you for info i attended mother house of school sisters of notre dame mankato, minnesota “our lady of good counsel academy” so was most,most interested. are you in austrailia? mary margaret

  2. brendakaren Says:

    I live in Sydney, Australia.

  3. mary kujawa Says:

    the school sisters of notre dame in mankato, minnesota have great devotion to our lady of good counsel. they have some lovely pictublessings to youres of her. sister carolyn who began school in mankato started this devotion in mankato do you like the song we girls loved soooo much ” oh virgin lady of good counsel tell oh tell me what am i to do”?blessings be given yoy mary margaret

  4. brendakaren Says:

    Yes I like the song. It sums up Mary as: Our Lady of Good Counsel. I am going to ask her for advice on a few matters today.

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