Novena to St Philomena the Wonder Worker for the healing of autism (held twice each month)

If you have an autistic child or know of someone with one, you might be interested in the following information.

Novena to St Philomena the Wonder Worker for the healing of autism


For full information on how to enrol someone in the novena and the prayers which are said please visit the webpage.


All the names of those who are enrolled in this novena, will be sent to the grotto of Our Lady at Lourdes, in France and in addition, the people enrolled in this novena will be prayed for at an Australian Lourdes shrine as well.














33 Responses to “Novena to St Philomena the Wonder Worker for the healing of autism (held twice each month)”

  1. Anitha Says:

    can you send in the name Vinodh (my brother)

  2. brendakaren Says:

    Hi Anitha,
    Thank you for visiting this blog and also my website page for the autism novena at:

    I have entered your brother’s name on the autism novena webpage. I will join you in prayer for your brother’s healing.

    Greeetings from Mary Ann
    (The owner of this blog)

  3. roy Says:

    please pray for LORENZ ANN

  4. brendakaren Says:

    Lorenz Ann’s name has been entered on the autism novena list at:

    Please visit the novena page and learn more about the novena. Please invite others to visit the page as well. Thank you.

  5. Amor Says:

    Please, please pray for Parris Eve “Peggy” Geiser/Philippines as well.

  6. brendakaren Says:

    Peggy has been added to the novena list.

  7. mason jude gravois Says:

    Mason is a 3 year old boy who is able to say a few words and has potty trained himself, will tell you; thank you very much for something, but does not do well with loud noises and like alot of people loves to ride in a boat or an airboat and loves to build things. Can you help him in his communication skills. He is very polite and loving, but has no speech. He has autism.

  8. brendakaren Says:

    Please go to my website and read the article which I have written, which outlines a simple method of teaching children with autism how to speak. It is at:

    I will enroll Mason in the novena for the healing of autism at:

  9. Jacki Says:

    Please pray for Isabella. two years old and has just been diagnosed with mild to moderate autism.

    Thank you and may God bless you.

  10. brendakaren Says:

    I will pray for Isabella. I have just enrolled her in the novena to St Philomena for the healing of autism, which is at the following link on my website:

  11. Ildikó Szauzer Says:

    Please, pray for my 5 years old son, Barnabas Nagy. He has autism, he cannot speak, only songs and prayer. God bless you all! Thanks: Ildikó Szauzer from Hungary, town Gödöllő.

  12. brendakaren Says:

    I have enrolled Barnabas in the novena to St Philomena the Wonder Worker for the healing of autism and will pray for him.

    Here is something else that you might be interested in: currently in progress is the First international 54 Day Rosary Novena for the healing of autism. There are more details at this link:

  13. Lauri Miller Says:

    Please pray for my 5 year old son Alexander Jeremy who struggles on the Autism Spectrum.

    Thank you for all your prayers!

    I will enroll your son in the novena and will also pray for him. (Mary Ann)

  14. harriet chatman Says:

    Please enroll my grandsons in the novena, who struggle with autism, marcus, and Aaron thank you for your prayers.

    Dear Harriet, I have enrolled your two grandsons in the novena and will pray for them. (Mary Ann)

  15. laurie Says:

    please pray for my grandson jesse james who struggles with autismplease pray for him and all the other children who struggle thank you so much for your prayers laurie

  16. micanna sylvester Says:

    dear all, i am micanna from bangalore- india. my second son marc antonio is 8 yrs old an autism child with cerebral palsy, he utters only few words, he goes to a special school, i want a miracle to happen through my mother st, lourdes, i am very much touched with all the testmonies and waiting to give a testmony of my sons healing. amen

    I will join you in praying for a healing for marc. (Mary Ann)

  17. micanna sylvester Says:

    i will start my novena right now, please enroll my son marc antonio in ur prayers.

  18. Alice Says:

    Please pray for my son Guillaume, he’s 7 and moderately autistic. God bless you all and thank you for your prayers. Amen.

    I will put your son’s name on the novena prayer list in a short while, and will pray for healing for him. (Mary Ann)

  19. Anna Pereira Says:

    Plse pray for my son Francis who is autistic and is 27years old. Will be 28 on 11.7.2012 .
    Anna (m0m)

    I am praying for healing for your son and have added his name to the novena. (Mary Ann)

  20. Emily Says:

    Please pray with me tonight that the relationship between Shawn and Emily is healed. Bring us back together with a relationship filled with love, laughter, and respect.

  21. marites enad Says:

    please pray for my 5year old son who has autistic symptom disorder his name is kurt axel enad.please included him to your prayers.

    (Your son’s name will be added to the novena. I will also pray for a healing for him. (Mary Ann)

  22. Rousela Ang Says:

    Please pray for our 4-year-old son, Mitch Ang. Everyday he struggles within the autism spectrum disorder. God bless you. Thank you.

  23. theresa Says:

    Think you St. Philomena for the miracles in my life.

  24. mcenad Says:

    please include my son kurt axel enad from philippines who has autism spectrum disorder,his 6 years old now.thank you.

  25. Shikha Says:

    Please pray for my daughter Sarah. She may be autistic and is showing some symptoms. She was born because of our prayers, a miracle baby. Now it kills me to see her lag behind her peers and see her get frustrated when trying to make friends or just be around other children. Please include my baby’s name too. She is Sarah Annie Joseph and is 3 years old now. Thank you

  26. caroline Says:

    please include my baby, Austin (5 years old).

  27. Eve Says:

    Please include my son Elijah.he has cerebral palsy.

    Hi Eve, I will include your son in the novena and pray for healing for him.

  28. Beverly Damiani Says:

    Please include Cameron in your prayers. He is a beautiful boy with autism.

  29. Peter Gakuo Says:

    Please pray for my daughter Michell.She is suffering from cerebral palsy.She will be turning three come July.

  30. winne mongan Says:

    Please pray for me

  31. Anita Says:

    Please pray for my son Dhyan.. He is 18 months old.. Doctors say he is having autism.. He is yet to speak.. Let him be blessed with speech, eye contact, understanding of language.

  32. Aprylhoot Says:

    Please pray for my grandson Bryan who has autism. His parents are so stressed.

  33. nancy Says:

    please pray for my son Cyred Calix Brave Camay Lopez

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