The grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes in France









 This is the famous grotto at Lourdes, France.  It is the place where Our Lady appeared to St Bernadette, on February 11,  in 1858.  There a miraculous spring there.

10 Responses to “The grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes in France”

  1. mary agnes Says:

    Please pray for all my intentions;
    for the healing of my mother’s cancer.
    For the healing of my mother’s blood circulation problem in her brain.
    For my complete healing from various sicknesses.
    For financial assistance.
    For a very good job.
    For a very good accommodation.
    For protection from my enemies.

  2. brendakaren Says:

    I will pray for your intentions.

  3. Reesa May Y. Toledo Says:

    I need your help… PLEASE PRAY for me to OUR LADY OF LOURDES IN FRANCE… that I may be issued a VISA soon… I KNOW SHE IS CALLING ME…. a family in France needs me urgently.




  4. brendakaren Says:

    I will prayer for your intentions.

  5. Mary Lou G. Pena Says:

    I need your help OUR LADY OF LOURDES IN FRANCE that I can have a job like my training now. I know the Lady can help me, because I need to serve the disabled people. I am also praying for my son Edmundo, daughters Merced and Jocelyn, that, they should realize that I need help now that I am becoming older and older. I love you.

  6. Emily Says:

    Please help me pray that Shawn softens heart towards me and starts talking to me. Let this be the beginning of us getting back together. I miss him and want him back in my life. I know God can open this door again for me.

  7. Anu Biju ,Dubai Says:

    Dear mother ,
    our 2 nd daughter christa suffering from Eczema all over body,&wart on face,please touch her tonight &heal her &show your glory.mother she is suffering a lot .mother dont make me sad,

  8. Anu Biju ,Dubai Says:

    Dear mother mary,
    Thank you for all graces that you have given in my life.My husbad ,me ,anna,christa,mariam.bless us always,protect us from worldly,evil things.mother my husband biju wants to change the company,please help him.we like to start a paint business,in india & wants to share profit for poor people..mother give us grace to buy property.mother make anna,christa,mariam a good healthy, family life

  9. jr Says:

    Please Blessed Mother-let Matt call me for I miss him so much..
    Also restore Joanne and Connie’s health completely
    Help the position come thru. Thank you–I love you Mary!!

  10. Rama Says:

    Oh dear goddess, take care of Johanna my daughter in law. Her monthly periods (menses) are not happening. She is young and on medications. Please be with her and touch her with your blessings so that her system becomes normal again this month only.

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