Two pro-life Victories

I wish to tell everyone about some pro-life victories. One of my brothers gave out some pro-life brochures. A lady who was next in line to have an abortion took one and read it. She immediately changed her mind. The girl’s boyfriend was annoyed with my brother and the receptionist at the abortion clinic said. “You are ruining our business”.  If this had been said to me, I would have been tempted to say: that is great! I have seen prayer (said by several people) stop an abortion which was scheduled for the very next morning.


One Response to “Two pro-life Victories”

  1. Themessianiccenter Says:

    What a fantastic victory in protecting and valuing God’s precious gift to all of us…life! From the smallest unborn life to the most horrible person on death row, all of God’s life is precious and must be treated with respect. God bless your work and efforts!

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