Andre Rieu in Australia

Andre Rieu signing autographs

Andre Rieu signing autographs

Our family went to the local shopping centre at Blacktown on Friday to see Andre Rieu. We were treated to seeing him play the violin.  A memorable experience.  My daughter braved the lenthy queues to get his autograph.

4 Responses to “Andre Rieu in Australia”

  1. shopping-center Says:

    I love listening to classic music when I am in a shopping center. It’s so relaxing although you are in that mall chaos..

  2. Sally Says:

    I cannot imagine the crowds and how Andre manages to sign everyone’s CD. Dear Maestro’s hands must hurt afterwards.
    We’ve got many stories and photos up on our website and blog so if you are a fan, please do stop by and say hello. We are already your friend!

  3. saskia Says:

    I am a big fan of Andre Rieu. He is the greatest performer I know. He gives fabulous concerts. I love his music. I always go to his concerts. I hope to get tickets for his next tour.

  4. brendakaren Says:

    I have not been to any of his concerts, but as the posting says, our family got to see him at the local shopping centre. We watch a lot of his concerts on TV. They are very enjoyable and he has a great personality and loves to joke. What a fantastic talent he has.

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