St Therese of the Roses (a fifties hit song)

Several years ago a lady told me that there had been a 1950’s song on the hit parade called: St Therese of the Roses.  I wondered if that was possible and thought that it would be hard to verify. Pop tunes are rarely about things like that. (I know that Andy Williams has a well known recording of the song called:  The Village of St Bernadette, so such things are possible). The Village of St Bernadette is played occasionally on a Sydney commercial radio station. Recently I found the lyrics of: St Therese of the Roses, on the internet, soon after I had invoked her for a special favour. It is about a man who promises to pray in a candlelit chapel each night and asks St Therese to protect him and to guide him and his fiancé in their future marriage. Then the song talks about how St Therese guides everyone who comes to her for help.

I will quote here the promises of St Therese.

Promises of Saint Therese of Lisieux 

“I will spend my heaven doing good upon earth”

“After my death I will let fall from heaven a shower of  roses” 

The “roses” that Saint Therese referred to in the prophecy quoted above: is the term which she used to describe her miracles and favours. The feast day of Saint Therese is celebrated on October 1. 

I have seen St Therese keep her promises on many occasions, including healing my aunty of cancer. 

The story is in my book:  Help from heaven  (Answers to prayer).   The stories have been posted online.


3 Responses to “St Therese of the Roses (a fifties hit song)”

  1. JMP Says:

    St. Therese, please pray that my wife has a change of heart, love me and reconcile our marriage. Please pray that all negative influences and the enemy be removed from her and allow her to grow closer to God and that the Blessed Virgin and her Son pour down graces on her to convert her heart and her mind. Please let me see some positive change in my wife’s attitude. Please bless her and pray for her. You have said you hate divorce and that divorce is a ticket to hell. Please ask Christ to change my wife’s heart. Thank you St. Therese for hearing and answering my prayers. Amen

  2. brendakaren Says:

    I will join you in praying for this petition and invite all the readers of this blog to do so also.

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